Volume 3, Issue 5, page 7

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C, HEN WE make an honest, objective analysis of ourselves as human beings, we
discover that we exist completely within ourselves. We cannot discover any tangible,
physical connection between ourselves and the
rest of the physical universe. In this sense,
we are completely alone, completely self-contained, completely individual, and completely
responsible for ourselves. We are not aware of
anyone or anything outside ourselves exercising a control over us. In other words, we are
the masters of our own lives. We may not want
to agree with this. We may not like it. But
whether we agree with it or not, whether we
like it or not, that is the Reality. There is
a Power upon which we can call for guidance
and counsel, a spiritual power which we call
God, but God's help and His wisdom is not
forced upon us. We are responsible to ask for
it and to use it when it comes to us or not as
we choose.

Our health, happiness, and well-being are
in our own hands. God will not give these
things to us. He will give us the knowledge
and wisdom by which we can attain them, but it
is strictly up to each of us individually how
much health, happiness, and well-being shall
be ours during our sojourn here on earth. And
it is also up to us how much ill health, unhappiness, misery, and frustration we must
suffer as we go along.

Let's take a closer look at this concept
from a little different direction. Let's analyze it from the standpoint of direction and

Jesus said that God is Spirit, and when we
worship Him it must be in spirit and truth.
It is difficult for us to conceive spirit and
yet our senses tell us that we do exist and
that the physical world we see about us
exists, so it follows that what we are and
what we see about us, being reality, must have
been created in some manner. We think of this
power of creation as the Spirit of God. Beyond
this point God cannot be easily explained. The
Spirit of God is more to be experienced than
to be explained in any event.

Jesus said, "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you". He spoke of "Oneness with God" and he
said, "I and the Father are one". He also
said, "You can do the things I do, and more,
if you would but know the Father".

We may infer from these things that God is
within us or that we are actually a particle
of God or that our manner of communion with
God is within us. It is a practical consideration.

We assign to the Creative God Spirit the
creation of the physical universe. It is a
universe of law and order, even including the
life which inhabits it. That is to say that
not only does the physical universe function
in terms of laws, of cause and effect, but so
does life function in terms of laws, of cause
and effect.

Significant in the scheme of things is the
fact that from the moment we come into physical life until the moment we leave it, we are
continually experiencing. life. Our whole life,
from beginning to end, is a series of experiences blended together, finally, as a life

In each experience, in each situation, we
act or react or interact. Behind every action