Volume 3, Issue 5, page 16

What Is Hypnosis. eating, le,
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By Volney G. Mathison surgery. On the
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ter and better." Better and better taI pictures of
what? He is ific, for the in- tive goals, aims,
strutted mental picture in the mind until these beenm of the instructee cannot be dupli- In Creative
ea-Lively sustained unless it is spe- basis of ballot
cific and clearly "seeable" on the have decided no
age level. "hypnosis" with
Great care must be taken to be imaging procedur
absolutely, literally accurate in many persons'
instructing. Once I was treating a nomen of hypnos
person with a pathology of the right stage performance
eye. I said, By degrees you will ins true tees are
send an increased supply of blood to times in more or
your right eye." Soon the instructee tive ways. We
remarked that she was experiencing a identified with
tingling sensation all over the The procedure
right side of her body. It turned I have develo
out that her subconscious was con- ultra-modern ar
touting "right I", not "right eye"! as compared to
Her subconscious was seeking by any which have not
subterfuge to avoid and reject the for centuries.
diseased right eye. Be carel Be prise imaging
specific. duplication Of
So, what is the source of the relaxation, and,
power of hypnosis? Its power is the are presented on
power of duplicatively creating men- a young woman w
tal pictures. Hence the idiot, the been tranced,
imbecile, the moron cannot hg lyyg- she orally re p
potized, for these unfortunates can- she is experienc
not create vivid duplicated mental flis pranced stat
pictures. The higher the intelli- the procedure,-I'
Bence, the finer and more sensitive agree to be EM
the mind, the faster and more cam- MU!? who
pletely can it achieve the imaging to which she oral
instructions of the operators. The reasonable codi:
spectators of a stage performance of disturbed relaxa is may be entertained by the this recording
at ions of the subjects, but at the in nine out of
same time, the onlookers should ductee who lis
really envy those persons who pes- identifies with
sess such high mental imaging powers girl, creates a
that they can perform the feats same general syst
called for. and swiftly and s
It now becames apparent that hyp- her into tnosis in and of itself is neither The human subc
bad. It is simply a special conscious, mind
Cue of instructed-image-dupli- mighty thing. I
cation procedure with especial name. might be 98 pert
The mere use of this word "hypnosis", ity. be about
it bco
causes sane subjects to image up the
trance state and to delicate it vn- signs, construets tit they are in it. Iowever, dupli- ens-of incredible
cative 'wing instructions can be and other e
transmitted without ever using the the physical bod
words "hypnosis" or "slee". The en- achieve almost
tire band of "suggestion involves licatively
and comprises duplicatively imaging cient intensity
courses of action in accordance with period of time.
the instructions of the operator, ~
preacher, advertiser, or the like. Nhglandms re
The paramount question is not Marilyn Monroe,
whether hypnosis is good or bad -- but chest was much
whether the motives of' the operator t o him Star
or instructor are good or bad! Here brought 28 suite
one certainly can run into a morass
of savage dispute as to what motives,
acts, and so forth are good and what ARE YOU EAT
are ad. Bad motives, from the viewpoint of the instructee, may, by way INTO AN E
of example, be the draining of cash
from the instructee, the inducing of Are you depri
the instructee into self-defeating health, happin
mental states, such as fancy that he by the foods y
is a "Tone 4h", or that he should be books, by Dr.
8 ming member of sane miserable N. D., D.D.S.,
outfit, or the like. I once observed turning point 1
a Scientologist who had discovered ness and diseas
that high tone readin~s on an Electropsychometer related in part to SCIENTIFIC F
electronic skin resistance of the NATURAL L
hands, and he forthwith duplicatively imaged his hand resistance from FOOD AND YOU
a normal of about 35,000 ohms to
more than 4,000,000 dims! This prob- Order direct
ably was harmless, but it was of no DR. N. S.
constructive significance whatever. I3 N. W. 9th
Some good motives are obvious:
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an the physical