Dear Editor (continued) / L. Ron: You Can Come Back Now

is concerned. Many centuries were encountered In the case of a national evolution. Wars, defeats, changes; all played their part. When a person evolves Into adulthood, he passes through a period of fear and confusion and rebellion. This is called adolescence. The nations of earth are now passing through their stage of adolescence. Freedom has much to do with this terrible time. Liberty Is Involved. Because even when one Is right he must be 'at liberty' In being right. The 'teen-ager rebels at his 'correct teachings'; then, after rebelling, he decides 'for himself' that It is best to be a good (average) citizen. When he has made the decision for himself, he feels that Is Is all right for him to follow 'correct teachings'. The law of liberty Is Involved here. The same will be true of nations.

"The things which I have written is just scratching the surface. Books would be necessary rather than a few words if very much were to be said. I enjoy your magazine as much as ever although I agree with a part of it only. Many of your articles show much gain toward truth but, for the most part, it is a 'desire for gain' rather than truth Itself. But that is natural since even publications must evolve. Yours has done well, even If it is only ay own opinion to say so.

"It is unfortunate but, no doubt, necessary to have many obstacles in the path of understanding. Blindness and fear seem to be major ones. But there are many, many analler ones, also. And since there are so many snares to focus one's attention toward wrong directions of error, an Intelligent man once wrote: 'The acid test of mental alertness is, does the thinker see the essential point of a question or problem?'"— Ludwig G. Rosecrans, Mesa, Ariz.

"Things have been up and down in New York with regards to Scientology. For awhile there were three active groups. Then activity slowly faded until there was virtually nothing being done. There have always been Individuals who have continued to do fine work. Withiin the last month the church has cone alive again on an active basis. Lyle Sudrow has been handling most of the Sunday evening services and has done a slam bang job. In several weeks, the Church will run a Personal Efficiency Course with before and after testing. The processing time will be five two-hour sessions. A group of 30 is anticipated and since I intend to be one, I will see if I can't get the before and after results. If the first run proves successful, the P.E.C. may be continued at the rate of one a month. At this writing, it is contemplated that there will be no charge.

"I have been taking a course in testing this summer. Rather hesitantly, the professor proposed that the IQ is not constant. He Indicated that some of the latest research would seem to indicate that many test scores are not valid due to:

"1. Incorrect Administration and Correction,
"2. Language difficulty on a Written or Verbal Test,
"3. Development Idiosyncrasies (physical),
"4. Emotional Difficulties.

"An example cited was a little English girl who was brought here during World War II. Several days after she arrived she was tested and scored 90. When retested five months later she scored 122. My professor claimed the first score was not a valid one. I claimed that It was and that it was an Indication of the child's ability at the time. I also said that the 122 was also valid as a criterion of her ability at the time she took the second test. Obviously her separation from her parents and other problems of a situation (No. 4) had been to a degree resolved. After a short while, I became aware that we were talking about different things. My professor considered IQ as a measure of potential ability while I meant it to mean measured ability at a given moment! It would seem to me that whatever an IQ test measures, it Is subject to change rather sharply In areas Nos. 3 and 4. Scientology deals with these areas very successfully." -- Herb Druker, Brooklyn, N.Y.

"As one writer objects Hand uses too many minimal pronouns... he got the Xmas Issue today and they thought it might as well get Into our answer. And a very humid Yule best wish to you, too...

"Have had two whopping insights. First was how the Individual Influences probability-sequences. Saw how It was done, watched self doing it, watched it happen with others. Also conditions and limitations on probability-changing. Second insight was more on limitations, and had to do with some arrangement described as 'safety factor', which fully explains why no 'Operating Thetan' ever manages to tear up the pea patch or throw the egg in the fan. Whoever says that some entity can ruin the Universe either accidental-


You can come back to California now. We have learned how to make DIANETICS work.

If, after the first twenty hours auditing, you do not personally feel you have received your money's worth in full, then you do not owe us one cent! Back to the space operas with you and no hurt feelings.

On the other hand, if after twenty hours processing you decide that this kind of auditing is what you have waited for, you pay us for the twenty hours processing received. We then continue processing on a pay as you go basis.


We want intelligent pre-clears.

We want hard-working pre-clears.

We have closed down cases, stalled cases, and stubborn little cusses who will not or cannot levitate in public despite all the fine processing they have received.

We audit blondes, brunettes, females, old auditors, junior grade yogis (western style) and young men with beards on the same terms. Twenty hours for free or pay as you go.

THE TECHNIQUES are mostly familiar, but the perspectives and application are a new experience.

INTELLIGENT HARD-WORKING PRE-CLEARS with a sound reading or educational background may be accepted as a team, two p.c.'s for the price of one, after interview.

SPECIAL RATES for two-headed monsters, mathematicians, physicists, and chemists.

CHARLES M. WYLIE, H.D.A., L.A.Foundation


454 So. Rossmore Ave. WEbster 4-5651

Los Angeles 5, California