Volume 3, Issue 5, page 10

i/l/I vfl4 ~ :µ Hidden
`'. ~. By Arthu
c s ,.;r'
He learned his
a " He mastered
He mastered sim
j He responded
bouncing the ball
just half as fast
J Watching Henna
° His huge left han
glass of milk, or
cup, almost cover
') Wet, th glass of milk, Her
table does. If
cream he takes th
Jam.' A ` - rigit hand, tilt
' " ca ely, and skims
carefully enough
The best parody of Joyce Kilner 'S tran extend into
training, but into
"Trees" was written by Dr. W. E. dreW around him
Farbstein of Pittsburgh, Penn.: ners, Herman wa
Trees, the poet has his say, can't understand Iv]
Lift their leafy arms to pray. Herman will ne
Since looking carefully about, world, but he won'
Trees, in general, seem devout. back his parents o
The willow, differing from these, his family. And
herst be the atheist of trees. ous mission in lif
• silent teacher of
To be earthbound or starbound, comes in contact.
positive or negative, is reflected What can Herman
in the dichotomy, Jewish-Christian. but little, teach
The Hebrew covers his head and bares He can instru
his feet, grounding himself. The in the greatest
Christian bares his head and covers tues, so seldom
the feet, levitating the flow. These merman gets along
are the rites of the prayer shawl current, by "roll
versing the prayer rug principle.

In the beginning, the insulation es" -- a ers phrase he
is from above and the flow is, undhetann.
therefore, a descent into life. In The genius co
the latter s the insulation is mor hours,
below, and the flow is, therefore, minute. can an ascent into death. leans? can possib
The Mikados of Japan, considered learns?
as gods, neutralize these male and ede "rancher,
Bate flows by insulating both would train the
above and below, as they continually world mat first s
wear a headdress and are carried, these Hermans is
out of doors, in a ricksha, never about the Hermans
touching heaven nor earth. thanes. Forno bt
The Hebrew is the He-brew, the than teacheee of
masculine side of the cycle, and his thosCe who sheiek to
rites consist of reachings out to- tle utof ding.
ward the feminine. They are the (Continued in
Father divided, a people in dispersion. The X - ed Hebrew becomes t he
Christian, the feminine regathering tug
back to the Father, and his rites
consist o f withdrawals from the ^ nl
world of materiality. ~~y 'tom• J7L ad
"Hello" means to stop. • ~tu~ tPifit-a
When ascending and descending eY
spiraling cones coincide, they are
co inside.

A coin is a co inside, where you
can't make head or tail out of it. g_ -gi'a
A statement to be true must be .,` {

When calm as a clam, we claim
bare is that we• lch is and isn't
when everything knowable is brought together and taken away.

I +
In Israel, when you take a bus, 1 ft
you take her in marriage. In America when you take a bus, you take a ...+
ride, Same difference. . 'la, -- a r
„. The AB
r s a g itogo tc H i u eaniin g t t ry
canre~Ime h u '
Child IibdtPill
J. Burks By Trah Nika
name. "Fortune", yet its printing quality
mall games, given vies with the inter-class journals
le leatherwork. produced by the neophyte journalism
P and English students of your junior
to simple music, High s,
and catching it A~-One who accepts, and
s the music plays. laughs at, his own aberrations; who
n eat is to learn. realizes that he and his aberrations
curves around a help make up the kaleidoscopic patpaper ice cream tern of' the Infinite Whole, and. ising it. If it's a n't going to let any high-priced
oran drinks without QUUPI , or even a pEQuIB E, turn
tog his
scheead thfar e head into a "split-infinity" by sell-lgg him their own
he is eating ice counter-aberration. particular brand
e spoon in his big
ng the cup deli- There may be an ISIHOTA or so who
o the cream just objects to anyone presenting an unsuit his taste. derstandable vocabulary to help peeod manners. They pie cross their never-ever bridge
every area of his without paying toll, but if these
most. When thil- get too vociferous (apologies to
forget their man- Webster—who hadn't oughta done it),
hes them as if he we'll take care of them, too. In
y. fact, given the slightest encouragever go far in the ment, we are willing to invent an
t appreciably hold entirely new philosophy-therapy that
/ other members of is geared to do what all these other
erman has an obvi- philosophy-therapies guarantee to
e: to serve as a , and don't- without going into
all with whom he too much detail, this new system
could be called SCITENIAD, and all
, who can be taught practitioners who wanted not to be
others? called PEQUIHES or IMIDOSfS could
ct then, silently, call themselves SCPiENIADIANS, or
of all human via- "Skitens", for short.
used: patience. The theory is—the WHOOSH sits at
by drifting on the a desk, and the PEQUI .E or Q[H'PIHIE
ng with the punch- reclines an a lumpy couch. Then, the
couldn't possibly WHOOSH induces the PEQUIHiE to tell
all that will happen to him the next
ld sit with Herman day, or the next, or the next. We
g something every can guarantee that if the % BOOM
ht learn nothing— properly learns his technique, he
ly say what Herman can (after one or two short SCITENIAD sessions), prevent many things
or anybody, who from happening that already have
Hermans of this happened.
it at the feet of It should be flan. However, first
learn, not only let's get that vocabulary accepted
, but about them- before we try improving the users.
ood-kin are closer You should know by now that in this
he hidden ales and business of helping the world and
bring ever so lit- your fellowmen, words are much more
important than what they're trying
he next issue.) to say.
h I v c G4 is :'L 4 i Fr ;s
as fiv''iah tigaaa. 4 • - yt
am. a ee .d &ad ,~-U too! t
ound, -rAe cave 'fnh.e
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atag.Vwvl.'G tO do