Volume 3, Issue 5, page 8

thing "right", something that will establish a
condition for happiness for ourselves. But as
the experience unfolds, we do not find the
happiness we expected. In its place we may
find unhappiness, or misery, or frustration.
In such a case we have two choices: We can
cling to the idea that we were "right", that
the unhappiness, or misery, or frustration was
not our own fault but the fault of outside
causes; or we can ask ourselves the question:
"What did I do wrong? At what point did I set
up a destructive chain of cause and effect?"
Yes, we have that choice. We can deny the
possibility that we made an error. We can refuse to differentiate between Reality and Unreality, and we can go on making the same
error over and over again. We can waste a lot
of time in our spiritual education and suffer
a lot of unhappiness, misery, and frustration
before it finally dawns upon us that we are
the one making the error. Or, we can use our
intelligence and be honest with ourselves by
admitting the possibility that we are the ones
in error and use the experience as an information source to determine if we were in error
or not.

It has always been a puzzle to me why so
many individuals are se unwilling to admit
they are wrong or in error.

We select our actions on the basis of what
we know, of what information we have; or,
lacking knowledge, we create a belief as a
substitute for owledge. It goes without saying that we, as individuals, do not know
everything. As a matter of fact, we know very
little in relation to what there is to be
learned from a lifetime of experience. So, we
adopt beliefs upon which to base our actions.
Maybe the belief we adopt is "right". Man's
intellect is a mar'ielous thing. It actually
can reach out into thin air and get the
"right" answer without previous information or
knowledge, upon occasion. So, just because we
choose our actions on the basis of beliefs
substituted for information or knowledge is no
sign that our actions will be "wrong", or that
the belief itself is "wrong". And by the same
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