Volume 3, Issue 5, page 4

of mental imaging are not entirely created
within ourselves. They probably were, back in
the barnacle and clam stages of evolution, but
they are not now. From the moment of birth, or
probably before, we human beings are receiving
a multitude of instructions from other perSens, directing us to image or "understand" or
"see" this or that. Our "moral codes" all contain tacit image-pictures or disaster, ostracism, or death if the codes are violated. Our
laws contain implicit image pictures of punishment if certain acts are committed.

The image-pictures that create fear do so
only because they are mentally visible. Anything you cannot see" in your mind you cannot
fear. And any goal, wish, plan, desire that
you cannot duplicatively see as being achieved
on the mental image level can never be realized on the physical level.

We are, from infancy, being told what to do
by father, by mother, by teachers, by preachers, by police, by raucous advertisers. Each
and every one is, in effect, saying: You must
see it my way, or You must see it the way we
instruct you to see it. We usually tend, as a
consequence, to create, activize, and realize
on the physical-action level mental pictures,
in accordance with such training, orders, and

This law, First the DUPLICATED image, then
the event, when expounded in a lecture in Calcutta, India, on the theme of "The Secret of
the Lourdes Miracles Revealed", resulted in my
being informed: "You are now disclosing one of
the major secrets of the ancient East, in a
fashion that is apt to be accepted and understood by a good many people."
What secret? The proposition that mental
images are precursors of physical events has
been stated millions of times in thousands of
books, so there is really nothing secret about
that. The real secret of the whole thing is
touched upon -- far too casually and without
adequate emphasis -- by teachers of hypnotherapy. Only ONE non-Oriental writer, to my
knowledge, has ever adequately emphasized the
secret of the procedure of realizing mental
images on the physical level -- and that writer
is L. Ron Hubbard. So far as I am concerned, I
view this as Hubbard's one and only contribution to the scientific development of a workable philosophy of human welfare: the insistence in his "Scientology" training schools on
the duplication of mental pictures. T h e specific t y p e s of mental-image duplications
called for in his classes are, in my opinion,
utterly objectionable and to be avoided. But
the principle is persistently presented and
adequately emphasized: Duplicate the image!
Duplicate tt again and again and again.

Duplicate the images -- not the confusing,
disorienting images of fake-science "techniques", but beneficent, constructive "Action-.Jackson" image -patterns, possible of
,worth-while physical achievement. Another
major "secret" is really to be aware always on
the conscious level of what images you are
continuously duplicating.

Many of our mental-image pictures relate to
what we directly contact in external reality,
through our sense perceptions. In the clam and
barnacle stages it was probably wholly this
way. Today, perhaps only about 20 percent of
our mental imaging is based on direct perception, and the remaining 80 percent on instructed perception, through newspapers, books,
lessons, lectures, sermons, movies, and advertisements.

As one gradually grasps this immense revelation, it becomes apparent that instructed
mental pictures occupy a vast band or spectrum. At the top of this spectrum is the very
a T la All
lightest, briefest non-duplicated instruction
or "suggestion", such as, for example, "Give
me your hand".

Suppose I say to you, "Give me your hand".
More or less unconsciously, you first mentally
pie tore the act, then you extend your hand.
When you move your hand toward me, you have
accepted the instruction on the mental image
level, and you therefore perform the act.
Simple instructed acts like this are realizable without duplication of the instruction.

Observing carefully this imaginary spectrum
or band of suggestion", we come to more serious and important instructed actions, such as
paying out money to possess some object represented by duplicative advertising techniques
as being good to have. And we also come to the
eternally duplicated instructed actions demanded of us by preachers, teachers, law-makers,
and the like. We are told what to eat, what to
wear, what to do, what not to do, what to dislike, what to enjoy, what is "mortal sin",
what to wish for, what to work for, what to
pray for what to have, what not to have. Every duplicated instruction creates a mental
picture in the recipient's mind of the instructed condition, event, or possession. Much
of this instruction may be 100 percent good
and constructive, but a lot -- a hell of a lot
of it!