Volume 11, Issue 1, page 6

It also was decided that I use what knowledge I have of these etheric forces and
put the astral visitor at rest.

Thursday we were real proud of ourselves because there wasn't a sound anywhere in the house thru Wednesday night.

Our pride was premature. I had quieted
the visiting entity all right, but in doing so had opened the way for something
much worse than anticipated.

Thursday night was a page right out of
some horror story. I told Harry that after
Thursday, I wouldn't offer the place to
anyone until a good Medium had cleared
things up.

By nature, I'm not a skittish person,
but I wouldn't spend another night in that
house alone -- if it w as given to me. I've
slept in cemeteries and talked with the
entities there, and I've slept in the
widely-known "Devil's Bedroom" of North
Carolina, but this is absolutely the first
time I've been so scared of an entity that
I kept the lights on all nighi long.

Thursday evening, Harry's daughter
came over and we sat chattering on the
front porch a couple hours. When she left
the noises became much stronger in force.
The drawers of the upstairs chest slammed!
There was a definite bumping and knocking
up there until a little after 11 p.m. It
stopped then, altho no one came down the
stairs as before.

At 11:30, the noises started in the
cellar. I went down the steps to where I
could see the whole of the cellar and sat
down with my notebook to listen and record.

Something heavy was being dragged over
stones or something that caused a thumping sound. I was still unafraid up to this

I heard gutteral voices but couldn't
understand the words. Then steel started
striking stone and striking other steel.
It sounded as if someone was using first
a pick and then a shovel -- pick and shovel,
pick and shovel. I tried to recall if there
was anything besides digging a deep hole
that would produce such a sound. There
isn't. It was definitely a pick and shovel at work. By that time my nerves were
getting tight and I had to force myself
to sit still and conduct myself as a scientific researcher should.

This particular noise kept up until
1:05 a.m. by my watch. It was quiet for a
few minutes and I realized I was more
than slightly perturbed. While I sat
scolding myself for being a fraidy-cat,
there was a hellish bump as if something
heavy had been dropped. Immediately following this were three distinct shots.
Scientific investigation went out the
window and the researcher came up out of
the cellar at that point. Time: 1:17 a.m.

A pot of coffee and half pack of cigTNIS IS MAT HAPPENED
Tales of the 'Unusual' That Test the Credulity
of Those Afraid of What They Don't Understand.
arets later it seemed that nothing more
was going to happen so I went to bed.
Time: 1:30 a.m.

At 1:43 a.m., someone picked up the
foot of my bed and bumped it on the floor
three times. ,I came up out of the bed too.

From then until 5 minutes of 3, all
hell seemed to break loose. By that time
I was so scared I didn't have sense enough
to know it, so I started talking to them.
The more I talked and tried to find out
what was happening, the madder they seemed
to get.

It sounded as if someone were actually
wrecking the place altho nothing moved
except one of the doors. It slammed shut
against the wind, and I gave them the
house. I went out on the porch and stayed
there until daylight. The only reason I
came in then was to get another pack of
cigarets since the last half of the first
pack was gone by then.

After the door slammed, someone started groaning and kept it up until 5:07.

I explained to Harry that my experience leaves a lot for speculation. Since
he insists no one died, or was killed, in
the house -- my conclusions are that the
house has been built over an old pirate

I don't imagine anyone would need to
dig much deeper. If 5 or 6 feet of top
soil has accumulated since the treasure
was first buried, even so it is hardly
likely that it was buried more than 4 or
5 feet to start with.

That, of course, means the treasure
now would be about 10 feet from the present surface. Not over 15 at the most.
With the cellar being as deep as it is, I
don't imagine the treasure would be more
than 2 or 3 feet under the cellar floor.

Of course it may be that the treasure
isn't under the flooring at all, but behind one of the walls. The sounds could
have been trapped or magnified by the
emptiness of the cellar.

When I pointed out to Harry that the bay
would be a perfect pirate cove, and a ship using the bay would have the advantage of seeing
other ships before they could get thru thE
channel, he agreed with the possibility.

Be that as it may. If some old pirate is
stomping around that house, he can stomp to
his heart's content, as far as I'm concerned.
Because when an entity becomes powerful enough
to bump a bed and slam a door, it has strength
and tendencies to become a poltergeist. And a
poltergeist is something I don't ever want to
come in contact with again.

Flint Liddon of Yahoo City, Miss., who is a W
close friend of both Harry and me, and who has 04
forgotten more about phenomena than I'll prob- 04
ably ever learn, checked first with Harry in
Niceville and then with me here in Tampa. He W
tells us that the whole manifestation may be
nothing more than pranks of elementals, altho a
he isn't ignoring the possibility of pirates
and treasure. It is probable that my psi-forces aj
gave strength to these elementals, and with
that extra power they were able to perform so

Maybe so. Whatever the cause is, you can be
sure the next time I hear noises at night, I
won't be squirrely enough to give credit to
the wrong nuts. 6