Volume 11, Issue 1, page 19

ter for lectures and classes
between March 19 and 22, ending with a kriyu initiation on
the latter date. Davis is one
of the most popular lecturers
appearing at the Center. Other
coming events, Charley says,
include the spiritual leader
of the Hopi Indians, who will
appear early in April, and a
Socorro, N. M., osteopath and
his wife also will appear in
April to discuss their work
with psychedelic drugs. Looks
like we're going to have to
try and find some free evenings for a few trips to Oklahoma City the coming month...

If cutting income taxes by
10 -percent can do so much for
the economy, think how much it
might do for us if they'd cut
them out altogether.
"If non-smokers live longer,
it serves than right." -- A.B.

Pierson, 1439 Mill, Selma, Cal.