Volume 11, Issue 1, page 11

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DREAM -- (If death rides a black horse, what
is the meaning of this?) I was standing in the
kitchen, Mother was sitting in the front room.
A very large, light-colored horse tapped three
times on our back steps with his hoof. His
bridle trappings were gold and silver, studded
with the most beautiful and brilliant precious
stones. Mother came out and exclaimed, "Oh!
how beautiful!" She gave him some sugar and
climbed on his back. He had no saddle, but she
rode three times around the house laughing
like a little girl -- then rode off down the road
very happy with her long hair flying loose.
(Mother's hair isn't two inches long.)
horse. "Death rides a well-bridled horse, and
the horse is pale." Since your mother rode
westward into the sun, this means that within
three months the pale horse will come for her.
She will go happy. Her hair flying loose indicates that she will be filled and covered with
spiritual glory. She is well prepared for her
transition as indicated by her feeding sugar
to the horse, thereby "sweetening" her journey.