Volume 11, Issue 1, page 7

New System Rediscovered to Control Calcium;
Scientology's Failure Laid to Its Complexity
Long Living Via Deep Breathing
IN TWO PARTS (Conclusion)
ORDS ARE agreed upon symbols about
something. They are useful to a
Spirit playing a game -- such as
having a body -- to the degree that
they differentiate, describe the
nature and form of something, and
allocate relative to time, place, and
event. To the degree that they become
fixed, solid, they are aberrative to Spirit. As per Wordsworth: "Our meddling intellect (that part of the mind which uses
language to take the mystery out of reality) misshapes the beauteous form of
things: we murder to dissect." This quote
given by Aldous Huxley in PLAYBOY (of all
places!) November, 1963. This entire article is excellently pertinent.

Words can never communicate more than approximations. Even the most cardinal words are
generalization. As with color -- take the word
"green" for example. In the spectrum, th e
green sector runs from yellowish to bluish. In
this range, there are almost an infinity of
gradients. Then there is the added dimensions
of lightness to darkness, sombreness to brilliance. Pigments and light go by different rules.

This also holds for gradients of feeling,
emotions, misemotions. In Ron Hubbard's early
Attitude charts, there was some mention of
"unnamed emotions". Actually, our feelings
described in words constitute a major alteration, again by approximation, as there are
more unnamed feelings than named ones.

The same holds true for other considera7 tions. There are a million or more gradients
for "help", for example. When one arbitrarily,
nically, they amalgamate into masses or chains
which become heavier and heavier. But, because
the preclear is actually doing something about
them -- is cause -- they do key out, leave the
premises of his body.

I feel that Scientology is an excellent
therapy -- when used as a part of the total address to body-mind-Spirit. It can remove, at
least for the time being, many of the obstacles to spiritual awareness. I herein refer to
Scientology as practiced by Hubbard's present
organization. Scientology as a free science
has no limitations. As a captive sect, it is
limited by L. Ron Hubbard's personal aberrations.

Scientology, as practiced -- along with psychology, psychiatry, etc. -- addresses the mind.
Monica Saxon's Dramanatomy addresses the body.
Vacuum Cleaning Procedure (also Hubbard's old
creative processes) addresses the Spirit.

PERHAPS I ought to let you know just what I
mean when I say, "the Spirit".

I refer to that which is our true beingness, a spark of the divine, ourselves as an
individuation of -- not from -- Totality. It is
ourselves which is of ALL. As Beingness, we have
potential abilities which have been so smudged
over that they are now unavailable to us.

I am further presuming that you-all out
there have some desire to regain these abilities. And if you are among the most of us who
have tried and failed, tried and got fooled,
maybe betrayed -- I hope this will lead toward
rekindling the flame. Again: This is possible
if the entire problem -- if all the obstructions
are overcome.

As a personality, we are Spirit, plus the
illusive pretenses of agreements, mechanics,
solids, of stimulus-response, which the therapists address, in terms of words -- with their
phantasmal significances.

There is no thought, creativity, initiative,
fun -- including sense of humor -- in mechanics,
stimulus-response. There is no life in stimulus-response. There appears to be, to the
degree that we identify with it.

We, as Spirit, regard that which is, as it
is -- without significances, without prejudice
or predilection. As such, we perceive that
which we consider to be true, non-dependent on
agreements local to the present or any other
time/place. As Spirit, Ability, we do not have
a thing that Mr. Average Man does not have.
But, Mr. Average Man has something we do not
have. He has a mass of invisible stuff around
him which denies himself as Spirit, inhibits
him as Ability.

And how is this accomplished? There is no
"how" to it. It is totally devoid of mechanics,
methodology. Ron Hubbard has referred to it as
"postulation". He talked much about it 10
years ago. He then proceeded to try to achieve
salvation thru complexity of mechanical process, rigid clocklike procedure, precise methodology -- rite, rote, creed. This is the monotonously repetitive story of every- great reempirically, as in a Scientology auditing
- session, brings about a fixation that a referred-to action or event was "help" or "no
help", or"failed help ", there is no increase
in understanding. But the preclear (the responder, who reacts to the auditor, as a stimulus) does attain a "certainty".

But, the above does lift the subject matter
from unknowingness to mystery. The preclear
starts with a condition wherein there is conflict, chaos, and confusion -- unknowingness.

W With the preclear's "cognition" -- at some gradient between truth and falsehood -- he, at
least, owns a single stable datum on the subj ect.

Mystery is roughly defined as something
CO that one knows one thing about. Usually, this
C4 one thing is that it is there, it exists. From
this one datum other data can be aligned -- as
altered by the prejudices and predilections
fixed in the preclear's bank -- or mind.

So, the preclear for hour upon hour commits
himself by saying that there are certain things
he has "suppressed", "been careful o f ", etc.
And his mind becomes more orderly as he stows
this random subject matter into "suppressed",
"been careful of" bins, within his mind. Tech