Volume 7, Issue 7, page 3

The Seers Disagree
On Next President
E] Richard M. Nixon
John F. Kennedy
OSome Other Tragedy
The ABERREE already has printed two forecasts on the outcome of the presidential election. One said Richard M. Nixon will win, the other believes it'll
be John F. Kennedy. So, with such astute observations, these two prognostications are probably a bit antióclimactic. We promise readers (and seers) one thing:
after it's over, we don't intend to remind anyone who was right and who was not.

I HAVE before me the birth charts of
both presidential nominees, Richard
M. Nixon and John F.Kennedy. They are
both brought up-to-date to election
day, November 8, 1960. And in making
a prediction of the successful candidate, I am using the same method I
have used in each presidential election since 1932 -- a method which has
been 100 percent accurate in the past.

Both Nixon and Kennedy have the planets
Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury in the 12th house of
the solar chart of each and in each these planets are in quite close conjunction. In Nixon's
chart, these three planets are in direct opposition to the planet Pluto. In Kennedy's chart,
these same planets are in a square aspect to
the planet Uranus. In this case both set up an
affliction, yet this affliction works out in a
different way in each chart, and, therefore,
in each man's life. Both of these men have
much to overcome; both have many secret sorrows; both have plenty of temper which, at
times, gets out of control; both have had these
experiences and have learned how to keep control of self.

About the afflictions in the charts of the
two candidates: This malific square in Kennedy's chart only proves that money cannot buy
everything; that is a secret sorrow in anyone's
life. It produces an unorthodox mind. Forms and
ceremonies do not impress him much. He has
learned more since he left school than he ever
did in school. He does not believe everything
he hears and cares little about others' opinions when he is inspired by more powerful
forces than his own. He, too, is a man of destiny, altho he is not destined to live a long

Uranus in the last decan of Aquarius sets
up a spiritual-mental block that is truly disconcerting at times; a born humanitarian,
whether he likes it or not; in early part of
life, not. But when inspired,he will fight the
devil and all his imps even if it tears down
all that he has built.

Kennedy has the Sun in a good aspect to
Saturn-Neptune in a place that will do him the
most good. He learns his lessons fast and no
one knows just how he arrives at his conclusions, but he knows many things without knowing
just how he knows. He is working out his destiny by the force of his manhood coupled with
a keen mind few people can understand.

Let's not discount _Kennedy's opponent, Mr.
Nixon. Here is another man who looks at the
world and weeps inside. And he has the intesBy CURTIS L. GIBSON
UST received a samply copy of magazine. Thanks. I guess I have too
much else to read already, and tho
sympathetic to some of its contents,
there is too much of speculative,
ignorant dabbling in occult fringes
to interest a veteran occultist and
psychic. But, in appreciation, I will
pass on a bit of special information
to you and your readers.
As I published it in January, 1956,
and stated again to Long John Nebel on
Station WOR in February, 1959, I repeat
my prediction: Eisenhower will be the last
President of the United States of America. No national elections will be held
this fall due to a national emergency.
Ike will call them off a week or so before the date.

Until last week I had not known the cause
of the cancellation, but now I have inquired
again into the future, and am told it will be
due to a sddden and terrible epidemic. Before
this emergency will be past, we will be heading into the great breakdown of 1961, resulting in six months of chaos and anarchy, from
June to December. An emergency military government will restore order, and General MacArthur will be at its head.

World War III, pseudo-Armageddon, will not
be till c. 1973, but c. 1963 we will join with
Taiwan in liberating the southern half of China. Eisenhower will serve two more terms as
President, 1964- 72. Then comes the second
great American breakdown, and the first great
American famine, and the end of the Republic,
the "great experiment .%
Yours for America and truth,
CURTIS L. GIBSON, (John, the Vagabond
Seer, Ethnologist, Goist, and Galahadian
tinal fortitude to do something about it. That
same Mars-Mercury-Jupiter conjunction, posited
as they are, produces another fighting spirit,
at times blocked by unseen forces of evil, yet
a very good understanding of what is going on.
He has the Moon in the sign of Aquarius, not
too far from the position of Uranus in Kennedy's chart. This placement of the Moon is in
a square aspect to the Mars-Mercury-Jupiter
grouping in Kennedy's chart. No wonder these
two are opponents in a duel for the most important job in the world today.

We also find that these two groupings of
planets in each others' charts are in a very