Volume 7, Issue 7, page 11

case being a serious one, it was a battle as
to who would win out: the Lord of Life or the
Grim Reaper. It was between the hours of I in
the morning and 4, when I noticed a distinct
change come over the patientóone I had never
seen in any patient in my many years in this
work. A chill went thru me, and I felt as if
the strength was being drained from my body.

I sent for the doctor. In a short time he
arrived, examined the patient, and pronounced
her dead.

Leading from the body on the bed, I could
see a gold cord, and yet it seemed to shimmer
as silver, with an intense white light. Over in
the opposite corner of the room, this cord led
to another body, connecting both bodies. Oddly,
I could see thru the other body in the corner.

Before I could stop the words, I said to
the doctor, in a loud voice, "But this patient
is NOT dead!"
"I guess I know when a patient's dead or
not!" the doctor snapped, and ordered me to
prepare the body and have it sent to the morgue
in the hospital.

All this time, I could see this other body
in the corner. I dallied as long as I could,
for I just knew this woman was not dead.

All of a sudden, the room seemed to be
filled with a glow, and there was a gasp from
the woman on the bed. Color came into her face,
and she spoke, saying she had been in a most
beautiful place.

I sent for the doctor. He was amazed at the
change in the patient he had pronounced dead.
"Well, it is just one of those things that is
beyond our ken," he said.

This patient recovered and returned home
within two weeks, and the last I heard, she
still was in excellent health.
-- Dorothy Springfield, Canoga Park, Calif.

To be pleased with oneself is the surest
way of offending everybody else.
-- Edward Bulwer-Lytton
A Skeptic Dissects
Some Sacred Myths
EDITORIAL WARRANTYóThis manuscript has
not been mutilated by editing, retaining
in full its pristine beauty of grammar,
spelling, and common sense. -- The EDITOR
11OW, LETS Dig Further Into That Exodus Story,
According To The Biblical Stoory, Thyr
Dear Jehowah Is Suposet To Have Leed His
So Loovet Pets By The Noose Must Have Been
In Circles, As In That Tyme They Cauld
Have Travelet From The Sauth To The Northpole An Mybe Bak And Any Of Thyr Own Old Sheep
Or Cowherds Cauld Have Leed Them By The Staars
Straygth To Thyr Gool In A Fev Months, Some
Hooly Vags Claym Some Spaceship Guidet Them, I
Just Cant Imagine Highly Intelligent People As
People Able To Solve Spacetravel Must Be,
Wasting Thyr Time Escorting An Crowd of Religious Fanatic Massmurderers Robbers And Cattle
Tyves, For A Few Mieles, Not To Mention For
Fourty Jears In Cirkles, As There Is That Much
Wilderniss Araund Anywhere On Earth, I Just
Pity Any Village Or Town That Bunch Of Savages
Went Traugth, I Bet Nothing But Corpses And
Wrekags Was Left,
Now, Lets Go Bak For A Bit To That Biblical
Story Of Creation, It Says In The Bible And
Hints, That Nothing Existet, Nothing Was There
All Was Blak And A Voyd, Now, How Can Thy Atest
To That,? Did Thy See It, Then Something,
Someone, Thy, Were There, But Hen Thy Get Even
Woorse, Thy Say, And God Sayd, Let There Be
Ligth An There Was Ligth, Now How Cauld There
Be A God Or Anithing Else When Thy Sayd There
Was Only A Voyd, Emptiness, And, How Cauld A
God Exist Let Alone Speak When Nothing Was
There, Did Thy See Or Hear The Word, Thi It
Wasnt A Voyd For Thy Were There, An If God Was
There It Wasn't A Voyd Either, Fahrter, If
There Hadnt Been Nothing But A Voyd Befohre
That, How Did A God Get There, Where Did He
Learn To Speak,_ Or Learn The. Knowledge To Be A
Creator, For Only A Fully Selfconsceous Selfaware Mind Of The Highest Degree Of Intelligence Can Possiebly Create As Complex A Thing
As A Universe Or You An Me, Were Did God Get
That Knowledge,???, Can You Think Of Any Other
Way Than As You An Mee An All Of Us Are In The
Way Of Getting Any, Especeal Such Knowledge, ??
Jea, Chew On That For A While, And You Solve
The Riddle As To Who God The Creator Is, There
Must Be Billions Of Them By Now.

Now, I Believe You Are Conversant With The
Nice Orders Dear Looving Hamanity Jehowah Gave
His Patti Hooly Mooses When He Shovet Him That
Hooly Land He Had Promieset His Pets The Israelites, Even After He Gave Them The Teen
Comandments, Thau Shallt Not Kill Rob Or
Steal E,C,Tra, Eh? Which Hooly Land Was By The
Way, Ocupied Bi Abaut 14 Different Tribes Or
And Little Kingdooms, Jea, Dear Jehowah Told
Mooses Get In There Its All Yours, But Kill
Every Man, Woman An Child In It, But Wooe Anyone Of You Sports With Any Girls And Contaminatet Your Hooly Blood, Heel Shurely Die In
Ethernal Hell, But, Contrary To Hooly Scripths
Hooly Mooses Did Not Die Nor Disapear Rigth
Then But Lievet Long Afterwards, And Sharet In
The Spoyls With His Paals And Priests, First
He Alteret Jehowahs Orders Sligthly, In Wich
Dear Jehowah Must Have Concuret For He Did
Nothing To Hooly Moeses For It, Ho Orderet His
Pets To Kill Everyone Exept, Virgin Boys And
Girls, And He Moses Dividet Them, The Biggest
Part Went Naturally To The Priests, For Thyr
Temples Which Were Nothing But Sanctified
Whorehauses, And Keept The Rest For Himself
And Officeers And Friends, Suposet To Have
Been Over 30 Tausand Boys An Girls Besides All
The Realestate And Other Loot, Aynt It Nice To
Have A Looving Lieberall God Like That,???, No
Wonder The Jews Worship Thyr Jehowah, And At
The Same Time Suffer Hell And Damnation For
Breaking Aur Creators Laws, Lots Of Them Got
Wiese And Alteret Thyr Creed Or Got Aut Of It,
The Rest Will Pay For Thyr Past Mistakes (Sins
To You), Till Thy Made Good, And That Will Be
The End Of Jewissm, For You Cant Mook Aur Creator, Allthaugth For Tausands Of Years T h e
Priests Have Told Him, Aur Creator, How To Run
His Bussiness, Thy, Priests, My Destroy Brains
And Or Boodies But Thy Cant Destroy Minds,
They All Come Bak Into New Boodies, So The
Priests Will Get It In The Nek, Moore And
Moore From Now On, Till Thyre No Moore.
(More about what may happen to those
terrible Priests next month)