Volume 7, Issue 7, page 14

psychometer manufacturer (O.K.,
so it was Volney Mathison, if
you're going to be so damned
psychic about it, got an envelope containing some advertising from Faith Farm on the
positive effec s tITñmight be
expected from saving sexual
seed. And, since this is a pet
subject of Volney's (in fact,
he makes tapes for people who
are so mixed up from sexual
inhibitions they have nothing
better to do than go to bed
and listen to tapes), he wasn't a bit happy when the advertising came to him in one
of his own "postage guaranteed" envelopes. He literally
"blew his stack", as the saying goes, not noticing that
the envelope had a Chicago
Postmark -- not Cooks Falls, N.
Y. Of course, there wasn't much
gained either way. We doubt if
either of the principals will
concede any points to his opponent.
∂ "We made it!" Evelyn (Mrs.
Herschel S.) Stroud postcar s
from Germany, and we suppose
she means the "Passion Play",
since there were pictures of
Oberammergau on the card's

Even "deathless living in
Paradise" isn't without its
problems, Johnny Lovewisdom,
who's trying to escape deadly
civilization in the Andes at
Otavalo, Ecuador, confesses in
his latest news letter, which
was produced on a broken-down
mimeograph that had to be handfed sheet by sheet. But the
next issue, if Johnny can get
some of his problems solved,
is going to be PRINTED, he insists. He has the press, and
now all he needs is some type
and a means of getting it set.
Of course, he can learn to set
type, but poor eyesight doesn't lend itself to getting the
little letters where they belong, and besides, he needs to
get some exercise for his paralysis, which sitting before a
type case doesn't give. Maybe
he can teach one of the local
natives to set type, but that
costs money -- and besides, when
he has converted a printer's
devil into a competent type
setter, he has no assurance he
won't take off for better pay
and more excitement than is
afforded by celibacy and a vegetables-without-seeds diet. We
always have felt, ever since
we learned just exactly what
was being sold by this heavenhell marketing system. of religion, that there probably was
more paradise in hell and more
hell in paradise than they're
telling us about -- or, like all
good greengrocers know, you
turn the spot on the apple
down so the customer won't see
the worm until he's bitten into

Reports from Florida are
that some of our readers really had no "Donnybrook" when
hurricane Donna blasted out of
the Atlantic like a missilegone-mad. Blanche Pritchett,
of Fort Myers, is thankful the
trees fell AWAY from the house ,
and ONLY smashed windows, left
them without power 15 hours,
wrecked their $5, 000 redecorating job, and left the neighboring area even worse o f f
than they were. Lowana Jul aine
at Tampa merely got a lot of
water she could do without,
while husband Ernie found himself climbing pales helping to
restore telephone communications, and the price of oranges began competing wi t h
yellow diamonds on the Enid
market, proving you don't have
to be in a hurricane's path to
feel its effects...
1 So many donors of books
to the Lending Library the past
month insisted on being anonymous that the Lbrn., H. Kpr.,
Sec., Etc., says she doesn't
know if she has given credit
where credit is due, in one or
two cases. There were another
couple bundles of books from
Russ Haggard and Earl Robinson, of Los Angeles aEa Ho1Tywood, a book from C. Curtis of
Chicago, after which her notes
are infiltrated with doodling
of her ideas of where she's
going to build a new library,
complete with its own built-in
librarian, if she can sell the
editor on the project. Which
she can't -- not as long as she
can still find space in the
dining room to feed him. And
if the weather stays nice, we
can always start eating outdoors...
for foods a discerning animal
thinks should be buried, but
we won't, this being a magazine
of a semi-decent order.
"Your last copy was fine...
copy is getting better, coversheets more attractive, but I
think you should be warned a
bit... they are getting more
conventional. We have to be
careful here you understand or
we shall lose the title of being aberrated.
"The item on the dunk in
the tub was very good. Obviously Christianity leaves much
to be desired. They should heat
the water anyway, and at least
furnish a bar of soap. Sometimes that which is left to
its natural state -- in fact,
100% of the time, I would venture to state, is in direct
communication with Deity -- and
the blind devotees have much
to learn by observing life in
i t s natural and beautiful
states, whether in the mineral,
animal, vegetable, or human
kingdoms." -- Ruth Yerks, Fairbanks, Alaska.

"Mandah Loves interesting
letter anent Subud (The ABERREE, Oct., 19601 speaks of allowing 'Subud room to unfold
in dignity and as God planned'.
"There are two fascinating
thoughts here. One is that Subud has dignity.
"Since it is a characteristic of Subud meetings that
the adherents obey whatever
impulse comes to them, including such strange things as
leaping about, running back and
forth, flopping on the floor,
uttering strange cries, moaning and groaning, and even
certain actions it would be
indecent to name, it is hard
to see where the dignity enters.
"Granted, as Subudites
∂ L,owana Julaine, of Tampa,
Fla., has a neighbor who won't
be offering her cat Tuffy any
more cheese. Lowana says this
neighbor was eating a sandwich
of limburger on rye when he
dropped by for a moment, and
knowing that Tuffy was fond of
cheese, he broke off a bit and
shared it with the cat, But
Tuffy, being wise and housebroken, took one whiff, backed
off for a moment, spitting and
sputtering, and then gingerly
pawed a hole in the dirt so
near the cheese that it fell
in without an assist. We might
quote Isaiah (36:121 to show claim, that these particular
man has plenty of "authority" manifestations are simply evidences of how the Great Life
Force, which Subud unloosed in
them, is purifying the unfortunates, it still seems that