Volume 11, Issue 2, page 14

"yOU ARE really going to town
on your Covers. I see no
explanation of the cover on
April 1964, Vol. XI, Nol 1.
Must have a far-reaching meaning. I'll give it some study...
"Received this April issue
yesterday. Everything in it is
so interesting I can hardly
get my work done for wanting
to take time off and dip into
it." -- Marjorie Treleven, Star
Route, Borrego Strings, Calif.
(ED. NOTE -- The Anniversary
cover was to stir nostalgic
memories of our "Senior Citizens" of the days when we used
to have ARTISTS who took pride
in their curlycues, and to
show the younger generation a
type of "gingerbread" they
can't buy at the delicatessen.
As the "Moon Maid" said after
discovering she can talk too,
"Neat, hunh?")
"I WAS astounded at some of
the claims in your current
(March) issue by Mr. Sullivan.
I am sure he believes what he
says, but is woefully short in
understanding about that which
he discusses. He claims that
the breathing exercises of his
dancing-lady teacher are new.
He should have said they were
new to him. This is basic Yoga
training, and has been available for those who sought the
knowledge for hundreds of
years. In fact, Hindu students
have understood these centers
of consciousness, which they
called c h a k r a s. In 1936 I
transcribed and published a
book on this very thing, and
that book sold for at least 20
years. It dealt largely with
the fact that the esoteric
meaning of the Biblical calling of the 12 disciples was
the calling into quickened action of 12 of these centers
within the body -- not just
breathing in and out thru nosemouth, via lungs. Also, in the
mid or late 1950's, I wrote an
article for a large astrological journal on this same sub
ject, showing how this quickening of the centers could be
co-ordinated to the natural
rhythm of the changing seasons
and signs of the zodiac. There
must be at least a dozen Yoga
books now available teaching

these 'new' things!
.. .
"Life is so vast that we
cannot handle all the accumulated problems (karma) in any
one lifetime. Just as a person
who specializes in one course
in college cannot study all
the things he may have touched
upon, tho he can, if really
interested, go thru other specialized courses, taking additional time...
"Incidentally, Buddhism has
no concept of an eternally developing karma. As you are
perceiving, as we learn, as we
attain to higher levels, we
'overcome' much of the past
karma, for karma is not a punishment but a lesson, and however we learn the lesson is
O. K. And indeed, Buddhism
teaches that by effort at selfpurification (clearing) o n e
overcomes all karma.
"There is predestination of
a sort in all life. The pumpkin
seed does not produce a rose
bush. But this exists only to
the extent that we do not use
self-determination. To t h e
weak, negative things happen
to them, via definite channels,
keyed to certain cyclic manifestations of astrological influences, for instance. But
the strong man 'rules h i s
stars', he nullifies his karma,
changes the course of his life.
Yes, the stars only impel. We
can go out in a rain storm and
not get wet if we take precautions of wearing raincoat,
boots, etc.
"I am woefully behind with
printing BUDDHIST WORLD PHILOSOPHY. I do have type set and
paper on hand for a few issues,
some partly printed, but no
time or energy lately to do
them. I have to work and support myself and much of the
work, and this winter I am
even further behind with all
the work involved in life here.
I fell twice on the ice, and
have been going very slow ever
since, tho much improved now."
-- Marie Harlowe, Box 28, Three
Rivers, Mich.o 0
"THANKS to your magazine I
was put in touch with Bob
Churchill who is doing some
excellent work with psychedelics. But beyond his use of dianetic techniques combined with
the buttons, he appears to be
getting a glimpse of the big
"My own experiences with peyote, fragmented as they were,
indicated that the universe is
run about as well as the army
and that the 'powers that be,
(really all of us at one time
or another) are a bunch of
schlocks. Maybe this is overdrawing the picture a bit, but
why should the so-called higher
realms be any better run than
earth is?
"The only answer I can see
is the personal effort to be
completely honest and responsible and just pay the cost of
perception with money, blood,
sweat, and heartbreak. After
all a broken heart is often
the only way a person will admit they were a bastard.
"Honest skepticism seems
the best answer. Doubting
Thomas is my hero. Miracles
should stand on their own merit
not thru cowed credulousness.
If there is a God or a Jesus
Christ or any other 'master',
I should think they would appreciate someone who stood on
their own two feet instead of
giving b 1 ind worship. After
all, the final decision for me
is my own. After all, isn't
aberration a surrender of perception so someone else will
take care of us?
"If any of your readers in
the New England area is interested in psychedelics, I would
appreciate their getting in
touch with me as I would like
to see if we might get some
sort of sessions going (coaudi ting probably)." -- Hi l tory
F. Wiggin,, 99 Hancock St., Malden, Mass. 0 0 o
"THERE has finally been some
developments in my case. Unable to get information of what
was happening...I got the idea
of telephoning to the Court
Clerk of the U. S. District Court
in Utica, from whom I learned
that my case was not on the
calendar, that my lawyers
would first have to file a 'note
of issue' to put the case on
the calendar for trial, and
that if I wanted the case on a
the calendar for the session
in May the note of issue would
have to be filed in march. Then
I learned there had been no
action in my case since the
Government filed their reply on
June 13, 1963. So I sent another letter to the Legal Director of the American Civil
Liberties union informing him W
of what I had learned and add- gal
ing that it was the dirtiest 04
deal that I ever got in my life.
Time and money was being wasted 1:14
while my lawyers did nothing W
but feed me unreliable information
of what was happening a
in my case. Two days later the
boom was lowered on me when I m
received a letter from the Legal Director of ACLU who in-I,
formed me that he was getting
out from under in my case and
that the ACLU would no longer
support my case.
"A year ago I had money 14