Volume 11, Issue 2, page 15

a 'Give me yourhand. Thank you' .
enough to fight the case to at
least the Court of Appeals, but
when the American Civil Liberties Union accepted my case I
was given to understand they
would fight the case thru the
U. S. Supreme Court, and that
the case would go before the
U.S. Supreme Court in two years.
..What happens next? The matter is being investigated by
the Executive Director of the
ACLU. Why was the ACLU afraid
to follow thru with my case?
Was it due to outside pressure?
Why is the ACLU afraid to protect the freedom of the press
and the freedom of religion as
guaranteed by the Constitution? My case can be the opening wedge that will destroy
the freedom of others. Important legal points that I raised
originally in my own defense
are being suppressed." -- Morris
Iatzen, Cooks Falls, N.Y.
(ED. NOTE -- Don't be so naive. Most lawyers work for
money, and who has the most
money? or the means of getting
it? Saying what you think is a
form of blowing off steam (gas)
and who is it teaches people
to retain their gases?)
c'THO I haven't been in communication for some time I
still read what THEY say in
The ABERREE, with varying reactions.
"In view of what is coming
up in the Sat.Eve.POST, I would
like to give a short history
which came about thru an assist.
"Neighbor sends S.O. S. call .
Knowing she had just returned
from her mother's funeral, I
asked the nurse that I was
processing with if she would
willingly go over with me. She
agreed. Found the woman in an
apathetic daze. I established
a session, and proceeded with,

Had to assist her, of course,
at first, but we got that coma munication rolling. Then slipped the nurse into the auditor's position. Proceeded until woman could notice something particular about this
person, the nurse. And since
the woman was a beautician, she
noticed nurse's hair.

W "We then went into old SOP
8-C. 'Look at that wall. Walk
a, over to it. With your right
hand touch THAT wall. Thank
L14 you.' Did this until she became aware of where she was
01 RIGHT NOW, and began to move
[x the body herself, rather than
(D "From there we went farther
afield, noticing things. I was
directing her to her kennel of
prize dogs. She picked up considerably and was soon pointing out to the nurse her best
15 "Now we went to sit under
the large tree in the garden,
and I asked her about the funeral. She started pouring a
bilge of hate towards her sister, which I let run for a
time, then asked her if we
could run a short process. She
agreed, so we ran the separation of universes. 'What could
you say to your sister?' Direct the communication to me,
and then acknowledge it. After
several of these we reversed
and she ran , ' What could your
sister say to you?' While we
were running this, she turned
to the nurse and said: 'Imagine
a mother who so loved money
that she would send a son and
daughter to their graves hating her for not leaving them
"And this is what I hear
Scientologists saying over the
"The woman last week had a
heart attack, Surprising, isn't it? She told me she was not
about to give up hating h e r
sister. I asked her in what
part of her body she deposited
this energy. She looked rueful
for a moment and then wanted
to justify, and at this point
I went about my business. She
had ceased asking me to help.
"I do not know auditors who
got rich processing, but I do
know many who have contributed
to this field of investigation,
being one of them, and I do
know that many assists have
been rendered society because
of the data auditors made their
own and use, so the goods that
haven't been sold (paid for)
are nonetheless of value and
much farther reaching than is
"MI grateful that I am not
one of those who accuse Scientologists of so loving money
that they made me hate them." --
Alberta Rilliott, Rt. Li, Greenville, S. Car.