Volume 11, Issue 2, page 11

I F A MAN DIE, shall he live again? The body
dies, not man. He descends from the astral
world and ascends again in the creative
cycle. And as the ego is eternal, its natural life is not that of the flesh, but that
outside of the body it occupies on earth.

We reverse the order of the nerve system in
the ascent to the astral world. As the nerves
return from body to brain, they end not in the
brain, but CHANGE to bluish-white ways, converging at the sahasrara chakra in the top of
the head as the Hindus called it, the fonticulus frontalis as we call it, and door to
heaven as the Bible calls it.

Knowing the secret of the silver cord, the
monks of ancient nations kept the hair shaved
off of this spot, poetically tensed a window
in space, said to look out into the sky.

In ancient Sanskrit this port of entry into
the brain was called "gateway of the soul ".
The silver cord is Jacob's Ladder, set up on
earth (spinal cord in body), and the top (silver cord) reached to heaven , the Hindu's
"abode of Shiva", with angels, symbolizing the
ego, descending and ascending, or entering and
leaving the body.

And so, Paul shouted: Behold, I show you a
mystery: We shall not sleep (in death), but we
shall be CHANGED in a moment, in the twinkling
of an eye, at the last trump. For the trumpet
shall sound, as symbolized in Card No. 20 of
the ancient Tarot, and the ego, considered
"dead" in the body, shall (be resurrected and)
be raised incorruptible, and we shall be
CHANGED (from mortality to immortality). That
was the ancient doctrine of the resurrection.

For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality .
Then shall come to pass the saying that is
written (in Isa. 25:8). Death is swallowed up
in victory. 0 Death, where is thy sting? 0
Grave, where is thy victory? (1 Cor.15:51-551.

The spinal cords and silver cords are really
one, the spinal being the condensed portion of
< the silver cord, the line that lets the ego
descend on Jacob's Ladder from the astral
world to the earth.

That simple is the mystery of man, of life,
of the nerve system, of the Creator. Some day,
the medics and chiropractors may know what the
nerve system really is.

The Creator, flowing thru brain and nerves
as electric current, creates, repairs, susc.11 tains, and controls the body and its function
in both good and bad health, needing no as0 sistance of doctors or pastors.

W As the ego leaves the body and ascends
xi Jacob's Ladder, the leaving of the body is
cc similar to struggling thru a dark, narrow tunnel (door in heaven) out into a big, brightlylighted world. The mind becomes clearer than
ever before, and the head becomes brilliant,
the golden bowl of the Bible (Eccl. 12:61. The
E"'' silver cord grows stronger to protect the ego
contained in it, as it flows out of the door
in heaven like a rapidly-moving fluorescent
light, extracting the body's vitality like a
11 suction Dumo.

This is the Creator leaving the body thru
the door in heaven as a beam of astral light
that can be seen by a true clairvoyant. In the
Orient, diagrams portraying this strange spectacle are comparatively common, being that far
ahead of us. These diagrams show a ray of
light rising from the Gate of Brahma in the
top of the head.

When the silver cord breaks loose from the
brain, the release of the ego from its earthly
prison is complete, and that is a moment of
marked import for man. It cannot be too strongly urged on relatives that it is a crime
against the departing ego to give expressions
of loud lamentations at this time. For the
ego, actually the Creator, is engaged in a
great process, and much of the value of the
earthly-life experience of the ego depends on
the attention now given to that matter. Loud
lamentations of those present seriously disturb that attention.

Also, it is a crime against the dying person to give stimulants to force the ego back
into the body, thus giving a great shock to a
dying person. It is peaceful to leave the body
in the "born-again" process, but tortuous to
be forced back into it by stimulants, to cause
more suffering to the body.

And the body should not be cremated nor embalmed till at least three days after death.
For the ego is still attached to the body by a
fine cord, which does not part until the panorama of the earthly experience of the ego in
that incarnation, called The Last Judgment,
has been reviewed.
(Continued in the next issue)
Arthur Burks read in the last issue of The
ABERREE that Ye Ed and Pub might possibly visit
Lakemont, Ga., this season, so he hastened an
invitation for us to participate in his Wisdom
Pool Seminar at Mandah Love's on June 28 to
July 5. There'll be others, including Dr. Byron
Gentry, of Oklahoma City, so we'd be in good
company -- IF we can make it. Thank you, Arthur;
it's an attractive proposition. We'll sleep on
it a few times -- and let you know. O.K.?
-- By EVA WOODFORD. Lost Creel[, W. Va.
"Afraid? Me? I haven't been afraid of much
of anything since I survived teaching my wife
how to drive."