Volume 11, Issue 2, page 17

nor aspect, less in evidence
on this issue than on most of
comparable dimensions.- My view
is that there is more courage
and more honest conviction in
sight among the politicians on
both sides than on the usual
controversial issue.- And of
the ones who are taking a free
ride, the majority, as I see
it, are those who know better
but are publicly aligned with
the deep south in order to
preserve their jobs, friends
(fine friends), and influence.
"Even if the southerners
were wholly in the right, their
domain is too tightly controlled to be the result of honest
democratic processes. There
must be a southern demagog in
the woodpile. Something bad is
the matter with a political
structure that cannot change
itself in response to the will
of the majority -- like a southern state, for instance...
"Those who are against the
civil rights bill are on the
same side as the people who
have been lynching negroes
ever since they were forced to
quit buying and selling them.
(Fac. One types.)
"The negroes in America today have more just reason for
complaint than the rest of us
did when we fought the Revolutionary War, and a whole lot
more than the South did when
it fought the Civil War.
"As an old bridge-building
buff I enjoy the rehash and
extensions on Dianetics and
Scientology that you've run in
the last few issues, also the
peyote and such-like information. Please keep it up. I
haven' t had time or money to
invest in the pursuit of perfection lately, but it's fun to
reminisce, and plan for the
future. Also enjoy hearing of
old Pink Whiskers. The man
does make fine news. And if
he'd only ring his bell a litDestiny." -- George F. Smith,
1-122, Berryville, Ark.
"MR.RAYMOND REID in to April
issue apparently confuses
his dislike of Romanism with
the alleged virtues of communism. I can see very little relation between the leadership
of Catholicism and communism
other than the fact that the
Pope is one of many who distrusts communism. Italy is a
Catholic country and is filled
with communists. The Pope doesn 't seem to have much influence
in even his own back yard in
this respect. In a Hindu country like India he would have
very little influence. It would
seem more logical that Mr.
Reid's article was confiscated
because of Red China's invasion
of India which would make the
Government a l i t tl a uneasy
about books that preached
"Communism is an economic
system that has proved to be a
complete failure. China is
starving, Cuba is starving,
East Germany needs food, an d
even in Russia they have food
problems due to the bureaucratic red tape of communism
hindering all types of food
production and construction. A
comparison of East and West
Germany under the two types of
government structure should
show that communism cannot compare to capitalism. West Germany has prospered as never
before while East Germany -- the
breadbasket -- cannot even feed
itself. Russia has had some
luck by sucking its colonies
dry of factories to get its
start, but is running out of
luck now and falling behind
the western world in production rates.
"I can see no point in taking the Bible and reading a lot
of symbolism into it that no
one else sees just to prove
that the early Christians were
communists. None of the early
church fathers wrote anything
that would indicate that communism was practiced at that
time -- immediately following
the disciples (or even during
the lifetime of some of them).
``'I would suggest that for
those interested in community
sharing that retains Christian
and democratic features, to
investigate the organization
Share, Box 2003, Alexandria,
Va." -- T. .Lair, 2012 E.Cherry,
Sherman, Texas.
"THE BALANCE of the magazine
continues to improve both
in format and topical distribution. I except the apparently
interminable K r i d l e r series
which (like Mary Worth, in the
comic strips) I simply don't
read any more. The man doesn't
accept the standard text of
the Bible as authentic. Neither do I, nor many other people. Such protracted grinding
away at a dead issue reminds
me of one of those family
quarrels that acrimoniously
persist long after the situation has wholly disappeared.
Friedman's recondite evolutions
of Mother Goose I continue to
read in the tenuous hope that
some significant pattern will
eventually emerge. I have the
idea he is really trying to
express something -- perhaps an
obscure Quabalistic systemtho in several years he has
not succeeded in communicating
"The Mesdames Julaine and
DeLong come on agreeably and
well. Is it that lady soothsayers prognosticate with
greater felicity an d charm
than the men, who tend to come
on behind a lot of irritable
moralism? Franklin Sullivan's
article is a gratefully welcome highlight of Life-going
rationality. An exception to
the Death-going, loss/pain/
frustration/acrimony school of
spiritual discourse which has,
at times, even caused me some
misgivings over my habitual
physiological w e 11 being, so
closely does spiritual attainment seem correlated with physical malfunction. I note the
obliviscence of the soothsayings of A. R. Davis. Could it be
because he presages only evil?
Good events also occur and can
be equally precognized...
"We finally put on the super-grand peyotism... We used
the frapped cactus pulp made
in a high speed blender from
fresh plants with a minimum of
water. It was very flavorsome
(ugh) and thick. About the
consistency of cheese dip
(which one unwary visitor mistook it for). Nine people took
part. Three did not manage to
ingest a full quantity. An
anti - emetic medicine, Tigan,
was provided, which helped, tho
not completely. From reports,
no subject had a definitely
unfavorable reaction and four
subjects had optimum reactions.
For these the period of effect
was 16 hours. Interpersonal
and personal-environmental
communication was greatly facilitated and enhanced with
these 4 subjects, in several
modes, including Expressive
Gesture and E. S. P. Much beauty
and felicity was experienced.
The co-director and I agree
that it is imperative as a next
phase that we definitely bypass the flavor problem, since
it appears irremedial by any
known means... There were also
1 promptu and 3 impromptu observers, each of whom eventuated in some form of dismay
and/or nervous shock. It must
be pretty impressive to watch.
tle louder I suppose I 'd come
out fighting again for a couple
more rounds of `Name the Game'.
"Don't you think ( I do)
that the latest Scn. wrinkle,
that of requiring a membership
ticket for the pc, is a dodge
to evade FDA and similar action about practicing on the
public? Ibis would be a step
gal in the direction of the very
p4 successful organization whose
r:14 scribes do so much advertising
in the classified section of
P-1 pulp magazines.
"I joined this parade of
'seekers for the truth' too
late to get in on General Semantics. Don't you have some
really old, old-timer on tap
E~ who could give us youngsters a
blast on it? Also, how about
some information on free thinking from yourself? I'm interested. Also, thanks for the
17 book review on Thinking and