Volume 7, Issue 4, page 11

ANE OF THE greatest dangers facing free men
today is the Communist conspiracy. It is a
danger because Communists impose their
ideas and way of life upon everyone they
can, and ruthlessly crush all opposition.

OA book exposing the Communist threat is
"What We Must %now About Cox:maiss", by Harry
and Renato Overstreet. This is now available in
a pocket-book edition. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to every American, and to
every free man regardless of nationality.

As I read the book, I could not help being
struck by certain remarkable parallels between
the practices of Communists and those of some
Scientologists. Time after time I found that
things I object to about Communism were basically similar to things I object to about Scientology.

The purpose of this article is not to try to
"invalidate" Scientology by a "guilt by association" smear. The fact that Scientologists
assert (See the recent pamphlet, "Why Some
Fi1ht Scientology") that those who object to
Scientology are criminals or Communists,
infamous tho this assertion is, does n o t
mean that I intend to retaliate in kind. Rather, my purpose is to inform Scientologists exactly why I object so strongly to Scientology.

It is my hope that Scientologists will not
reject these remarks out of hand, but will
consider them seriously. If there is anything
worthwhile about Scientology -- and Scientologists sincerely believe there is -- then for it
to do good in the world, and not do harm, it
must be communicated effectively. And it cannot be communicated effectively to more than a
few if Scientologists by word and deed practice what the Communists preach.

Let us examine these parallels:
1. Authoritarianism. Under Communism, one
man decides the rules by which all must abide.
Anyone who disagrees is forced to "confess"
his "sins", or is kicked out.

Under Scientology, one man decides what
ideas will be adopted. The ideas of other
workers in the field of human development are
either ignored, or they are derided or attacked. Anyone who advances an idea that differs from those of the " authority " is attacked.
Time after time, individuals who advanced original or independent ideas in Dianetics and
Scientology have been forced by these attacks
to withdraw from the field. (To name names:
Campbell, Winter, Kitselman, Coulter, Hart,
Mathison, etc.l
Under Scientology, as under Communism, one
authority makes the rules of the game. One
authority interprets the rules, changes them
at will, or invents new ones. You play the game
his way, or...you can find out what you are if
you'll just read "Why Some Fight Scientology".
2. Absolutism. Communism operates according
to a theory which is accepted as absolutely
certain. This theory, this "master science",
is called dialectic materialism. According to
the Overstreets, Communists regard dialectic
materialism as "a philosophical science which
generalizes allscientific knowledge, discovers
the universal laws of all development, the
most general laws of nature, society, thought".

This is almost identical with the definition
of Scientology, regarded as a "science of cerED. NOTE