Dear Editor (continued)

in the field is evidently not high enough at this time. I could give up all else and devote myself to pulling articles out of people, but don't feel it is that important to me. Also, Spaceways took a sort of pulse count on public reaction by publishing Van Vogt's article on Dianetics (a very excellent article, and one that should be in every dianetic library). Local sales went up quite markedly for that issue, but national sales fell off just as markedly, so he isn't very enthusiastic just now. The time may come for this but it isn't now. So, folks, please don't send that article to me now that you started last May or June." Ikey Stone, Pasadena, Calif.

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"As a Philadelphian, I find it pretty hilarious that in all of America it is only New Yorkers who are idealistically procuring those last wide-eyed recruits for Hubbard exploitation, a role which Noyga and I decisively rejected two years ago. Of course, New York's big hearted gullibility has been a by-word among people like on and MacIntyre who loved the slick city best." -- Helen O'Brien, Philadelphia. Penn.

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"Thanks for making us officially apart of infinity. We sure feel a lot better about things now. The pledge is good. We arrived at a somewhat similar point some time ago and are learning more and more to act as we know, so we can sign that pledge with sincerity -- if you'll permit the mental reservation, 'Just as much as I can until I can do more.' (ED. NOTE -- Sure, if you want to be a 'Split Infinity' for awhile, that's O.K. by us, too.)...

"I'm not in the least concerned about the ultimate of dianetics, scientology, or any other 'ic','ism' or 'ology'. The important thing is that SCHEMING is happening. And whether they use dianetics, scientology, synergetics, humanics, or Coueism, people are sitting down with other people and saying, in effect, 'Sure, I know you got troubles. Mabe we can lick them together. I'll be glad to help'. Just that little much is important -- people working together to help other people...

"There's something else that is happening and will continue to happen...It s something so big and wonderful I just plumb sort of go shinnying up the pole every time I think about it. It's the 'togetherness' that's come out of all of us who've been working in dianetics scientology and the various offshoots thereof. As you know, until the last year or so when I withdrew from the field I was in communication with and accepted by most of the various groups. And there is this: No matter which group or camp, those people were more similar than any similar number of people who had not been processing ever could be...

"So far as I'm concerned, that's all that 'clear' or °optimum' is-ea recognition of your basic beingness as a part of the universe and participation in terms of that recog16 nition. The rest follows after like a puppy dog's tail follows the pup. For some this will mean activity on the level we call 'miraculous°, for others it will mean going quite ordinary ways and doing quite ordinary things, but with a deeper understandin§ and in increased reality. 'And, once an individual reel; nizes what he is and that he is AS HE IS a perfectly proper and appropriate (and properly and appropriately functioning) part of all creation -- once he recognizes this and be?ins, oh, ever so little,to consciouslyy act in terms of it -- not all the Hubbards in the world can change or sway him or undo what has ha - pened..." -- Sadah Higgins, Englewood, Colo.

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"The straight wire and getting the patients to go over and over accidents and losses is more useful to me than anything else in the office. In fact, it is all I use in the office; otherwise I take the p-c after office hours. I have read some of Talbot Mandy's stuff. I liked it. Truth, like gold, is where you find it.

"This immortal stuff is no laughing matter when one really starts kicking the idea around. It can look pretty horrible -- never an end. How right you are about most of us concentrating on the future. I know that it has been the worst vice I have had. Leave the answers all for tomorrow -- tomorrow would take care of everything. I would be happy tomorrow, and on and on ad infinitum. Believe me, I want to get this present moment stuff an operating reality"You suggested that I look at my lack of goals and ambitions as for me or for the body... Until I read your letter, I dated my goals somewhere several months at least in the future. Goals had to be big things to be worked toward. All the things of today was just the mechanics of living. Not habits that could not be ehenged for I do not have many set patterns of living, but I had never thought of them in the light of goals or ambitions. Thanks for the invitation to reassess them; it has been most enlightening,I assure you.

"...In any other branch of society than among scientologists, Bon's blast at you would be politely ignored by your friends until you saw fit to speak of it, at least. I deplore the situation, for it is not good for the organization and it tears at our loyalties. I love you both and there are probably hundreds of others in the same fix and here we are unable to be on either side." -- Gladys Hale, Pierre, S. Dak.

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"Two of the comments in the last Aberree, by Ikey Stone and Williams, are a good example of the main reason why old-fashioned Dianetics did not work for some people. There are too many people who can not read or understand directions. Both Stone and Williams believe that the Zeman circuit changes when an individual is left-handed. For the single circuit it does not change at all. The essence of the relaxation circuit is the connection of positive to negative. With any indivfddual, regardless of handedness, the head and right hand are of one sign, while the left hand and ba$eofthe spine are of the other sign. Consequently, regardless of handedness, the right hand is connected to the base of tthhee spine and the left to the head. What the signs axe becomes important only when connecting two people together.

"When Ikey Stone got the results she did with the relaxation circuit, and from her report did not try the tension circuit, it becomes likely that she may have some glandular condition interfering. If this is the case, the individual can relax only in the tension circuit, until there has been enough change in the glandular condition for the individual to respond in normal fashion. It would pay her to read the parts of the book that she apparently skipped.

"Bob Williams reports that the English use 'base of the spine" instead of the rude Americanism 'fanny'. There is a difference. The one refers to the spine, which with humans ends with the coccyx. The other is what most peoples sit on. If Williams has had the lower screen under that portion of himself rather than the base of his spine, he could not expect much in the way of results." -- "Infinite 30", Phoenix, Ariz.

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"Enjoy the Aberree as I an aberrated. Don't suppose a clear gets much out of your paper." -- Wes Scott, Columbus, Ga. (ED. NOTE -- Well, they -- the "clears" -- can find out how the other 99 99/100% live. )

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"Please accept my assurance that I have no interest in your activities or publications. You can save time, effort, postage and copies in the future by removing my name from your mailing list." -- Warren Amster, San Diego, Calif.

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"We have an ideally situated location with two beautiful offices, a group room and an ante-room between. It covers the entire upper floor of a building. and we have furnished it in the ultra-modern wrought iron furnishings. As soon as we can, ,we'11 have pies made and send ~ut a few sets.

"See you've joined the Welgos group. I sure hope you two find there what you've been looking for there. I've read some of the 'Lessons' he puts out and find them interesting. In our own field, we are making things happen on a rather rapid basis. We've been running 25hour intensives on a three-day basis and I'm finding that method of intensive running much more satisfactory. We have now excellent case history forms with certainty assessments which make attitude changes really apparent on each case run. A collection of these make a mighty convincing case for Scientology processing.

"You've probably been getting the material from Scientology-Detroit so at least you know there's someone alive in this area and organization