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are beginning to function. Refa now
has the right to train and we expect
to be channeling prospective auditors through her as soon as possible. We here could use another ten
at this writing to take some of the
load off...
"We'll see you back in Scientologq soon, the latest ABILITY notwithstanding." -- Ernie Wirick, Detroit, Mich.
:: •: ::
"I would consider ita diguml honor to have my by-line the Aberree.
You are doing a good job. Of course,
I personally don't like some of the
things I read therein. Then I remember -- 1. The gary who wrote it liked
it or he wouldn't have written it.
2. The editor must have liked it. or
he wouldn't print it. 3. Some of
the readers must like it or they
would soon begin to object. 4. Maybe everybody but me likes it. So I
wind up by being just two left feet.
It's a hell of a world, isn't it,
when everybody is out of step but
me." -- Dan Purcell. Wichita. Las.

"Yes, the best 'revolt' is to go
ahead and use what we wish of any
ideas as strike us as useable. Tes.
there is no great efficiency in
joining law tons.
"But that is not all, and you
know that also. I an sick and tired
of hearing bugles blow and captains
go forth to war...every time there
is a crop half up. To permit an indefinite amount of that is not sane
behavior either...
"Of course he can't both copy
right and "sell his ideas—but he
can destroy their effective use, and
some of them have never really been
his ideas at all -- otherwise, he
would act on than.
"For example, it is well stated
that the auditor should never disESCAPING OLD AGE
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card the preclear or else he will
catch all kinds of devious hell from
said preclear. As an auditor, what
is Hubbard's actual behavior:.. This,
of course, is evil one instance of
the many ways in which Hubbard disqualifies himself as a proponent or
practitioner in such work...
"There is a tacit boycott going
on. I believe it should become exElicit until he stops renting out
is name and reputation as if he
were still entitled to possess them
after what he has done with them so
far. Patting the other fellow in
wrong is a game that more than one
can play...". -- Alma Hill, Boston,
"Friedman seems to be raving and
-- in an unaberrated sort of way.
"Would like more info. on techniques -- and not just those of 'Classical' Scientology. Some comment by
you to the items published -- or
'plowed up' out of the field might
be good." -- G.H. Scithers, Albuquerque, H. Alez. ss ss
"Have finished reading the articles by Philip Friedman and enjoyed
them very much. It is interesting
to note that real truth has been
forced to lie hidden in symbols.
This is also true in the case of
mathematics which is, itself, symbolic truth. If people could transpose their problems into math, they
would have more success with the
"Another form of truth lies in
slang and even cuss-words. It seems
that man subconsciously uses the
truth when he creates off-key egTressions to get his point across.
suppose slang originates on the
spur of the moment and thus has no
chance to 'catch itself' telling the
truth. Some day I expect to gather
some popular slang and show how popular It really is...
"Since Friedman had the nerve to
'crack the ice' and mention the latter days. I would like to add a little to it. This is a delicate subject since the latter da s represent
a paradox. If all could see that
they were here, then they wouldn't
be here. For that is the sign -- so
much confusion that no one knows
they are confused.
"But time goes in cycles, or circles. It doesn't end, it starts over. The end of one circle is the end
of that time. The same as 2:00 o'clock ends and 3.00 o'clock starts.
However, these changes overlap each
other. The old hour wants to hang
on and the new one desires to take
over. Especially if opposite s
are in charge of the two cycles. The
old 'way of things' does not want to
give in to the new 'way of things'.
The result is confusion.
"If Hubbard had come out with his
work prior to 1950, he would have
had much less discord. But, at the
same time, he would have thought he
had much more completeness to his
work than he would have actually
had. Because bad times show up many
more flaws than do good times. I
think, personally, that Hubbard was
trying to help bring in the new cycle. But, being human, he tried to

hang on to too much of the old and.
of course, it would naturally beat
the expense of the new. An impossibility since the two cycles are opposites.
"With two opposite influences at
work, a person is constantly torn
between the two (unless he desires
to remain behind and try to protect
the old; or drop the old and work
for the new). So, that leaves four
kinds of people in the world: Those
who are simply confused end don't
know what to think; those who want
the old way of things; those desiring the new; and, of course, those
who would like both to remain.
"A period of this sort has its
own characteristics. One of such is
the inability to focus attention on
but one thing. An example would be
the atomic energy people who can focus their attention on exploding a
bomb without ary regard whatsoever
to the rest of the things connected
to the bomb -- what it might do, what
it is doing, etc. Or it could work
in mental therapy. A person could
focus his attention on giving therapy, and yet see nothing else as to
what is happening along with the
mental therapy.
"I mentioned once before a proper
foundation for correct thinking.
That, too, goes into ols. It remains that we have a p coal earth.
This earth is composed of 'opposites'. This is true also of the
non-physical. But all opposites are
symbolic of the original opposites,
which happen to be good and evil.
"Most people refuse to accept
'good and evil' as a foundation, or
stone, for their doctrine. And
thereby they are 'ever learning and
never coming to a knowledge of the
"By accepting the 'good versus
evil' theory, all problems fall to
the side wit mathematical precision. The answers come into line
automatically. On the other hand,
refuse this possibility and one can
work forever and never come up with
the correct answers. It would be
like asking a person to add b and b,
but not allowing him to give 12 as
the answer.
"This inability to recognize evil
is the reason for the countless number of new 'approaches to thought'
which continue hitting the market.
It is a desire to be right without
being right. Like the people who
wanted to be clear without being
"We have here two worlds, the
ysioal world and the thought
(spiritual) world. Since a human
being can see only physical things,
he must transpose as much as possible into the physical. The real
world is not the physical. The physical is merely an example o the
higher realm. The invisible world,
which would include thoughts, is always first. The act merely follows
the thought. So good and evil merely manifest themselves through human
"Mental therapy has always worked
on the theory that all thoughts originate within the person. This is
A Resume by Helen O'Brien
P O Box 116, Phila.5, Pa.