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not true. Most of the daily, unimportant thoughts do. But important
situations are always influenced one
way or another. The mind is merely
the tool by which mankind has been
puppetized. A clear mind could not
be influenced by 'wrong thoughts.
"God has been referred to as a
'living God'. Thus, the opposite is
also 'living'. Add an 'o' to God and
get the word 'good'. Add a 'd' to
evil and get the word 'devil'.
"The secret of waking up is the
ab lity to recognize. Evil (or error) has a habit of imitating good.
It46mes in as Christ and then opposes everything which Christ, or
good, stands for. This is anti-good,
or anti-Christ. This is the meaning
of the word 'duplicity'.
"Socrates said, 'I do not know
all of the truth, but I have discovered that which is false'. And this
which Socrates discovered is a
'must' for anyone desiring to reach
a state of rightness. Of course,
they made Socrates take poison.
Which brings out a point which most
people miss. To be right is to be
wrong. according to popular opinion.
Alsop was thrown from a mountain for
writing clever fables based upon
truth. Dente was exiled because he
knew right from wrong.
"Being wrong is just being right
in reverse. That's why many people
cannot discern the difference. That
is behind the present-day confusion.
Almost everyone has driven south, at
one time or another, and thought
they were going north. The two directions can sometimes look alike.
The same is true of thought direction. The human mind is easily deceived.
"The road to correct thinking is
much like a physical road. When one
gets off, he must go back to his
mistake and start again from that
point. Unfortunately, most people
get off the road and try to get back
on without retracing their path.
That leaves an 'occlusion' if they
do get back. But they usually just
keep going and never get back. Others can return to their mistake but
stay right there and try to prove
that they were right. Their journey
(mental or physical) is at an end
when that happens. A major stumbling
"I always thought that a therapy
which could trace a person back to
his mistake. and remedy it, could
work wonders." -- Ludwig G. Bosecrans,
Mesa, Ariz. a_ :_
"More and more I am liking the
processes as outlined in my article.
However, it is possible that some
people will be frightened away by
the auto-hypnotic aspect. Inv experience, there is no cause for
alarm here at all. The process is
very gentle, there is no commend or
compulsion about the post-hypnotic
suggestions. About all they do is
to remind me at certain times that
an action is to be taken, but the
taking, or the not taking, of that
action is strictly determined in myy
case by the conscious mind on the
bas's o the situation of the momenn. I dislike using the words
'conscious mind', thus tending to
meks an entity out of what is oal a
functiog, but they will do for the
"The changes that have come about
so far have pleased me very much.
They, also, are very gentle, and.
consist at the beg3nn ag of new
thoughts or new patterns of thinkirThe movement here is toward
wholeness, both in me as an individual and in the universe also. Does
this make sense? It does to me. Of
course, this has been said in so
many ways by so many people that an
attempt to restate it is an utter
redundancy, but what I am saying is
that my thought processes have
reached the point where I can see
that everything in the universe is
ght, including my aberrations.

This probably sounds silly and I
am not going to waste time defending
or explaining it, but when I reach
this point, I am well content to let
God run His universe. For it is His
universe, you know. The only segment
of it for which I am responsible at
my level of development is that part
which is inside my awn hide and I am
really grateful for the opportunity
of growing in so wonderful a world.
"This does not mean I am not entitled to improve my part of it.
Definitely, it does not mean that.
Nor does it mean I fail to recognise
my own deficiencies.
"On this last point, I have used
Alexander's ideas and have made myself a post-hypnotic suggestion plus
a sleep tape to improve my writing
ability. Results in only three weeks
are excellent. Of course, with the
hundreds of stories I have sold as
evidence, I must already have patterns of successful achievement in
this area. Using these techniques,
these patterns have come rapidly to
the surface and both quality and
quantity of production have increased." -- Bob Williams, Denver.
s: is st
"Thank you for interpreting dianetics,.scientology, diantology, syner tics. etc., and pardon me for
not capitalizing them. I don't know
any better. After the explanations I
find myself completely baffled, but
don't be alarmed. I'm not too progressive. end I am handicapped by the
fact I do take life seriously at
"Although I'm not interested in
H. Hubbard, his book, or his theories, I do want to know if you're one
of his disciples? I'm not the sheepvariety, and am disinclined to follow a master. So he formed a school,
eh? Step one, he wrote a book that
swept the country in 1949. Never
heard of it and believe it or not, I
was very such alive. n he sold
his book (good for him: and made
enough on it to open a school to
teach auditors (?) to use his system
on patients, or 'pre-clears'.
"that is a pre-clear? Which
brings us to scientology...which you
way is a study of the real YOU that
operates a lady. and that dianetics
is concerned with the corpus delecti. I think mhybe it is a good thing
that Mr. H. patented his discovery
as you call it, because that sort of
holes up the entire horrible idea...
.who'd want to study the real
rand certainly not the real MC
wants to study the real ME!
"You know, Al hia. a really inspired personality who has made profound discoveries to pass along to
his fellow human beings is generally
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18 The ABERREE, December, 1955