Volume 2, Issue 8, page 5

Six Ways to "IS" By HORD//V D_ I ILS/-/, HG 4, PhD .

Process Yoursel with Safe
OW TO process yourself has them. The constant repeated action of
long been a problem among regaining contact with your immediate enScientologists and individ- vironment is the key to the success of
uals who are desirous of this method. Do not slight or hurry this
getting consistently bene- part of the process because of its seeming simplicity. It is the key to pulling
states of BEINGNESS. This your awareness out of the past into now.

Place the body in a chair near the
process is one that will center of a room -- the larger the room,
give good gains and will not get anyone the more space, the better. Do not do it
into difficulty if done as presented. lying down. The prone position is highly
This technique has been thoroughly tested restimulative and suggestive of sleep,
and its beneficial action can be observed death, or times when the body might have
immediately on the Electropsychometer. been injured. After you have mastered
The process can be used both individually the technique in the sitting position it
and on a group under the guidance of a will be discovered that there are many
group leader. advantages to the exercise with the body
In Scientology, "Theta"(A) serves as standing or in motion.
a symbol for the human spirit. Theta is With your eyes closed, extend your
life force or Total Beingness or that awareness (or your imagination) outward
which "IS", and "Thetan" is the spirit through the north wall, out through all
which operates the mind and body combina- barriers, out tions known as "homo sapiens". ~ past the stars, out through
Inherent within this technique are all space and all blackness, out to where
the basic actions of the thetan: Consid- where is just pure BEIldGNESS, out to
erations; Reaching and Withdrawing theta- where it just "IS".
wise; and direct visual contact with the Now, extend your awareness out to
present-time environment. the south, repeating the steps as above.

The underlying concept of this meth- Extend your awareness to the east,
od is that we as individuals have had repeating the above steps.
many lifetimes as spirits, on many lev- Extend your awareness to the west,
els of existence, perhaps in many univer- repeating as above.
ses. It has been found that we have Extend your awareness up -- through
thought forms which still connect us and the sky, etc., as above.
our bodies (aka cords) to past locations Extend your awareness down through
in space where things have happened to the earth, again repeating the above steps.
us. Especially incidents of magnitude of Now, become aware of all six points
emotional and physical shock. This tech- of "IS". Put your attention on them and
nique knocks apart this network of inter- just hold them -- hold them until you can
related energy fields which limit our do so comfortably with no strain. Then,
knowingness and awareness. Units of life gradually expand this awareness until it
force or theta are tied up in holding becomes a full share of total BEING. Work
these many energy fields in place so that with this until you can just "BE" this
if we ever return to that location in sphere comfortably. If you lose it momspace we will be warned. "It must never entarily, push out the six points again.
happen again" is the computation. A spir- Keep doing this until you can control the
it all bogged down in past energy fields sphere easily. Practice reaching out and
cannot think or act at anywhere near an assuming this state of BEING.
optimum level. Energy does not think. The next step is to hold this state
Only the spirit can think and know. Life of "ISA" and think of NOTHING. Brush aside
force tied up and concentrated in main- any pictures or thoughts that may come
taining a given location cannot think. up. DO NOT THINK. This alone can be
Running an IQ test on the life force in done profitably as a technique for minthe electrons in a table would illustrate utes at a time. If you have difficulty
the point. This technique enables us to maintaining the sphere as a whole unit,
free ourselves from past energy fields think in terms of two halves, or consider
without the danger of becoming stuck in the sphere from two points on opposite
The ABERREE, December, 1955 5