Volume 2, Issue 4, page 20

16 -- There are two
reports current
on the taped Confress held in lil
hoenixs One, that
it was a success,
even without Ron,
and the dichotomy
that it was a flop
because of Ron's
saPP absence. T h e
. ~' Churchills had
r s, other, more imt portent business.

Head quarters
for the H.A.S.I. will remain
at 1017 North Third until
further notice, with Burke
Belknap in charge of train
Freddie and Bob Sutton
are expecting almost any
day now, and their new swimming pool is being rushed --
although not exactly in
preparation for the event.

Jim and Jean Struckmeyer
plan a trip to Honolulu in
August. (Ooo-la-la, or is
it a-to-ha?)
A. E. VanVogt spoke to
the Phoenix Dia-Sci. Group
recently -- a validation on
study he has done on the Six
-Basic Processes. He thinks
they work uniformly well
under proper conditions and
without variations. (How
about a report on this for
The_ABERREE, Van?)
The Iron Cap Caper uranium exploration and promotion business is proving as
erratic as the soul-saving
business -- even though it is
being guided by Scientologists.

Jon Kenworthy reports of
the Washington conference
that Ron gave his usual
fine act, ran his usual circuits, and the usual faithful gave forth with their
usual enthusiastic reactions.

Wish we could share our
heat with you. It was 112