Book Reviews (continued)

schools of therapy. The book is
divided into three parts. The
first, 'Foundation', deals with the
relationship of psyuhothmrs!i to
general biology. especial to
growth and adaptation. and vi the
common features airmail as differ+•
enoes in the major approaches to
psychotherapy. 'Process' presents
s formulation of the essential phis•
as and the dynamics of any
therapeutic relationship.
ni s' presents some of their
methods. The book is intended for
anyone. no matter what his train.
Jag. who has the eaperieoos of
treating patients or who Las been a
patient himself. This includes psychiatrists, clinical psychologists+
social workers, doctors. and ~s~y
others with different orientations
religious, vocational, industrial,
educational. recreational, and rehabilitative. Students of bean
behaviour and society should find
material here which will help them
to help others. It lays stress upon
wellness. It attempts to give sons
notion of what can be dane to increase the effectiveness of therm,
py, and to point out some of the
pitfalls that jeopardize that effort.
"boe of the main lines of approach is to bring out the unconscious attitudes of the therapists.
There is discussion of why people
decide to become therepis s. and
how their attitudes affect their
work. An interesting point issued.
that people should be social theretists. i.e.. Dianeticists, scienologists, or west have you before
taking formal training. This ezper
Janos will weed out the sincere
from the greedy, and help to soften
the harshness and flatness of the
professionals. who .jumped into
processing' before they knew what
they were ttting into. No one can
be successful as a therapist unless
he has felt the need to be a patient. and has received some measure of help. The additional training and experience be hains will
serve to deepen his understanding
of himself and his fellows. The
point is also made that theme+
with any one 'auditor' should be
fairly short and have an abrupt
termination. at the choosing of the
'preclear'. Che advantage among
many is that the ding preclear
can expose his auditor's mistakes.
and so the auditor has a chance to
grow also, if he has the maturity
to profit from his mistakes. If he
is not mature enough to change his
methods. he needs more treatment
"There is also discussion an the
fantasy or 'core! stage of processing, anxiety, relationships with
the preclear's family, and transference. Transference seems to be
an essential part of the process.
I would say definitely that the
troubles experienced in Phoenix
were almost entirely due to mishandled transference, and hence
were essential for the growth of
all concerned. Sciertolo ists must
sinister, and their effects destructive.
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Rian are now well Marra'
for a oonti++ntty rotating series
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under the direction of Shark
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"As atelier Infinite. I feel it
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Notes on the B.ctom~ate
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Course Notes'.
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to read slow and met sodmgps be
twain words, phrases. or
This method =dewy reeling speed
down to average John Q. Public speed
but it is surprising what yyaaun aan
get out of it. I'll bet with' the
right materials. I could get up to
at least Operating ?Man third
class-Drell, fourth or fifth class.
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" -- e joe Zuhrhs. Denim.
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"Thus the gtyeat adreptzmd
five years ago advsmss
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they followed Bon bard lido the
thea uncharted domain as 'inch hehind your forehead'. Another tam
rears or- so should sirs mow am
therapists of the caliber ad Bart.
Coulter, and Yan Togt." -- Richssd 14
Lundberg. San Jr a. Calif.
"Thanks for The.-..Aberree -- and:
the very refreshing journalistic
style. That alone maTy help tondo
your publication a success. Or
course the contents are fasctnmttog
to me. Hubbard's work baboon iate tng from the beginning. than
"Your present disillusiammsnt
with him reminds me of awn
ful 'graduation' from th ITeachings of G. W. Ballard. in 197•
We find a teacher, confuse the wisdom with the men, until vsbecome
wise ourselves -- not a ppleasant
exteriors when the break comes-es
it has to come livers sincere in
our search for truth. As for Hubbard, you've revealed enough in
this one issue to make it class
that he has failed to puss the test
of humility. I should guess that
his course can only be downward u n..
til this life ends. He'll rush from
one defensive position to soother
because all who don't agree with
him are enemies to be destro.
"If you understand what Ii wing you are in a position tot!'
the many others who have been
in Hubbard's floes. tkmd•' whom
'graduation' is coming for Clem
*Hy remarks on Dianetics, they
last lecture, were drawn largely
from Dr. Winter's excellent book.

Dr. Wolfe's fine sary in PATE
ins. and from intonation
red through personal contacts
with several members of the original Dianetics Foondatim here in
"peep up your good work and never doubt your ability to beadle
each day's problems as they cams
along. God knows the world needs
dedicated teachers and you are one."
-- Riley Crabb, Honolulu. T.H.
"The tine has come to disclose
that perhaps the main reason lir.
HUbbard ever 'disapproved' of the
Electropsychometer was that he received formal notification that his
franchise to bair and sell Electro- "Mqy I advise yoU to avoid these
psychometers had been summarily can- nylon typewriter ribbons. They do
celled. have a alight advantage in clarity.
" k r? The cancellation resulted but they dry out so fast it's not
from Mr. Hubberd's publication of fuzgr..Nstune of the fabric apparhis '30' techriicgue and others of ently good for menS things. not so
crawl before they can run Smell- similar nature thereafter. I re- well spited to typeribbms.
tol oA has been compared to yoga. If gerd same of these techniques as "Besides being a sincere effort