Volume 2, Issue 4, page 18

Em. EOM- After this month's
issue was made up and typed, we received the following report on the
'big shw' in WashingiWaled to
"kirI" npep of letters to get it
in, but we hops the writers won't
mind the substitution.)
"...low. to the theoretical side
of the Congress. Theta am. appar
eastly. no thunderous ser developmeats. ]tea is still. finning out
'hor far south' babas to go -- still
trying to crack the rough cases,
that is. The main development is
the reapplication of the tone scale
scrods the know-to-mystery seals, or
vice versa.
"Before I into it. I should
sq that about 1/3 of the people at
the Congress stood up as having

been t exteriorized or
having bad a P.C. exteriorised beond doubt. Roamed this to prove
he the existence of exteriorization.
"Now, the new chart. The six basic processes are still the eames
1. Two-my communication.
2. Sigaifirees.

S. P. tS-C.
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