Volume 2, Issue 4, page 4

The Fifth Anniversary
Congress of Dianetics-Scientology, originally scheduled for Phoenix on June 3
to 6, and suddenly shifted
to Washington, D.C., was
held at the Shoreham Hotel
in a city which has had
congresses so long it takes
them in stride, without a
further change in sites.

It was another "biggest
yet" conference, with more
than 250 in attendance --
present to celebrate the
moving of this great altruistic movement to their own
back yard.

L. Ron Hubbard, selfstyled physicist and discoverer of the thetan, was at
his usual best, and the
audience was hypnotized, as
usual, by his charm and

Ron emphasized, in a
speech that will be difficult for even the GECS to
cancel out by its diametric
actions between now and the
next congress, that Scientology is not a psychotherapy, and hasn't been since
it hurdled the offensive
stepping stones of Dianetics back in 1952. Now, all
the wisdom of Dharma, Lao
Tze,Krishna, Buddha, Moses,
Christ, and Mohammed have
been reincarnated in a modern, via-less and machineless blossoming. The engineers were wrong -- and Ron
apologized for letting them
influence him for as long
as they did.

After tracing the growth
of Scientology and explaining each step in its metamorphosis, the theme of the
lectures -- emphasis on the
The ABERREE, July-August, 1955
spiritual Being in man -- was
stressed. It is believed
that with the new material
offered to the congress,
each body can have at least
two thetans behind every
head instead of just one.

A new scale -- from -8 to
40 -- was-offered and elaborated on, showing hoy it differs yet agrees with the
Tone Scale so familiar to
all workers in Dianetics
and/or Scientology.

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