Volume 7, Issue 5, page 14

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guard until you astound your reader to prove me wrong." --
readers by announcing your es- John Dobbs, 6091 Denbigh Av.,
tablishment of a new cult to S. Burnaby, B. C., Canada.
end all cults?" -- Hugh Higgins,
Manchester, Minn. "I still read your publica(ED. NOTE -- If we COULD form tion and will continue to do
a "cult to END ALL CULTS", so. It is interesting and I
we'd do it, thinking we were notice that it continues to
doing the world a favor. But, keep abreast of the times, or
alas, we have nothing to sell evolute, as it were...
but an honest conviction that "I am still at work on the
a fraud is a fraud, no matter book I started over a year ago.
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