Volume 7, Issue 5, page 6

master, but once you have them under control cross purposes with your SELF.
you will find it an easy matter to "stop and How much easier it is to get a child to do
relax" anywhere, at any time of the day. something by saying -- "Will you please do soWhenever you are in a crowd and find your- and-so for me?" "Do you want to do so-and-so
self growing tenseóand don't want to annoy for me?" than it is to say, "Go do it."
those around youóbreathe deeply and slowly, They want to help, by doing for you. They
inhaling t h r u the nose, exhaling from the want desperately to help, but will balk at
mouth. Do this a few times and you will be force.
better able to control that twitching and Use the same principle on your mind and
twisting which is so aggravating to yourself body. They want to relax, so COAX themódon't
as well as others. try to force them.

As I said earlier, RELAXATION is the foun- Anyone who breathes and thinks can relax.
dation. In these lessons, you are building the "Ah, ha,"you say. "Now we are getting down
foundation just as surely as a building con- into the mind." You've been using the mind all
tractor builds his foundation before he starts along with these exercises. There isn't a
the erection of a house. movement of the body that isn't controlled by
I've heard many persons say, "But I can't the mind, either consciously or subconsciously.
relax. I've tried and tried, because it is Therefore, while thinking about breathing
necessary, yeti can't." Usually, these persons deeply, you have been using mental control.
are trying to force themselves to relax. In Next month, we will learn more about the
doing that, they can cause more harm than good. mind. We are going to start practicing the
DON'T FORCEóit can't be done easily. By try- hypnotic trance for developing self-awareness.
ing to force yourself, you put yourself at Complicated? Not a bit.

I HE FOURTH National Synergetic Workshop was neer's Handbook, and are aimed at evoking and
held in Columbus, Ohio, July 8-10. It was developing the tremendous latent powers of the
attended by syngeneers from all over the supercomputer present in each of us, and also
country. Many of the workshop members the new control center of the mind, the "Distayed over for the Synergetic seminar rector". whose powers are fabulous. Unfortunwhich followed and which was devoted to ately, the Handbook was not available in time
the theme, "Beyond the stable state". for the workshop; nevertheless some "brainSynergetic stables are getting to be almost boosting" was possible and a great deal of excommonplace in -Synergetics these days. A con- citement and even exhilaration ensued. Truly,
siderable proportion of those attending the the human mind has no limits.
workshop, and almost all who stayed for the The Council of the Synergetic Society met
seminar, were stables. (A Synergetic stable is at the workshop and disposed of several impordefined as a person who functions in the syn- tant business items. Of greater general inergic mode almost continuously and who is terest was the serious discussion of a number
free of all chronic reactions and protodynes. of new activities designed to make Synergetics
This state should not be confused with the more generally available. Our major problem in
Scientology "clear ", who, despite his achieve- Synergetics to date has been quite simple: We
ments in other ways, does not use the synergic have tremendously powerful tools -- we believe
mode and is not free of reactions and proto- they are the best in the field of human develdynes.) Some attendees already had made prog- opment -- but our facilities have been woefully
ress beyond the stable state, inadequate. To a considerable extent, it must
Several new tools were used. One of these be acknowledged this has been due to our " amawas "Protodyne Reduction Procedure". designed teur status". There is no intent to alter this
to reduce t h e effect of protodynes without status in any way; the Synergetic tradition of
actually outlining them or sweeping them out. "freely helping one another help himself" will
(A protodyne should not be confused with an be preserved. And certainly there will be no
"engrain"; a protodyne is not a recording of an use of commercialism, religious fronts, phony
incident but an identic pattern of response to schools giving phony degrees later revoked in
a set of incidents or a chronic situation.) purges to force the victim abjectly to return
Use of Protodyne Reduction Procedure enables for more phony degrees, etc. But there are
the syngeneer'to come to grips better with the ways to organize non-profit, co-operative enprimary targetóthe self-invalidation (S.I.). terprises, and these are being explored.

This isa rejection by the individual of a part As with all Synergetic workshops, "workshop
of himself, resulting in a turn-off of his ra- synergy "emerged -- that thrilling exhilaration
tional mind, his uniqueness as an individual, that inevitably emerges in a synergic atmosand his power of creative evolution, phere. One final note in this connection was
To deal with S.I.'s, two other new tools the introduction of a new tool called " thrillwere used. One of these was Creative Procedure, beam ". This enables one to sustain the "Cloud
which systematically enables the individual to Nine "effect indefinitely. It is rather pleasturn himself back on again in areas dominated ant. It should be emphasized that this is
by S. I.'s. The other was Prime Determinant "think-feel synergy ", not manic elation or
Clearance Procedure, aimed at the basic S.I. euphoria. This is a precision statement.
of the individual. These procedures are highly
effective and are becoming quite popular in At least, the ancient philosophers didn't
Synergetics. mind standing up to be quoted. Today, apparOf even greater interest, however, are the ently, our "philosophers "can only quoteóand
new "Synergetic brainboosts". These are de- the more ancients you can quote, the more
signed for use with the forthcoming Synge- "learned" a philosopher you are.