Volume 7, Issue 5, page 16

"The ABERREE is getting so
good I'm afraid it will get
worse. It gets more popular.
The circulation goes up. Y o u
get lots of advertising. The
advertisers p u t pressure on
you to slant and restrain your
material so as not to jeopardize their business. The magazine depends on the advertising revenue. The magazine gets
worse. Just like television.
"Lowana Julaine -- The author
not only makes sense, she's
beautiful, too. I had trouble
reading the article, I kept
getting stuck at the picture.
Now if you can get Zoe Nickerson to write for you too, you
will have people buying the
magazine for the pictures as
well as the text...
"Robert Gardner -- Fantastic!
The phonetic spelling looks
Dutch. Actually, it's a pretty
good article with wit and stuff .
"Jesus and Santa Claus -- Do
you know you've got, counting
Gardner, not less than 55 column inches of text in one
issue on New Testament criticism alone? It seems to me the
Hotema group is beginning to
repeat themselves, but if lots
of readers fascinate themselves
with this material, it's no
trouble. To me, it's of no
particular interest or importance, any more than the vegetarian propaganda. I see that
M. Katzen, who is also a Bible
critic of sorts (I theenk), has
beguiled himself into buying
display ads. I could probably
refute Katzen, but it wouldn't
accomplish much. For a much
less naive version of alchemy,
I suggest the monograph on the
subject by Carl G. Jung in the
Bollingen Series of his Collected Works.
"John Dobbs's poem really
has some poetry in it. It has
good lines. I like it... Louis:
The fanatic California woman
is right, you know. With so
many different viewpoints as
are in ABERREE, some of them
must miss the mark , which is
what "sin" is a translation
of, so the magazine has "sin"
in it. If Louis is doing the
work of the devil, then, Vive
Diablerie I suppose that I
work for the devil between
jobs, for it is written, 'The
devil finds work for idle
Hands to do.'" do.'" -- Fred Hand,
Houston, Texas.
"I read Art Coulter's remarks and they no longer even
have the virtue of originality. We'll clear him too eventually, and if not this life,
then next one, tho I doubt that
he accepts the idea of living
many lives.
"I attended the 10th Anni16
versary Congress and the accent person demonstrating anything?
is now on dissemination. I am "If the spirit counts for
convinced that the major prob- anything , old age should be
lems of making Book I clears the culmination of a lifetime
are s o 1 ved." -- Bob Ross, rue- of spiritual power... I read a
son, Ariz. science-fiction book years ago
4 4 4 and even to this day it is
"Yes , Professor Hotema , more real and lifelike than
there is a spiritual Santa Christianity; 2,000 years ago
Claus. He lives in the hearts a teacher took a powder at
of those who have felt the 32 to keep from showing how to
Light of that Master Psychia- take the miseries of senility.
trist of spiritual ills. O f Anyone can take it to 32.
course, he can't be observed "Did a professional person
by those who have never felt ever live 100 years? That field
His presence, due to being in- is reserved almost exclusively
sulated by materialistic van- for backwoods illiterates, Inity and intellect. dians, and a few slaves. They
"But is intellect, intelli- can't read about all these
gence? Lincoln didn't think systems of religion, health,
so. Doesn't history show that diet, and lon-jiv-ity."