Volume 4, Issue 2, page 10

me naming or the engram as just tnat, the "engram",
)y Semon.

The criminal indifference of the surgeons to the
)sychical damages sometimes inflicted upon anaesthetized patients by callous remarks was one of the
factors that caused my examinee finally to abandon
As medical interneship.

Also, near the end of his tape-making instruction, he observed that the name "sleep tapes" does
lot accurately describe the recordings that are
)eing made. I agreed, but pointed out that it would
)e difficult to apply a precise and correct, yet
'hort and workable, name to the tapes.
"Why not call them 'pre-sleep tapes'?" he sug;ested, "for this is what they are. The opening
section of the tape induces a stage of deep relaxation and high subconscious receptivity that feels
to the examinee like sleep, but which is not ordinary sleep. It's a sustained borderland state of
A few days later a letter came in from another
specialist who, in different language, emphasized
the same evaluation. So I have changed the name,
and henceforth, they shall be called "Pre-sleep
Tapes" .

As one's acceptance level expands, stranger and
stranger visitors present themselves.

A few evenings ago, while I was working late on
a string of affirmations, the bell rang, and on
unlocking the front door, I confronted a smallish
girl of 25 or so, lugging a huge old-model tape recorder almost as big as she was, which some fellow
had given her. She was exhausted, having carried it
)n foot from the nearest streetcar line three blocks
away. She had brought it along to have it checked
as to its usability.

Under a puckish green knitted cap, her masses of
ieavy hair, dyed a reddish chestnut, flowed over
ner trim shoulders. A tight-fitting green knit suit
emphasized her curvaceous figure. Her dark, beanshaped Eurasian eyes were wide glowing; her heavily
nade-up face was of a purple, ashen, deathly hue,
similar to that which was used by Bela Lugosi in
the horror play, "Dracula".
"My doctor sent we here to you," she informed me
En a low voice, as I ushered her in and had her sit
down. "He insisted that I come."
"Who is your doctor?"
"Dr. Mitchell."
"Dr. Mitchell -- I can't recall him at all," I renarked, rather puzzled.
"oh. he has not been in active practice for many
years. He's over on the other side." (For the uninitiated, this means, in effect: "He's dead, and
is now living in the spirit world.")
"Oh, I see. And he directed you here."
"Oh, yes -- he knows all about you -- oh! Oh!" Her
voice changed to a low terrified scream and her
eyes dilated as she gazed toward the door. 'There's
ny mother! Don't let her in!"
"What is she apt tb do to you?" I asked, rising.
"She's always hounding me! She sneaks up behind
oe and attacks me. Sometimes she beats me fearfully, blacks my eyes, and half kills me. Please
oake her leave! Please!"
I stepped to the door, opened it and looked out.
gust of wind sighed thru the big trees in front
of the lab. There was no one about. Nonetheless, I
new what to do. As Leslie Lecron, an ethical hypnotist (whom I consider one of the world's best
teachers), says, "Always accept what you get -- no
atter what it may be. Just pick up the ball and
:ake it from there." Or, in Dianetic terms, "Do
dot invalidate!" The only thing about this advice
hat irritates me is that it was formulated, not by
he author of Dianetics, but by Dr. Sigmund Freud
*me 60 years ago -- and it is standard institutional
1sychiatric practice.

Addressing the outer darkness, I said firmly :
"I'm sorry, Madam. I cannot let you come in here
ow. You will have to return tanorrow." With that,
rather loudly closed the door, locked it, and reurned to face my caller of the death-hued cheeks.
"Thank you," she said, quietly.

I switched on the Electropsychometer, and indiated the couch beside my desk. "Slip off your
.0 Tha A R
shoes and lie down. Would you like to remove your
"I haven't a single thing on under this coat and
skirt," she said.

Over her clothing, I added a large white woolen
afghan, and when she had settled comfortably on the
couch I handed her the electrode. "Begin relaxing,"
I said. "We relax by areas, starting with the toes.
So, left foot, toes, relax. Left ankle, relax...."
No name, no preliminary case history, nothing
but the meter registrations. This is the way I
chose to work. Less than two hours later, there was
not anything worth knowing about the case that I
didn't fully have. The basic key to her psychical
disturbance was that her legal grandfather was her
physical father. Just in case you do not understand
this, her mother's husband's father had sexual relations with her mother; this girl was the consequence. Her mother had hated her fran the moment of
her first missed period, had been filled with enormous guilt and no less enormous fear that her husband would find out. It's not likely that a more
unwanted, hated child ever survived. The mother had
been dead some years now -- of genital-area cancer --
but the daughter is convinced that the woman still
lurks about, on the spirit level, seeking to seal
the daughter's lips forever.

I was due for a surprise or two when it came to
the matter of writing the visitor's pre-sleep affirmations. The terminal phrase of my standard relaxation induction was: "You are now completely
"May we delete that word ' now' ?" she suggested.
"I wish that this pleasant relaxed state that I am
now in should continue. The word 'now' limits it to
this moment only."
"You are completely relaxed," I corrected -- and
then and there, I mentally revised a lot of previous
affirmations. You are apt to learn something vitally
important from the most unexpected sort of examinee!
Some of the affirmations my visitor finally
approved are these:
"You are the captain of your own soul. By degrees,
you are guiding your actions by the affirmations of
this recording and your own 'I Am'."
"You are no longer accessible to your mother.
Therefore she is going away to her own karma."
"By degrees, you are bringing into conscious
awareness and making use of a series of constructive steps to achieve your own happiness and welfare."
"Thruout the period of every day and every night
the energies and powers released within you by this
recording are being swiftly concentrated upon the
achieving of your physical and spiritual wellbeingness."
"One further thing," she also finally pointed
out, "I wish you would address me directly, by my
first name, in each one of these affirmations. Say:
'You, Jody, are so forth and so on. This will increase the effect of the entire recording."
"Yes, it certainly will," I agreed. And glanced
over at one of the machines in the room, upon which
my own personal much-modified pre-sleep tape was
mounted. On this tape, among other affirmations,
there is this one :
"You are, by degrees, bringing persons to you
who will teach you how to make more and more powerful pre-sleep tapes."
As Count Korzybski says, in effect, in "Science
and Sanity": "There are perceptions, powers, and
forces in the Universe of which Man, at his present
state of development, really knows very little."
Postoffice walls are displaying warnings to the
public against the Hoxsey "cancer cure". We don't
know anything about Hoxsey, but if similar action
was taken against every physician, surgeon, preacher, and quack charging for "help" he can't or doesn't deliver, there'd be little marble showing in
Government buildings. If Postmaster General Summerfield wants to cut down on the deficit in the postoffice department, he might start by less caddying
for the A.M.A., every Congressman who wants to keep
his $25,000-a-year job, and the military termites,
who would siphon off every able-bodied man into one
of the vampire-like organizations they control.

MAY, 1957