Volume 4, Issue 2, page 12

clear who will not go away bitter
and disillusioned. And van Vogt *
speaks with the "authority" of '
seven years' experience behind f
him, as he was one of the first
to embrace the tenets of Dianet- \.y'
ics back in the days when it was;.
a pretty lusty - lunged youngster . ' a
He confesses that he has spent ~~~'~~
several hundred hours reading Dianetic literature, has taken more
than 1,200 hours of training on
the subject, and has given more
than 6,500 hours of individual
private processing, much of it
experimental, Iea
Van Vogt offers no finger-snapping
technique that will put the !
pre-clear three feet behind his eA+f
head within a few costly minutes.

Instead, he warns that processing"; . ~~