Volume 2, Issue 10, page 10

(continued from page 9)

"smell", "somatic", or some other memory ability. Once he gets this as an awareness, things
will unsnarl a lot faster, particularly if he
becomes interested in why he is feeling the
emotion now or if he considers it ridiculous.

Some of the things to be wiped off the
sacrosanct list (besides Mama) are: Auditors,
Dianetics, Scientology, processes, authorities
(i.e. policemen, Ron Hubbard, God, the Devil
Alphia Hart (ED. NOTE -- Will, how could you?)
etc.), various "blasphemous" words, "obscene"
words, stupidity, "I don't know", death, pain,
and the multitudinous collection listed in
Step IV of S.O.P. 8-C. Don't forget "gossip"!

Let's try some of these in the form of

Do you think Ron Hubbard has actually
contributed anything of value for the betterment of Mankind?

Do you know how young Mr. Hubbard had to
be when he started his research on the mind,
if he has been at it all the years claimed? (I
practically had a line charge mocking up little
12-year-old Ronny poring over weighty tomes
compiled by the world's great philosophers.)

Do you think that some particular process
or any process can do you some good? Do you
think the processes will make you more able or
a "clear"?

Do you feel that Mr. Hubbard knows what's
best for you? Do you think some auditor knows
what's best for you?

Do you feel that reality is the same for
others as it is for you?

Did you know that John Campbell, editor
Hubbard wrote stories, has the reputation of
originating ideas and suggesting them to his
writers for them to write about in stories or
articles, and that he had a lot to do with the
original publicizing of Dianetics? (See May,
1950, issue.)

Do you think Ron Hubbard is a red-headed

Do you know that Mr. Hubbard suggested in
his December, 1952, lectures that a thetan may
"lose" his body to another thetan? That this
implies that the body you know as "Joe Doakes"
may now be run by a different thetan since

Do you think Mr. Hubbard is an "operating
thetan"? That he completely controls his body
and never needs help from doctors because he
never gets sick? Do you think he could just
teleport his body anywhere, but refrains because he doesn't want to upset people? Do you
think he keeps his body in splendid physical
shape? Is there any doubt in your mind but
that he has cleared all members of his family?
All members of his staff?

Do you think that the Scientology organizational headquarters is setting an able example of building a congregation and student
body from local inhabitants to the extent that
they no longer need to solicit or depend on
fees from "professional Scientologists" and
their acquaintances?

When did the physical universe start?

Does fear have to do with the past, the
present, or the future? Can you be afraid of
being caught in the rain after it starts raining?

How much present time does the body have?
What i5 the actual shape of a particular
physical object that you look at? "When" do
you see it?

What is the difference between an emotion
and a sensation?

What is a memory?

Are there as many realities as there are
living things to consider the so-called physical universe? Or, is there just one reality

with a different mock-up of it made by each
different living thing?

What other person has the same reality
you have?

What is it all right for you not to know
about a specific object or a specific person?
Some other things regarding the same that it
is all right not to know.

Do you have a poor memory? How do you
"know" this? In what way does it help you?
Have you had a poor memory? Do you have a poor
memory now? How do you continue to have a poor
memory? Will you have a poor memory tomorrow?
How do you know?

What is the "chronic tone" level or levels of the average newspaper? Motion picture
The religion you are familiar with? Your own
tone level? Do you complain? Propitiate? Control? Are you covert? Do you ever feel persecuted in any way?

On what are you dependent physically?
Mentally? Spiritually?

Do you think thetans are watching you
with ulterior motives in mind?

Is Scientology a group function? Do many
persons contribute original ideas? Can you
name some?

If changing relationships, or what we
call "motion", is the norm for the physical
universe; if motion or action is the connon
denominator; if energy is the basic for all
"objects" and reality -- then would a person's
knowingness be more indicated by his actions
or by his data? Would there be any other form
of knowingness in the physical universe than

Are you your mind? or is your mind a
built-up composite of your agreements and your
data? Can YOU change your mind? Can you change
your SELF? Can you change YOU?

Is the SELF that you consider to be YOU
actually YOU or just a mock-up YOU made?

Well, that's enough of that. You either
invented some new ideas, or you didn't. Maybe
you dramatized some emotions, in which case
consider yourself applauded for an exceptional
performance! I appreciate your acting ability. No statement or question I presented "had
to" be considered true. If you felt I said
something I "shouldn't have" said, have your
auditor run you on the creation of reality,
the creation of belief, the creation of agreement, the creation of emotion, or the creation
of "little me" who needs some big powerful
authority to teach me the truth, from which I
shall never waver, and to which and to whom I
shall always and forever be 100 percent loyal.

Thank You, Volney, But We Find
It's Safer to Eat Dangerously

Volney Mathison's "Dollar Meter" is quite
a gadget. It's an "ouija" on a chain. It's
crystal so that you can see there are no "hidden gimmicks".

Volney says it will answer "yes" or "no"
to any question you might ask, swinging to the
left or right, or up and down, like a bashful
schoolboy in a crowd of teasing females.

He also says it'll tell you what food is
good for you. All you do is hold it over the
plate of beans, or what-have-you, and ask the
right questions, wait for the right answers,
and you can eat in safety. You also can use it
to check for sufficient vitamins, minerals, etc.

Since we eat at a cafeteria, we thought of
using it ourselves -- holding it over each salad,
meat, vegetable; and dessert as we move along
the line until we were satisfied we were getting the right food, but when we looked at the
long, hungry line behind us, we put the little
gadget back in our pocket. It seemed much safer
to take our own responsibility for what we eat.

Maybe the man with an understanding wife
can use this food ritual safely at home. Maybe.