Volume 12, Issue 1, page 7

critical angles known as septiles. Still, this
is one of the most important bits of data that
I have come across. The septile angles, it appears, are the triggers, the activators, and
with barely one degree orb of influence.

The effects of these septiles in personal
astrological charts are dramatic to say the
least. President Kennedy was shot within minutes of transiting Uranus making a septile to
his natal "Y" and progressed Sun, while transiting Uranus squared bis natal Sun and transiting " Y" squared his progressed Sun. President Kennedy represented smart money and
power; the above angles called for stepping
out of that power which was impossible for him:
he was proceeding toward re-election. The relentless forces that affect us all nevertheless operated. At this writing President Johnson is alive and coping with the dangerous
world situation. Still, if he was born in 1903
instead of 1903, three septiles: Mars from two
sides (progressed on one, transiting on the
other) and transiting Uranus, hit that Sun the
end of March and early April, and by the time
this is published (if he were born in 1903),, we
will have Humphrey as president. Astrologers,
please note: no charts, no houses, no signs,
no gobbledegook. Just a few powerful angles
that overrule everything and result in either
100 percent right_or wrong, depending on current birth data.

If astrology is ever to warrant the respect
of science, it must be a cut-and-dried, accurate analysis, totally devoid of even a hint
of mumbo-jumbo mysticism as is now associated
with it. Almost every daily newspaper carries
what is entitled an astrology column, but it
is no more astrology than the "fortune" you
get on a weight ticket from a penny scales.

"If all the prayers, good
thoughts and love from your
great ABERREE family count,
the time should be short before Mr. Hart is much improved
and the sun begins to shine
"We all send our love along
with a heartfelt prayer for
continued strength and wellbeing for you both." -- Sylvia
DeLong, Waverly, Fla.
"Seems like everyone is getting slugged this year, one way
or another, and you and Alphia
are no exceptions, either...
"We'll say a healing prayer
for Alphia and visualize him up
and walking again and carrying
the torch with The ABERREE.
This is constructive, positive
mental imaging, or prayer, as
suggested in the Bible. Once the
doctors have decided where the
blood clot is and you know it,
you can help dissolve it and
wash it away with your own positive thinking. See the clot
getting smaller and smaller and
dissolving away as fresh new
blood courses thru the vessel
and nourishes the affected area,
and give thanks that it is already done.
"Meanwhile, he's going to
have some time to just lie and
think, a form of leisure which
he hasn't indulged for years.
This will do him some good, too.
Might as well make the best of
it as to weep and wail and gnash
your teeth.
"Remember, we're with you, as
are all the other ABERREE readers. If that astounding journal
has to go by the board awhile,
let it. It can be revived again
easily enough when Alphia is
fully rested and ready to go
again. I say sunrise!" -- Riley
and Judy Crabb, of BSRA, Vista,
^ 00
"...Know that you and Alphia
are always in your right place,
that you are guided and protected and loved for your labors
far beyond your dreams. We are
all part of a plan and usually
do not see ourselves and our
true perspective in it. If we
do the best we can each day ,
trying to meet each test with
understanding and kindness, going about the Father's business
no matter what happens, then
it won't matter when we are
called to go, and there will
always be someone to carry on
where we leave off...
"SD do not look back, bless
the day and the hour for all the
good God bestows upon you both ,
knowing that life is eternal,
eternally moving thru you in
higher states of consciousness.
You are, of course, with us
daily in our meditations and
prayer." -- Leigh & June Denton,
of CHIMES, Encinitas, Calif.
^ 0 0
"'God knows the angels that
you need and sends them to your
side.' This is a promise -- it
could be a blabbermouth like
me, a great and wise doctor,
or some Gooney Bird. . . I know
God loves you and doesn't want
you ill. 'The Lord is your
Shepherd .. Who else do you
need?' Some of the big thots
I can't get on paper, but I'm
thinking them for you, dear
Alphia, day and night, as I
also include my youngest boy --
30-year-old Annapolis graduate

-- they taught him how to play
golf , speak French, and sing
for the Admiral ... now his Mom
has to teach him how to pray
aright again." -- Isabelle Walsh
Evans, New York city.
^ 00

"We were all so very sorry
to hear that Alphia had been
laid low by a stroke, and do
hope that it is a light one
and that he will soon be up
and around again. I have begun
a series of special prayers,
Huna fashion, for his recovery
and for the upholding of your
hands during this time of
trouble. Much aloha." -- Max
Freedom Long, Vista, Calif.
^ 00
"We, of our sort, just don't
like to admit the old frame
needs a bit of time for resting
-- recharging the body. So, let
us consider it will be so with
Alphia Hart. I personally believe in prayer. . . I plan to
'speak to Him' about my friend
Alphia... do you mind?" -- Mandah
Love, Lakemont, Ga.
^ 00
"I extend to you my heartfelt prayers and sympathies.
As you know, I'm no stranger
to trouble, heartache, and
health problems. All we can do
is hope for the best and pray
and in the final analysis resign to "Thy will be done." I
know prayer has power, but these
prayers are answered in God's
own way, not necessarily according to our immediate wants and
"Frankly, Alice, to hell with
The ABERREE... I only hope that
Alphia pulls thru and that whatever happens you're guided ... .
In any event, my feelings are
with you... Just know that you
are not alone, as many others
will also be with you in spirit."
-- Leo Louis Martello, N.Y.city.
^ 00
If ^e can accept this outpouring
of love without reservation, channeling it to all who^ we meet, ^ill
it not open a way for the regenerating influence of Universal Spirit?