Volume 12, Issue 1, page 6

other than to underscore his limitations and
that he should turn to whatever religion or
mysticism appeals to him, where he can find an
abundance of guidance and solace. This will do
nothing to alter the basic trends of his life
but might make it possible for him to accept
his lot more gracefully. If you were working on
an experiment and found yourself in need of a
man accomplished in higher mathematics, you
would proceed to give this man all your known
facts. The mathematician would, thru algebra
or trigonometry or calculus, resolve your factors. Should the result indicate your experiment unworkable, would the mathematician tell
you to just have faith and everything would
work out?
A device that all religions sooner or later
employ (to insure their own perpetuation) is
to inculcate into their followers the blind
assumption that merely because their religion
or their particular form of religious worship
is practiced, they have the carte blanche right
to bring forth children willy villy. There is
no more potent demonstration of the complete
lack of concern for the state of being of untold millions of human lives. Any couple capable of procreation, by astrologically planning their children, can bring forth individuals who can enjoy at least several facets of
their lives and who certainly would not be a
burden to themselves, their families, or society. An astrological study can definitely plan
ahead for a time of birth so that the child
will be congenial to his own parents and siblings and who will inherit a set of family
traits that will make his life worth living.
All of us have, in our own family backgrounds,
certain traits or deficiencies that we would
be happy not to see remanifested. Here is a
point where astrology can render a priceless
service once it rids itself of pseudo-religious, mystical connotations, and it cannot do
this until it undergoes a thoro housecleaning
and returns to its maximum simplicity, adhering to absolute intellectual honesty and stating clearly and with publicity that the signs
of the zodiac and all other astrological
terminology have no more spiritual significance
than mathematical symbols such as x, y, or z.
With the use of 12 planets in astrological
computations, accuracy can again return to analyses and the mumbo-jumbo which sprung from
the crutch of mysticism will become a thing of
the past.

Present-day astrology resorts to new Moon
charts, solstice charts, equinox charts, presumed charts of government, eclipses, etc., to
discern current events. This entails an enormous amount of positively useless work and the
resulting pronouncements are a hodge podge of
contradictions, double-talk, and vague illusions. To analyze forthcoming events ofa given
nation, only the chart for the date of inception dare be used, which should then be progressed and judged by the position of the
planets as they are presently moving forward,
Anything else is meaningless.

There-was a comment in the 'Letters' section
of the Jan.-Feb. ABERREE to the effect that we
should remember that the spiritual significance
of the sign Aquarius, which proved that we
were entering the Aquarian Age, was that it
was the only sign depicted by human form. It
happens that in the zodiac as represented today, Gemini and often Virgo are depicted in
human form and in the ancient Egyptian zodiac,
Aries and Scorpio were shown as humans. This
is mentioned only to point up the extent to
which mystical thinking has become entwined in

Another letter framed the question that why
should the celestial forces pick on us poor
humans; logic indicated that other more important game must exist in the universe. Human
beings are made up of the same molecular components as all other matter on this planet,
therefore we cannot escape being affected by
the same forces that cause solar flares, earthquakes, blank-out of radio communications and
variations of ozone in the atmosphere. It is
not a matter of being singled out; these forces
are without discrimination and particularly
affect delicate, electro-chemically balanced
organisms, the mind of man being the most susceptible.

Let us return again to consideration of the
basic, simple, critical analyses of astrological forces. The angles formed between planets
and Sun and Moon at birth (or at inception of
a corporation) when determined to be involved
in blending or clashing patterns, can give to
the person analyzing them a basic format of
that individual or corporation.

The basic prerequisite is a thoro understanding of the effects of these forces, and
these have been delineated by investigators of
the subject from so far back that they are
lost in the history of astrology. Ptolemy's
Tetrabibles, 180 A. D., is quite a complete
dissertation, and there are many more.

The astronomer, however, chokes on the idea
that one angle or another should make any difference. Now with the establishment of scientific, not astrological, observations that solar storms and flares coincide with squares and
oppositions of the major planets on a heliocentric basis, and that during trines and sextiles all is quiet on the sun, it may be hoped
that before long astronomers may find other
fundamentals of astrology equally digestible.

In determining the effect of planetary angular relationships on matter of this planet,
we must consider the relationships from a geocentric basis, or line of sight from the earth,
as happens when a planet is in apparent retrograde motion. There is nothing obscure about
this; still there are those who will prattle
that astrology must be wrong because all evaluations are made as if the solar system revolved around the earth when everyone now knows
that the planets revolve around the Sun. How
any judgemnt of the gravitational and radiation forces on the earth's matter could be arrived at by taking angular relationships of
the planets to the Sun, 92, 000, 000 miles away,
is about as ludicrous as trying to determine
the annual rainfall in Ohio by measuring what
falls in France. To judge these forces, angular relationships have to be computed from the
earth as if the earth were the center of the
solar system. Such has been observed for centuries. In mathematics there are innumerable
postulates of this nature and some which are
even more bizarre. The reason astrology met
with such vicious attack upon the rediscovery
of the heliocentric operation of the solar system is simply that in its decadent state with
only seven factors instead of 12, astrology was
pretending to divine present and future, leaning-squarely on mysticism and thereby competing with religion. I am of the opinion that
regardless-of the ghastly pitfalls of religion
it still was enough better than the garbled
mishmash that called itself astrology to survive, while astrology found itself discarded.

Even the term 'astrology', meaning study of
the stars, is a misnomer, having been named so
back in the days when there was no differentiation between planets and stars.

In contemporary astrology, I have seen only
one paper, by a Mexican astrologer, on the 6