Volume 12, Issue 1, page 4

Harold W. Percival. 235 pp.
$3.00. Pub by Word Pub. Co.,
33 West 42nd St., New Pork.

For those killing themselves
with fear of atomic wars, raw
political deals, Great Societies, and next summer's pennant races, be reassured. The
worst was over when you -- and I
do mean YOU -- decided sex was
more fun than a perfect, sexless body -- and that you were
the house (body) you were in,
and not just the tenant. Some
day, you're going to rue those
decisions, and you'll be back
in the Garden of Eden -- which,
by the way, is in the interior
of the earth and not "over
human race believing in death, in the world. You could not
hell, and tithing, grow a body for yourself, so
Briefly, according to Per- Daddy and I had to get one for
cival, the immortal Doer once you. Daddy gave me a very tiny
lived in a perfect sexless part of his body, and I took
body in the Realm of Perma- it with a tiny part in my body,
nence. It needed no sleep or and these grew into one body.
food, and all its needs were That little body had to be
supplied thru the breath. In grown so carefully that I kept
time, it began thinking of it- it inside my own body, close
self as separate -- the desire- to my heart. I waited a long
body, male, and the feeling- time until it had grown strong
body, female -- and as it gave enough to come outside. Then
way to bodily senses, it de- one day the doctor came and took
veloped bodily appetites -- in- it out for me and put it into
cluding the "original sin " of my arms. Oh! it was such a
sex. It lost one of its spinal dear, wee little baby. It could
columns, and thru a form of not see or hear; it was too
self-hypnosis, it identified small to walk, and too small
itself more and more as the for you to come into then. It
body -- still immortal but tied had to be cared for and fed,
to a cycle of birth, death, so that it could grow. I took
and disease, care of it for you and trained
"Man & Woman, and Child" it to see and hear and talk, so
offers some techniques of re- that it would be ready for you
generation by which man can to see and hear when you were
speed the day when he again ready to come. When did you
becomes immortal in body as find yourself in the body you
well as in consciousness. Per- are now in? "
cival says this must eventually come, and by not accepting believes, might help the conscious something in the inquiring child to contact the part
of it that is older than the
ages. But such knowledge, once
released in an ignorant society, might prove a threat to
those who would rather teach
the inquiring child that God,
or a fairy, or a stork did it
-- "and now run out and play and
don't play in the mud. YOU are
getting all dirty."
There are some points in
the book we might question --
but we're one of those children
who learned about life in his
own way. However, if the main a
ingredient to knowing is to be .,
convinced one is not the body
-- and someone knowing this is
en route to the return to perfection -- it seems that one who
has experienced exteriorization
would have a head start on such
a goal. Which we haven't. And
we don't pretend to snow the
answers. However, we do like W
Percival 's pictures. At least, tal
most of them. -- Trah Nika. 04
Jesus is the symbolic God
for people who must worship an
image and are unable to con- L4
ceive of a God/Creator without
a form they can bow to, or
throw stones at, should they E-.
meet him on the street.
"Imagination is more important thanknowledge." -- Einstein 4
our immortality, we are only
there some place" behind an enslaving ourselves to a long
angelic guard swinging a flaw- chain of tombstones.
ing sword. But it is in helping the
At least, that's the gist child to understand who and
of "Man & Woman and Child", by what he is that this reviewer
the author better known for feels Percival has touched the
his monumental tome, "Thinking most important spot. Parents,
and Destiny". This book, how- embarrassed at the thought of
ever, concentrates on trying to explaining to little Mary or
provide a means of answering Johnny about the birds and the
the child when he reaches the bees, feel that way because
age of asking, "Mother, where they, themselves, do not know
did I come from?" and "Who am much about the birds and the
I?" -- questions you yourself bees, nor did their parents
asked before you were shunted before them. So they stumble
down the tunnel of ignorance by thru a ridiculous falsification
such answers as, "Oh, I bought of facts, sending the child off
you at the department store," to get his data from others
or "A stork brought you". Ig- who know only the smutty angle
norance, Percival declares, is of sex and are growing up to
the first cause of dissension believe this is all there is to
and strife, and the troubles know about the mechanics of
of the world, life.

Modern education, rather Percival suggests that the
than drawing out the knowledge mother, when approached by her
that is inherent in the child, child with the important queshas a tendency to bottle up tion of "Who am I?", might be
this intelligence -- to stifle a bit helpful in ending the
him with a prescribed set of slavery-to-body business with
instructions, rules, and ruts, a straightforward answer, such
which the child is schooled to as: "You must already know,
memorize and practice. Soon, Dear, that the body you are in
the Consciousness of Self in is not you, else you would not
him no longer knows any of the ask me who you are. Now I will
answers he's been trying to tell you something about your
get verified -- and adopts the body. You had to have a body
universal dunce-cap placed on to come into this world to meet
him by the charlatans who find Daddy and me, and to learn
it more profitable to keep the about the world and the people