Volume 11, Issue 9, page 22

ism as Carmelite --along with periodic studies acquainting myself
with everything from Christian Science, 33
degrees of Masonry, to Jehovah's Witnesses. So I can have a
profound respect for all these paths to the Supreme
One and would not make fun of existing cults or faiths, all
having reason of being, and yet my every-day life is
quite accentuated with indifference or non-attachment to
ceremony, prayer, etc., the existing physical conditions
adapted in the design man was created for which included a
paradise to maintain his body healthy, which gives an
over-flowing joy of living. There was nothing wrong with the
climate, my illness last spring being due to
insecticide poisoning from tomatoes not grown here, causing havoc
in my digestive system, destroying enzymes,
appetite for all solid food becoming thin and unable to breathe
--which I mistook for former difficulty in low
tropics. But here we are a mile high altitude (like Denver) altho
eternally summer- like. Now on a strict diet, I really
feel good and full of joy of living:' -J. Lo v e wi sdo7a,
Vilcabamba, Loja, 9cuador.

(ED. NOTE-All this explanation is in reply to a 'Hart to Heart'
comment last November that Johnny was giving up
his latest paradise for several non--elysian reasons.)

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'OT OFTEN I write to the EdNitor, in fact not as much as I
should. This is my first to The ABERREE. I just had
to put in my two-bits worth. First to Ava E. Woodford about
eating raw food and how the fruit must suffer when
one bites into it. Did she have any idea how it must suffer when
itis boiled in oil? Does she know that shrimp and
crabs mustbe cooked when alive in boiling water, usually made
that way with steam pipes in the bottom of the
tank. Man is a cruel beast to say the least.

of Now, to Lawrence Pearson. he says. 'No one ever comes back to
tell us the difference. ' How ignorant of the
facts of nature can you be? According to your statement, the
Psychic Research Society of England, which was
headed by such men as Sir Oliver Lodge, Camille Flamarion, Sir
William Crookes and Caanan (Conan?) Doyle and
a lot of others, were being fooled. And how about our own
American Psychic Research Society which was headed
up by no less a person than Prof. William James. No, Mr.Pearson,
you are mistaken-- there is no death, there are no
dead, and they do come back when the

proper conditions aTe made for them. As you sow, so shall you
reap, is a universal law--here 0 and hereafter. They
do not all c go to the same place, or rate

of vibration. There is no judge t sitting on a throne. Each one

will have to work out his own 0 salvation or progression. Each 1
one will pay for the dirty work he did here on
earth. And will find himself in a higher vibration for all the
good things he did. This law applies to church goers,
agnostics, atheists, or even Dianeticists.

"Now, to Rosalind John: Thanks for a fine letter and so much real
common sense and truth. But may I say here
that it seems to me that most of the diviners o f doom seem to
think all of these things will be caused by great
earthquakes. Have you read 'Dweller on Two Planets'? This tells
about the advanced civilization on the continent of
Atlantis. How it sank and when. It was not caused by earthquakes.
Every so many thousand years this earth has to
renew herself; in order to do this she collects snow and ice at
the poles and they become the heaviest spots on the
globe. They get out of balance from some cause and the earth
begins to wobble. The Bible says it will stagger like a
drunkard. Here is a new law that is not in any of the textbooks
ye t: 'The heaviest points on a revolving sphere will
rotate to the largest circumference'. T h e largest circumference
of any revolving globe is the equator, so the ice
mountains will rotate to what will be the new equator.

"I claim that it is nearly time for this to happen, the earth and
land areas must be renewed. The minerals have
mostly all been washed into the sea. Look, we have sick ground,
sick plants, sick vegetables, s i c k trees, s i c k
fruit, sick animals, and sick people. Against this, how are they
doing out in the ocean? The kelp and sea weeds are
growing like mad. The sea lions are getting bigger. Fish are
abundant in spite of fishermen and seals and birds.

"There has been ample proof that the earth changed before,
finding tropical animals frozen solid in the north with
tropical vegetation undigested in their stomachs, showing that
this all happened in a very short time. Read St.
Matthew 24 with the awareness of the earth flipping and flying
saucers and see how it fits in with today's time.
They asked Jesus when all these things would happen, he told them
that not even the angels of heaven knew." --
Walter Jerome Gordon, Etna, Calif.

if T IS MY deep concern that Spiritualists get together bj ecti
vely ... I am anxious to ontact as many Spiritualists
as possible thru your publicaion..

"I had thought it was enugh for Spiritualists to beieve in the
Holy Bible as a basis for unity. But now I say
beware! True Spiritualism is being swallowedup by all kinds of
new movements even among the 'Bible
Spiritualists'. The New Age groups, the Aquarian Gospelers, the
Rosicrucians, the Brotherhood groups, and many
occult groups, and lately the reincarnationists are making a big
splash. I call these groups religious splinters that
have broken off from the main plank which goes into the platform
that all Spiritualists should be standing on ...

"Don't become one of those opportunists who are capitalizing on
some phase of psychic phenomena for personal
gain or glory. Let us band together for the greater glory of God
and hold aloft that flaming torch of truth to light the
way for those hungry souls who are seeking to know and understand
life. Our glorious religion is being pulled
asunder by the various Spiritualist groups and there is one in
particular which seems to be the biggest bone of
contention. ... This group has picked a plank called
reincarnation and is willing to let Spiritualism stand or fallon
this one thing. Since when is Spiritualism founded on such an
insignificant issue? We are acting like a bunch of
kids striving to prove each is right on some trivial point. We
waste our time squabbling when we could be playing
an active part in preparation for Jesus' return.

"We S p i r i tualists h a v e something to give the world, b u t
unless we have a strong platform made up of
basic, fundamental principles which all can agree on, then we
cannot promote our religion the way it should be. Let
us build a sound platform upon which to stand to sound the
claridn call the world is anxious to hear. Let us prove to
the world that there is no death and our 04 loved ones are not
lost. Let ix us live up to this great re- W sponsibility
which belongs to ca every Spiritualist and let the

world know we have something cc

very special to offer." --Bro.
Laurence P. Batch, P. 0. Box
50187, Yew Orleans. La.
E) 0 0

'OTES taken at a Circle of
NLight meeting:

:.Spirit comes and gives a
greeting in the name of Path-
er-Mother-God, and says: 22