Volume 11, Issue 9, page 20

matically. That doesn't mean we must believe in a church. All
churches have solidified and turned into stone his
living words. He told people at that time that the churches were
doing just this and called them 'whited' tombs. Nice
on the outside but full of corruption within. Yet most people get
a lot of good from churches and would be lost
without them. They can't stand on their own feet. or do their own
thinking. Mostly, they need the emotional
atmosphere to buck up their faith. If the churches would cleanse
themselves and really preach the Word, they would
do a lot more good. Trouble is, the leaders are ordinary humans,
with all the failings inherent in huManitY--and
maybe a few extra, like selfish interests.

" Yes, read the CHIMES articles on Margie's advice, etc. Long
ago. could see where she was not in accord with
what I've been taught bymy spirits, but this is partly because of
diff. conditions in her own orbit. maybe (or some
other reason). Like her spirits do not have cars or
transportation vehicles because 'they don't need them'. Mine do.
They don't need them for instant travel, but like to use them f o
r ' fun 1. Have bo ats, too. and ride horses. Down
here on earth, people like old 1909 cars and sailing boats. For
fun. Same there. About beards, she leaves you with
the imPression you can have them or not. Ibis is so. But she
doesn't go on to warn you that you should shave them
off. Maybe because it would entail a lot of explaining why the
'bearded masters'appear that way! Well, I don't trust
them. They do give false info. Check it and see! Like Pylos the
Atlantean. Prophecies that didn't jell. He also
described the Atlanteans as a fair-haired people, and it is
obvious that they were ancestors of the American Indian. I
prefer to believe my own spirits." --Rosalind John, Norco, Calif*


AM READING December ABERREE Starting in with your auditorial,
when I came to where you were telling
about the atheist andthe minister's wife having an argument about
something that neither of them knew what they
were talking about: the subject being if there is or isn't a God.
I got quite a kick out of it.

I had been discussing th;s'Ifnonsensical issue with the lady in
question... I would challenge her to read up
on this old beast of a God in the O.T. (which) the Roman
priesthood adopted from the Jew God

makers and put in the Bible they made over (a mutilated
distortion stolen from the Ancient true knowledge of
the Egyptians with rank substitutions of human characters in
place of astrological symbolisms; smatterings of truth
intermingled with outright lies and fables thruout its pages,
made so expressly to deceive and enslave the masses.)
This old Jove being but one of the 30,000 man-made Gods down thru
the ages. Then I might quote some great
men's opinions about this monstrosityof Bible fame

Henry Ward Beecher, Americi~ clergyman, for instance, who said:
'The God of the Bible is a moral monstrosity...
the Garden of Eden fable a gigantic lie.' Also. our late writer,
historian, doctor of letters - etc., Rubert Hughes, who
stated: 'According to the Bible

God was ignorant, a ruthles; liar and cheat. He broke his
promises and changed his mind so often that he grew weary
of repenting.' And Thomas Jefferson, our third president who
said: 'The Christian GoA is a being of terrific
character, cruel, vindictive, and unjust --a hocus-pocus phantasm
of a God. Gov. Morris had often told me that
General Washington believed'no more of that system (Christianity)
than he did himself.'... Then they want the
recent Supreme Court decision reversed and Bible readin g
reinstated in our schools..

"Of course, I realize ii would be a waste of time and energy to
try and convince this lady that she is all wrong,
being one of thethoroly brainwashed dupes. I know

because I was one of them fo; 50 years, and no one could tell me
I was wrong. But I fin ally ' woke up I and began
doing a little thinking on my own; did research work outside of
lying church history... got The jolt of my life, and
felt silly as a gander goose in the wrong pond to t h i n k I had
wasted 50 years of my life as a mental slave to this
abominable ecclesiastical bunch...

"As I finished your auditorial on page 10, 1 started reading
Lowana Julaine's 'Dreamland', but saw that she, too,
was bringing in 'God'; I expect she refers to this same Old Bible
Dude. It made me wonder if thatwasher source of
'inspiration' ...

"I have not said there is no God, neither have I said there is
one. I am not an atheist. Their own Bible says: 'The
kingdom of God is within you', and 'Ye are the temple of the Holy
Spirit, which is in you.' If all people would heed
and live by this truth, the world would soon be a different

place in which to live."-Clavde A. Biggs, Lansing, Mich.


17, 1

. George spices h is letter with "conscious doodling'.


lind John maintains that all religions harmonize rather than
antagonize. In Exodus 34: 13 we read: ' Ye shall
break their altars and break in pieces their pillars.' It was
written by a Jew referring to non-Jewish placesof worship.
Is this harmony? Of course religion harmonizes if one does
violence to the dictionary. For instance Matthew 2: 6
quotes Micah 5: 2 to prove that the Savior was to be born in
Bethlehem. But the text of Micah proceeds to describe
the Bethlehemite as leading a Jewish invasion wasting the land of
Assyria with the sword. To save face, Christian
exegesis denies thatAssyria is Assyria. In other words, God
didn't mean what he said. Hewas really referring to the
Prince of Peace. History teaches us that organized religion only
knows the peace of the cemetery.

"As for Rosalind's eulogy of Pope John XXIII: If one lives on an
unlimited expense account, it shouldn't be
difficult to be fat and jolly. The church is getting a
face-lifting in order to counteract mass defections. During the
1960Kennedy campaign, the church said that only bigots would
accuse her of outlawing the freedoms of speech,
press, and religion. Yet during the Vatican Council, some cardi

nals demanded that -the chur'; grant these freedoms, while other
cardinals said the church cannot grant them.
Evidently, the so-called bigots were right g4 after all. As St.
Thomas Aqui- 43 nas summed it up in his Summa:

The church tolerates the rites 04 of unbelievers only if
unbelievers are very numerous.' It is a simple matter of expe-
Cq diency. numerical strength, CC public opinion, and all that

j azz. of -_ George Walter Lagus, 4) San Antonio, x-xas.

000 .0

WOULDN ' T mi ss T h e ABERREE ~'4 f or the world. It is one of
the few things left to remind me of free
speech."--Louise Pavey, Indianapolis, Ind. 2D