Volume 11, Issue 9, page 19

king, prince, Dope, or president who sees Johnson City is going
to give LBJ some money, not beg it. I stopped for
gas there recently, and asked the man at theservice station what
had hit the city in the way of bad weather. He said it
was a sort of cyclone, but that it had hit some 25 years before,
and how did I know about it? I looked over the
unpainted, deserted buildings, the dusty, unpaved streets, the
brokendown store fronts, and then turned to him and
said I happen to have a long memory. 1 was trying to be tactful.
LBJ himself lives on Pedernales Creek !hich he
butches up by calli;g it a 'river', on 400 acresof 'ranch', and
400 acres of Blanco County 'ranch' can support about
four milk cows, two heifers, three nanny goats, and a couple of
runt hogs. Of course, he probably owns the other
half of Texas in Ladybird's name. Texans have a bad habit of
dressing and talking like Frisco freight train bums,
when in t r u t h they have a Couple million socked away in
various banks. But until we of the U.S. A. get
Johnson City, Texas, in shape to show to the highfalutin'
princes, popes, presidents, and the like who come over
here to beg some money, we can't say much about Mexico being out
of plumb.

" Personally, I figured it'd a cheaper to elect Goldwater I but
relatively few people ever agreewith me onwhooughtto
be elected. I can select the loser every time by merely making a
choice. I was told confidentially that if Goldwater
was elected we would be in a nuclear w ar at once, which would
end the world as well as the American way of life,
and also that ifLyndon was elected we would see the end of the
American way of life because of Hubert Humphrey' s
socialistic orientation, and here it is a few weeks after
election and nothing has happened. I am beginning to believe
that all this Political Doomsday is a phake, like the sinking of
the lower half of California type of doomsday, and I
have qu it worrying a b o u t it. " -- Jac k ~r4 Felts,
Tahle7uah, Okla.

'EASON I'm writing is Lowana
RJulaine' a article to Dear
Editor. Yes, I too have been
told that Mary, the mother of
:Z Jesus, was a colored woman and
that Jesus had a golden tan
(D colored skin. I asked why did
.4 Mar7 have to be black. Reason:
God made all people, but if you
lived in a hot country, after
six or seven generations, the
offspring's nose would widen
to breathe easier the hot, hu-
."9 mid air, the skin, because of

the type of food eaten, plus the scorching sun; darkened it; also
that the sweat and excretion of the skull tightened
up. causing the hair to become kinky.

"That Mary was a negro, Joseph was white was to show that there
is no color barrier where God is concerned.
About eight years ago an article appeared in a Sunday pictorial--
the story,of Mary, who said, 'Yea, tho my skin is
dark, my God found favor in me. in my being the chosen vessel to
bring forth thepredicted HolyOnewbo will
leadHis people.' old holy pictures show Mary and infant Jesus as

"Also in time all colors blended together- -white, black, yellow.
brown, and red will make high yellow as the
race of the world. (ED. NOT E-What happens to the elements that
distended the nostrils, darkened the skin, and
kinked the hair? Will they be placed in suspension by order of
the U. S. Supreme Court?)

"Also in time all colors blended together- - white, black,
yellow, brown, and red will make high yellow as the
race of the world. (ED. NOTE--What happens to the elements that
distended the nostrils, darkened the skin, and
kinked the hair? Will they be placed in suspension by order of
the U. S. Supreme Court?)

"Can't quite make out the 'Clear' or 'Stable' talk, but read it
all. Of Morris Swenson and his zodiac names, got to
get a new dictionary -- but am getting a glimmer of his work.

"Like Sylvia DeLong's 'Star Dust I I and all the others in 'Dear
Editor' and the various writers. Seeing an old
familiar fellow creature Aberrated for all times, Vernon Texter,
welcome back.

III I d like to know if all these folk--interpreters, star
casters, predicters, etc., have folk write to them, ask their aid,
and not so much as a stamped envelope enclosed, or omit to ask
the price for Value received.

"While in a light trance 4 years ago, I received this bit of
information to substantiate Leroy Smith's work on the
Newton theory. Did anyone ever try to figure Newton could of been
wrong? All things are not pulled back to earth,
but are PUSHED BACK. The gravity of space pushes back to each
Planet, i.e. all earth things belong to it, and not
as Newton claimed. Food for thought, eh? fED. NOTE No. 2- What's
pushing the flotsam and jetsam of s pace---
meteors - which fall to earth in such quantities each day?)

1, 1 don It like the picture

on cover. We do not allow any
hunting on our land, nor, no
one hunts on our 5-mile road.
All posted. We leave food for
the birds, so the pheasants,
grouse. etc., all come close to
the house to feed and are not
frightened by noise of guns.
Love that Hart to Heart.DI-
Veronica Sydow, 9sperance, N.Y.

F RELIGION is like someone

saying I had no mother or father, I would argue with them.
Because I know better! I know there is a God and a
Jesus so I argue about it, but I try to give proof, too-- same as
about parents. The first proof is obvious: I am here --
that proves parents. doesn't it? Same with God--the fact we are
here proves some power made us. We didn't just
happen; that I'm sure. Plenty of proof about Jesus too. Look for
it. For one thing, the anti-Jesus people always drag
in the corpse of Constantine and say religion (Christian) was
invented in 325 A.D. by Constantine. But, if they
looked in history books, they would find that Constie's mother
was a Christian, banished by his father who was
Pagan. Constie found his mother, listened to her story,
sympathized, but did not become a Christian -- just tolerated
them. When he came into power, he let the Christians have
freedom, and at the Council of Nicea, he 'sat in', but had
no part of it--just let them do what they wanted. It wasn't until
he was on his death-bed that he was baptized in the
Christian religion. And there was Justin, who was executed about
160 A. D. for being a Christian. He actually lived
in the first century, and became a Ch ri stian in 132 A. D.,
converted by a man of the original band of Christians. I
mean those who carried on right down t he line. Long before
Constantine's time. In Trajan's time (98 to 117 A.D.)
there was a law of some kind against Christianity in Greece, but
not rigidly enforced. Under Hadrian (117 to 138
A.D.) were rumors of 'Christian orgies', so that popular clamor
insisted the authorities arrest the Christians, and
punish them.

"I agree Jesu ' s would be 'amused about us little children
arguing over him,' as you say, but he would be sad,
too, I think. Because so many are being drawn down the wrong ro
ad in their beliefs, and Satan really is at work
there. It isn't so much that we believe in him as Jesus as that
we believe what he told us about how to live, and
what heaven is like. and so on. But if we believe his words, we
will believe himI too. Auto