Volume 11, Issue 9, page 18

I'm staying where I am for the time being... Why give up your
present job and friends and home because some self-
styled seer tells you to, or die? We all die some time. Why worry
about it at this time? God alone knowR when
your time comes to leave this earth, so let him take care of the
details. The Essexes shall feel very foolish w hen
next June rolls around and thisold Earth is still rolling along
its usually evil way.

.'Ever hear of 'Doc' Anderson, who backin 1957 predicted World
War III with almost total destruction from
atomic bombs? What happened? Nothing, in 1957, but what he saw is
coming--just as sure as you're reading this
letter. Communist Red China i s going to one day blow the lid off
this peaceful old world -- and then in one short
moment, all the prophets of doom and gloom can happily say, 'I
told you so'.

'. Let's use a little common sense about moving to safety zones.
If you moved to one, and got killed, or if you
stay where you are and die, what's the difference? Death is the
same everywhere."-- ITerne Texter, Adirondack, N.Y.

(ED. NOTE - Seems to us we used to get some pretty doomy
forecasts from a fellow by the name of V. Texter,
too - so we suspect he can be classed as an authority on the
subject. Ever hear of him - or read any of his forecasts?)

G) 0 0

"UESS I'd better renew my G subscription, tho darned if I know
why, what with all these fear-mongers you're
featuring these days. Well, maybe there's a point to it: keep on
and some day I'll get mad enough at the whole
asinine act and do some predicting on my own,

I 'That could be fun, you know.

"I think I'd like to predict that an individual's humanity will
very shortly become far more significant than the
color of the hide that humanity happens to be wrapped up in.
Ithink I'd like to predict a revolution in education that
preserves and enhances the native intelligence and creativity the
child carries to school with him. I think I'd like to
predict noncollidable automobiles. I think I'd like to predict a
'peace gun' that wouldn't ham anyone but just make it
impossible for anyone toharm anyone else. I think I 'd like to
predict that people on the street will all look alive and
happy instead of as if they'd just lost their best friend, were
seared to death, o r wanted to beat

someone over the head. I think I'd like to predict that every
time the 'fear-mongers' tried to do some of their f ear-
mongering the words would come out only in the most hopeful and
cheerful messages--and that if they tried to keep
on fearmongering they'd experience such sharp prickings in a
posteriorily-located area of considerable sensitivity
they'd be forced to abstain from fearmongering. I think I'd like
to predict that the human race, as a whole, would
begin taking responsibility, each person for his own acts, and
quit blaming things onto others. I think II d 1 ik e to
predict a sudden shift of attitude such that people would start
acting in terms of how much they can do for another's
benefit instead of acting in terms of how much they can get out
of another f or how I ittl e they do . I think I'd like
to predict that singing commercials would all metamorphose into
wordless passages from great symphonies --or
even good Dixieland-- and all those visual commercials would turn
into great art masterpieces on the TV screen-
again, with the accompaniment of great music or poetry. I think
I'd like to predict that all these people who are
flghting all these other People about all these things would all
of a sudden say, 'Hey! What're we fighting about?
Let's gohave a beer!' or something appropriate. Anyhow, that
they'd quit fighting.

"In fact I I think, by gollies I WILL predict these things--
There! I've done it! Now, if enough people who are as
fed up as I am with fearmongering will join me in making similar
predictions, we just might have one heck of a
good chance of making them come true -- after all, we've only got
about 99 4/5% of the human race on our side,
you know! On account of nobody in his right mind wants all those
sad and unhappy things, and those who aren't in
their right minds -- well, they're sick, or crippled, or
something, and therefore can easily be outdone by sane, healthy
minds. See how easy it is?

"Let's start a sort of: SANE MINDS OF THE COUNTRY, ARISE! Could
be sort of interesting, you know.'t-Sada~
Loomis, glizabeth, Colo.

(ED.NOTE-Remember the technique- I think it was Volney
Mathison's-that to keep something from happening
in actuality,iyou mocked it up as happe ng in reality, and this
made it unnecessary for the cycle to be completed? It
was suggested as a way of preventing accidents you just "knew*

were going to happen, etc. it mi ht be that if we image up al?
the doom possibilities, we'll not need to complete
any of these cycles either. Then we can blithely go on killing
with cars, watching with folded hands while neighbors
ji et robbed, raped and murdere by goons, and insuring. our homes
and businesses against other goons who are
enjoying an orgy of rioting andpilla~e. And all because we couldn
t imagine such a thing happening in this wonderful
land of freedom.)

0 0 0

THINK your artist did a

bang~-up job on the Bug, and the fellow who claims to have
perceived the Bug Says it is pretty close to what
he saw.

"Monica Ryder's letter concerning Mexico has been read* with more
understanding than she realizes. I know what
happened to her in Mexico. The Indios there are, like most
Indians, sensitive to any harsh treatment or criticism, and
undoubtedly got the idea Mrs

R w as less than cordial t~ them. Therefore, they-put the Indian
Sign on her, an old Aztec hex dating back to the
Dog People Era, in which the person thus hexed sees everything
out of focus and out of square and out of plumb ...
The Old Dog Era aphorism, 'Him who sees me crooked shall see all
crooked' is invoked for this, as well as certain
hypnotic techniques used by Mexican guitar players, especially
the ones who use theout-sized bass guitars. They
sing hypnotic chants under the guise of rube music, which
hypnotizes the subject. It just so happens that I am a life-
long student of the guitar, and have been taught some of the
twangs they use for this so r t of hypnotism I altho 1 2
can't say I am personally able

to work it.

"Her experience around the city slickers in Mexico City probably
varies from my personal reaction because she
was hypnotized by the Indians. I know one fellow who dislikes
Mexicans ... We would walk down the street and he
would suddenly grab me and shout. 'MY God! Jump! That building is
leaning, and about to fall! I I looked at the
building, which 04 was nlumb. Then he would see IX dogs on the '
street and shout W to me, "How come all the
dogs pq in Mexico have five legs?' I a look at the dogs -- four

He saw five. Hypnotism ...

"If Mrs. R wants to see something out of plumb, lacking in paint,
and otherwise a mess, tell her to go to
Johnson City, Texas. It looks like a mock-up for one of Sam
Goldwyn's old tornado scenes after the storm h it.
Any foreign