Volume 11, Issue 9, page 17

ary masses in opposition, will, at least, result in a net loss of
weight for all sentient beings (if they have any mass).
As for the Essexian holocaust, I et us fervently hope this
prediction is as accurate as the following quote from their
article: '... and the chances for President Johnson's re-election
will be v e ry slim' I ' It is highly probable the election
will go to the Goldwater-Miller ticket'. I like the Essexes'
theories. but if their holocaust predictions are on a par
with their election forecasts I we can all breathe easy.

"LETTERS- -Please inform Mr. Blackschleger that his ultimatum is
rejected. Also that his friend Gospodin
Khruschev h as been retired and can no longer supply megaton
ICBMs with which to blow up the U.S. A. I could
suggest, that as long as he's down that way anyhow, Blackschleger
might conquer Brazil as a sort of practice
warmup... It sounds to me as tho Mr. B. has derived his program
from Ayn Rand's 'Atlas Shrugged', but I hardly see
him in the role of John Galt. Civilization as we know it is still
less than 500 years old, and has never lacked for
apocalyptic nincompoops to read obituaries over it from the
Renaissance till now... Mrs. Elliott is kicks. As one of
those intolerable defectors from the Hubbardian hive who derived
so much benefit from Dianetics he was unable to
remain upset enough to need perpetual Scientology, my
thinkingness is that a lot of the Scn. sayingness is still a
lot of foolishness. I know a girl who is in Present Time,
exterlorized, looks-don't thinks, has spontaneous whole
track recall, etc.. And she's as aberrated as hel~... Modesty
inhibits me fro reviewing the letter by Fred Hand, who is
one of my favorite contributors. I always look for him... Morris
Katzeri does indeed appear internally serene and he
seems to be a nice guy whether I agree with some of his ideas or
d6n't -- and don't -- I think

S4 few people are primarily after more money for the money, but
rather what they can do with

C14 money. or it with them ... When ~sked, considering the (1958)
~ncome tax structure, what' a in it for a man
to earn much

cc money, one of the professors
answered, 'It Is a way to keep

4) score.' Meaning a large income

r: is a status symbol even if you do have to send 92% of it to
Internal Revenue. I thoroly approve of sexuality of
all descriptions except when sublimated, when it produces

7 grotesque and anti-social be-

havior. Promiscuous lust i mproves mental health and reduces
psychosomatic illness as well. A slow death is the
best kind to have. We all begin dying the day we are born. Most
of us try to drag the process out as long as
possible. What is healing but a postponement of death.
..Pierson--I no longer have any idea what Scientologists are
shooting for--or at--or with. But amnesia is the opposite of what
hypnoidal regression does. It cures amnesia an
experience at a time. As I understand it, a stable or clear or
whatever it is, does not go wandering off into the
hinterland. They've got what they want. What's to struggle for
and prove? As the Zen Buddhists say, when you pry a
thorn out of your finger with another thorn, you throw both
thorns away. I feel sure that I or several thousand other
people could regress Mr. Pierson to any day in his life he
pleases, including elementary school, and enable him to
recall eidetically his experiences in all their boring details.
Consciously. the retention of memorized material
permanently is just about onethird. In elementary school, Mr.
Pierson learned to read, write, spell, do arithmetic,
etc. Evidently he can still do these things. This shows h e
remembers what he learned. Hubbardian therapy works on
the good old Freudian theorem that what you don't know will hurt
you. What you know that ain't so only hurts you
by preventing your knowing what is so. If you've got bad luck
because you've got a nasty personality and you know
it's because you're pursued by demons (which ain't so), you're
hurt by not knowing you've got a nasty personality.
Bertrand Russell said, 'Common sense is most often nonsense! ...
Albert Einstein said, 'Eternal truth is anything a
person learns before they are 20 years old.' (or was it A. N.
Whitehead ?)

"I got a letter from an Oklahoma woman asking after peyote et
alia, who said Jack Felts had referred her to me. I
sent the usual general information. I hope I gain karmic merit
from all the free advertising I've given the Texas
Cactus Growers of Lar-d

'cuLJ I also sent her info. on Mex. 9 Morning Glory seeds
(Ipomosa Violacae) which
seems to be the 'In' thing these days; 500 v seeds, put thru a
pepper mill, d drink with fruit juice, and 0 hope you
keep it down for an hour or a o. Apparently most psychedelics are

"Crowleyan hexes having so h many moving parts and being so

formal and all, I finally engaged a non-human being (or beingsl
to help out with an interpersonal problem. Pact sort
of thing, a little help for me, something of value for it. Got
some action in 24 hrs. Not bad. I traffic sparingly with
elementals or jinn or whatever they are, since a couple of times
I had a real mess from doing it."--Fred N. Hand,
Houston, Texas.

G G) 0

-ANALOGOUS to the 'Cross in
the Heavens' is the Mich-
elson - Morely experiment. in
physics that shows that the
two parts of a divided ray of
light travel at the same speed
over paths perpendicular to
each other. This lends scien-
tific logic to astrological

"Patently, a straight- line division can begin only from a
zero-total end of a heliocentric feedback system of the
lines of a previous division. At any other spot there can be no
nuclear fusion to fission beginnings. At any rate, the
lines travel together separately. Nuclearscience explains
creation as the heavy fallout of radioactive material from an
explosive star death, a star fracture.

"Thus, every appearing point is a cross in a heliocentric heaven,
a conjunction, a plus sign, a cruciform in the
form of a die of a solar deity to die into and generate out of.
It is a helical uplift of a DNA pair of genetic helices
brought full zero into a kiss of death that is, at once, a
90-degree dual emergence, a transformation.

"Like a cancer, the malignancy of a conjunction is a cell gone
mad, dividing itself creatively. Fu n d ame ntally,
creation, per se, is the forbidden f ruits, the original
sinnergistic syn. Evenabreath of air is an additive that takes one
into a catalytic conjunction from which he is wholly recreated
all-chemically. Relatively, certain

evels of creation have come be considered normal. Bdt when the
whole world takes a cosmic breath, it causes cata

ytic cataclysms." -- Philip Friednan, Florence, Ariz.


'THE BIG question before The 1 ABERREE readers is -- will

reat destruction come upon us Ls the Essexes prediethy June, 965?
Personally, I doubt it ery much. Anyone who sets
a ate for prophecy -- 99 times ut o f 100 turns out wrong. (hat
the Essexes see coming, ,hall in due time arrive.

"But the Essexes need not

ave moved so quickly to what
;hey think is a safety zone...