Volume 11, Issue 9, page 16

below, so above', the planets of the solar system in their
revolutions about the Sun as a nucleus become determinants for
the evolution of life on that orb--not anywhere else.

"There have been many attempts made by modern intelligentsia to
co-ordinate life on this planet with the cycles of the
Fixed Zodiac, or the Zodiac of the Constellations; but every
attempt to do so, as far as my knowledge goes, has ended in
failure. When they even altered the significance of the planets
in an effort to disprove the ancient science, they still found
they were devoid of that element of successful prognosis, which
is the real coup de grace of which geocentric Astrology
alone i s capabl e. When astrologers get out of the habit of
goose- stepping in the tracks of Modern Science. they will find
little in their oym science for which they need to apologize.

'd In regard to the foreboding deductions arrived at by Burt and
Ruby, I would like to remind them that when Jesus was
questioned about the return of Truth to a benighted world, he
made the following observation: 'When the sign of the Son of
Man shall be seen in heaven and all the tribes of the earth shall
mourn, and they shall see the Son of Man coming in the
clouds of heaven with power and great glory.'

" Aquarius is the one sign depicted by the human form, thus
symbolizing the Son of Man. Man was created a spiritual
being, not a physical one. The physical counterpart is the
creation of Man himself-hence the Son of Man. Every day we are
seeing the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven with power
and great glory (airplanes).

.. That date at which both yo~ and the Essexes were inclined to
scoff was Feb. ~., 1962. On that date there was an eclipse
of the Sun amid a major stellium composed of all the planets in
the lower octave -- including Jupiter! It was opposed by
Uranus and squared by Neptune; and it took place in Aquarius.
Such a configuration takes place only once every 2160 years,
but always in succeedent signs, retrogressively. It marked our
entrance into theAquarian Age, not the Geminian. And
remember the rule for measuring the effects of any solar eclipse
is that the period of dan-ger will last as many years as the
eclipse was hours of duration.

"Every Age is divisible into 12 segments of 18 0 y ears of
duration. (The whole is contained in all of its parts-

another astrological axiom.) From 1962 subtract 180, which leaves
us 1782 - - the date at which the last era of the
Piscean Age began . This was an Aquarius sub-cycle, and in it the
United States began i ts existence as the first nation
dedicated to the proposition that all men were created free and
equal. While we have never lived up to the dedication, it
nonetheless stands as a great landmark in history-- we being the
first to proclaim the Aquarian ideal.

.'Aquarius is an electrical as well as an ideal sign, and America
took the lead in fields covered by both designations.
During the Piscean Age, Man conquered the ocean; and during the
Aquarian Age, he will continue his conquests of space.
During this age, Man will function as a complete, whole, or
'holy' being in contradistinction to his past attainments,
which at best have only qualified him as half-a-being.

"I have no idea where your guests learned their Astrology, but
from anything I have ever heard about it, they have come
up with some weird and way-out theories. Never have I heard
before that Taurus was the sign of hypocrisy, nor Pisces one of
pure spirituality. Pisces might have that connotation, but
Pisceans as a rule are unaware of it. Pisces it was who gave birth
to communal living (like the fishes), and it underwent various
forms from feudalism down to the present craze for living in
a big city.

"Capricorn is the sign associated with hypocrisy, for it was the
Levites from which the priestly caste came, who pulled
their robes more tightly about themselves lest they be
contaminated while they thanked God they were not as other men.
Levi is the sign Capricorn.

"The Taurean Age--from 4518 to 2558 B. C. -- was the Age of the
Great Builders (fixed earth), the Age of thePyramids, of
Baalbeck, of Angor Vat, to name a few. In the 2160 years
preceding that was the Geminian Age, where Man was nomadic.
The United States with Gemini rising is the great nomadic nation
of this era--it is a nation on wheels instead of on

"We can then place the Age of the Flood somewherie between
8838-6678 B.C., the Cancerian Age. What is very
probable is that at that time the Moon ceased to rotate and
thereby lost her power of gravity, losing in succession her
atmosphere, her water, and her top soil, these being drawn into
the earth's vortex and being deposited on this planet. As
further evidence supporting

this assumption, records from the remote past tell of clouds
obscuring the Sun.

"I trust it will not come as too much of a surprise to you that
the manuscripts comprising the Bible were written by first-
class astrologers--not some dreamy-eyed mystics; that they were
never intended as a basis for any religion, but were
scientific treatises written in a certain cipher in order that
they might pass unnoted thru the hands of their greatest enemy
during the Piscean Age--the Age of the Great Deception.

"'0 faithless and perverse generation, always looking for a sign,
but no sign shall be given it except that of the prophet
Jonas who was three days in the belly of the fish.' The three
days represent the three decanates of Pisces during which it was
being transited by the vernal equinox.

"If you will pardon a bit of prognostication, I predict that
whereas the Piscean Age has been noted for its communal
living and its individual enterprise, the Aquarian Age will be
noted for its communal enterprise and its individual living." --
Harry Gray, Royal Oak, Mich.

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