Volume 11, Issue 9, page 15

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"N DLESS is the search for E Truth, and I Suppose 'The Cross in
the Heavens' (ABERREE for November) is one
aspect of that search. But why do the people who search the
heavens find only inevitable doom for Earth and its
inhabitants? Isn' t there some good in th is exquisitely -
ordered universe that the doom prognosticators have
overlooked? Who is dependent upon what? Are we will- less puppets
on cosmic strings and dancing to inaudible
music while some mad planet, bent on destruction, pulls the
string? If the celestial forces are so bent on destroying
the human race by pitting brother against brother, why does not
this mad celestial force look for bigger game in
much larger and brighter solar systems. There are galaxies far
bigger and brighter than

,7 ours and perhaps have fatter and heal thi er g am e than the
human race.

"Logic dictates a better fate than these horoscopic mad men
predict. Long after this present race has disappeared
and long after the 'Cross' has disappeared, there will be happy
smiling people, living the life of the gods, and
replenishing the earth with people who will always be at
differences of opinion-- and certainly not bent on
destroying each other because some remote planets became crossed
or in each others' paths -- and this situation
becomes Almighty In

a4 telligence. Bah! I do not find

;4 Earth so wicked or so dull

OQ that its beauty is obscured. There are millions of excellent
people here whose light makes brighter the sun." --
Ray Woolridge, Bradford, Ohio.

X q) E) 0
AM NOT awed by astrology,
nor by prophecy,nor can

scientific analysis claim pre-
dictive infallibility in the

15 social field, But with the ap-

pearance of the Essex article
in the Nov. ABERREE, we have
all three of these predictive
s o u r c es strikingly agreeing
that we are now in unprece-
dentedly important, decisive,
and dangerous times far beyond
the indications of factors and
effects ordinarily observed
and observable.

"I have found my share o f those who cannot or will not face
unpleasant facts and possibilities of life in time to
avoid trouble ... The pleasant things they unthinkingly accept as
their due, regardless. Some of these adopt a head-
inthe-sand philosophy a 1 w ays ready to criticise any unpleasant
predictive or warning statement as preaching
'doom, dong, doom' into existence ...

"Along with the Bible, virtually all major prophecy points to one
major focus or social transition period _ -a
more or less humanly tragic ending or series of tragic endings to
national and world domination by the ages-old
tyl)es of social economies so far known in ourworld, including
Russia. This is not because they have been or shall
become wholly bad, but because they aDDroach the end of their
social usefulness, safety and tolerability ...

"I am not a Mormon, nor on the way to becoming one, nor knew of
their prophets during my own unforgettable
mystical experiences. But I suggest to any readers, so inclined
and opportuned, that they dig UP the major Mormon
prophets and learn first-hand what they have to say about the
possible Americanoutcome. Remember, those boys
were not just church prophets. They were and remain the major,
specifically American prophets speaking plain,
American English. The American Indians before them saw, also,
enormous disasters, suffering, -nd death before
triumph of the Great Light ...

"The fact these prophecies may seem out-dated means notb_ ing
good for us unless, indeed, we have, somehow --
at least, partly --met the conditions of the proviso: 'unlessthey
shall sufficiently change for the better'. (I do notrecall
the exact words.) Well, have wel ...

"There is no political solution of any hue for the vital, basic
problems overhanging us today... But, in basic
potential, at least, the present oair (Mr. and Mrs. PresidenO
have all they need to create the greatest presidency
America has known. And America has never been more in need of
great #ad correct leadership.

"What I cannot reliably determine by this technique (of

psychometric analysis) is the development and the conditioned
objective or practical orientation of the basic qualities
I find. If all this is favorable, then the angels must be leading
again, and we can breathe again, for a spell.

"But let's not be lulled asleep. Merely delaying adverse proDhecy
is not defeating it. We must really come clean
and ata meaningful rate. Time is ebbing on us. May our angel goad
and guide us."-Frank McConnell, Redlands, Ca


WOULD like to point out

some of the presumptions in the article by Burt and Ruby Essex.
Neither of us being candidates for the
presidency, I am not asking equal time-merely enough to dispel
some i usions.

"But first, allow me to present a simple scientific explanation
for the facts of Astrology. In doingso, I shall have
to rely on the hypotheses advanced by Modem Science as being
essentially true. After all. what better place to look
when in search of Truth than in the archives of Modern Science?
The reason the residual jetsam left us by the
practitioners of that persuasion is so pregnant with Truth is
because they have extracted so little of it themselves.

"Since the theory of nuclear physics has been fairly well
established in most circles, let m e point out that
thereby Modern Science has completely, if unwittingly,
established a raison d ' e t re f o r Astrology which it had
not the ability to do for itself... As any high school student
nowadays can tell you, an atom consists of a nucleus
around which one or more electrons revolve; and the only
difference between any two forms of matter lies in the
number of electrons orbitingthenucleus. We do not need to
consider other factors resident in the atomic structure to
understand this one principle--that these electrons act as
determinants and thereby give CHARACTER to the
substance being manifested.

"When any other events take place -- like the birth of a child$
for example--that event becomes the nucleus, with
the Sun, Moon, and planets revolving around it as determinants
once every 24 hours. In abstract, or qualitative
science it mdkes no difference which does the revolving (in a
physical sense)--the nucleusorthe determinant. The
effect is the same.

"Following thru on the maxim left by Hermes Trismegistus: 'As
above, so below; as