Volume 11, Issue 9, page 13


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DREAM--- (I s tarted dreaming of c ertain PeOP le. That Person
would get into an automobile. They would
look at me, but not speak. There was no driver for the car as it
would speed away. All of these Persons died within
three months.) My real Problem is about a 7-year-old grandson. My
mother (transited) tells him to get on a brown
horse. He laughingly does so while waving his hat to his father
and mother. My mother is laughing and
encouraging him. I look at the boy's Parents and they are
weeping. As I again turn to the boy --he and my mother
are gone. Does this mean he rides out like the driverless car
People do, into the next world? --Name withheld.

INTERPRETATION--Yes,l% afraid the grandson will ride out into the
next world. Altho there
is no time limit here, it may be that you have 'accepted' this
space-of-time and will always
receive the message within the three months before transition.
The brown horse, itself, does
not represent death. Actually, it represents two things here. A
conveyance and a portion of
power. He who rode the red horse held much powerin his hands.
Brown is a degree of red. Your
dream may designate the fact your efforts could give these people
a new lease on life, altho
it isn't always the wisest thing to do. If you feel this is a
case where you want the
responsibility of holding the person in this life for a while
longer, you can turn "fate"
aside or delay restitution fora little while. After proceeding
with instructions sent you by
personal mail - - if your dream message does change, and you are
allowed to turn "fate"
aside, then you will have accepted a great responsibility. Should
you fail in this
responsibility, then you have incurred a tremendous debt to be
paid in the future. You see

!e never get something f o r nothing, even th~ it, does seem like
it at the time.


DREAMS -- I seemed to be in a dungeon, or basement, made of stone
with many halls, and

assages leading off in different directions- . ~n my hand I held
a copy of Ge ley's book titled "Clairvoyance and
Ectoplasm". Behind me were W two men who were either following
me, or I wa.5 co leading thex.--V.P., Ohio.

a: INTERPRETATION --The dungeon with the many
halls is the symbology of Fate, with her many
e arms and hands pointing the various directions
one can choose to travel. You had the book and
regardless of the title, it is an indication
that you do (or canl hold the book of "life".
The men with you indicate that you are (or can
be) a leader among men.

13 DREAAf--I was driving the car we now own in

a strange city with wide six-lane streets. The blocks were quite
open with few buildings. To

right, on a side street, was a parking space ich I decided to
circle the block for. Where I made my turn there was an
almost empty parking lot of one whole block. As I started to turn
rieht, with no traffic in sight, I thoWht "This is
wrongri I should have been turning from the right-ha~d lane
instead of the extreme left one as I was doing. During
the turn a car with another woman driving case out of nowhere and
crashed into me, completely wrecking my car.
Lookin around for a witness I saw a man standing on fhecorner. I
asked his to stay until the Police came and to tell
them what he had seen. He refused and hurried away. As he left
another man came up and ot into one of the Parked
cars. I thought, "Ie will stay but he can't be a witness as he
didn't see what happened." --B. F., Sherwood, Ore.

INTERPRETATION - -Driving in a strange city on very wide streets
indicates you are headed
for emotional troubles. Making a right-hand turn from a wrong
lane indicates you aren't
consciously aware of what you are doing. The many parking spaces,
which you never reach.
indicates you will have many chances to check (park) your
emotions. If you aren't very
careful, in the very near future, you will go to pieces as
indicated by the wreck. One person
could help but will not. Another would help but can not. Since
the driver of both cars were
women, this is a strong indication that the emotional upset will
be caused by malicious
gossip. The time element is almost upon you as indicated by the
driving of your present owned

DREAM --While visiting a large city in Russia, I was surprised at
all of my unguarded liberty Coming to a
railway yard for storing boxcars: I turned and walked along the
last of these cars, to my left. My sister called me to
turn back, but I reassured her and continued onward. A string of
several cars was being forced along a half-hidden
track to my right thatI hadn't noticed. fhe cars started swaying
and slapping against the c&rs on the other track and
Ifound mysel trapped. Crawling under the cars that were
notmoving, I case face to face with a trainman. As I left
the yards, I found myself in a shoddy Part of some town. I lost
my hat in a restaurant, then lost the location of
that. I found a man working on a tunnel before a large bui Wine.
He suggested I help him. Instead of doing this I
found myself in a bank with my brother who died years ago. Be was
trying to get a loan and someone satdp "No
deal. f oo such chicken. "--,P.M., Ca lifornia.

INTERPRETATION--T've cut this dream down to the bare essentials
because it all wound around to give one
meaning. you will face a business transaction that will cause you
to lose many valuable things if you aren't careful
ilh choosing what you do and how you do it. There will be many
turns and twists to deal with that will not be
obvious at the start. You are cantioned to be very sure of what
yotf are doing before you sign your name to anything
at all within the future of three. Whether this is weeks or
months is not shown. A very simple explanation for such
a long-winded dream, is it not? But that's the way dreams are.
Like some people they can talk for hours without
saying anything -- then again be so cryptic it takes pages of
explanation to cover them.


DREAM -- I w as in what appeared to be the bedroom of a medieval
castle. I was putting my son into a rocking
cradle, which sat an toP of a bench or- table of -rough boards.
His right hand was missing at the wrist. Standing