Volume 11, Issue 9, page 12

creative work. Since your chart ruler, artistic Venus, and the
5th house ruler Neptune join three other planets inyour 10th
house (career) in Leo, this arrangement should be a"natural" for
you. Further, since yourSun favors Jupiter and Venus favors
the ruler of your money house, this should prove profitable.

DgAR SYLVIA --Nave had a heart condition and Poor health
generally for many years. I moved to Arizona hoping my
health would imp-rove, but for the Past three years, things have
gone from bad to worse. Do you see any change f or me?
Born around noon, Aug. 9, 1917.--A.L., Arizona.

DEAR A.L.--You were born with the Sun, Saturn, and Neptune in
Leo, foming a fixed T Cross with your Moon in the
health house, and Uranus --all indicating health problems. The
3-planet stellium in Leo, opposed by Uranus in Aquarius,
suggests the heart condition. Wi th 4 malefic planets in the S.
E. sector of the chart, your move to Arizona only intensified
your difficulties, as did Saturn I s stay in Aquarius. affecting
your T Cross. Saturn's negative influences wane with his entry
into Pisces this year where he will favor you. The coming aspects
look very encouraging--however, a move away from the
southwestern part of the country. and nearer to your previous

seems advisable.

son has been engaged
to marry twice, and
both times he has
41P 11 broken off the engage-
ment. low he is again
N, r Planning to marry.
Will he carry thru
this time? He was born
lov. 27, 1936, at

4: 30 P. M... 9ST. --N. T. ,
Grand Rapids, Mich.

DEAR N. T. --Uranus afflicts both the Moon and Venus in your
son's chart, and this
usually sDeaks of delays and disappointments in romantic affairs.
Further, his Moon applies first to two retrograde planets
indicating that his first two attachments would be severed. The
third aspect which the Moon makes is a favorable one to
Mars, co-ruler of his marriage house. It appears as tho this time
you will "gain a daughter

DgAR S YL VI A -- 1 have twin boys born f i v e minutes apart.
What can I do to help them? The older one doesn't sees
to care for school. Born Aug.

1, 1956, 2:10 and 2:15.--Mrs. K., Millersburg, Ohio.

DEAR MRS. K. --Your sons have much good in their charts, tho
being born near the Full Moon, they will have their share
of obstacles to overcome. They have good, alert minds, but must
learn diplomacy and control of a quick temper, since
Mercury afflicts'Mars. If they are taught the fallacy

of Jumping to conclusions and letting emotions alone rule, they
can go far, especially when they realize the benefits
gained from carefully-made decisions and thoughtful delibera

tions. Saturn afflicts their luminaries an~ can lead to a lack of
ambition unless groundwork is laid and the worthwhile goals
of life taught them. It is important that they pursue a life work
which is interesting to them --not just work for work's sake.
If possible, a good education should be given them, for much
benefit is shown thru writings and study. Both boys are
capable of hard work in what interests them. and for a desired
goal, but the older one must be taught the value of knowledge
for a happy life, since his Ascending degree suggests that hard
physical or mental work could easily become distasteful to
him. And lastly, since their charts show the possibility of
danger thru water, I would strongly advise they both be taught to
swim under a competent instructor who will also teach them proper
precautions to be taken in water sports.

DgAR SYL 71A -- Wi 11
9 1 meet someone and

r -remarry? I was born
lov. 15, 1916, at 3
Q A.M. -- L.O., Chicago,
,,-44 DEAF L. 0. -- Your
progressed aspects
for the next three
years offer some very
en ouraging as pec.ts
in this regard, for
your progressed Venus

is joining your natal Mars in double-bodied
Sagittarius during this period. (This place-
ment of Mars alone speaks of more than one
marriage.) Since Venus is your chart ruler and
Mars r u I e s your marriage house, these two
planets coming into conjunction could result
in a marriage for You. Also, progressed Venus
is favoring your natal Uranus, placed in the
5th house of pleasure and courtship, suggest-
ing a new attachment. Yes, your prospects for

another marriage are very good.

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circumstances, we should realize thal . We Our selves have
created the circumstance; and that
when we have learned from every experience the lesson which is
there for us, the experience
will pass from us, never to return again.

Let us then understand ouraction and accept 94 the attending
result. Indeed, let us
extract from every experience the undeniable sweetness 04 of
right reaction; let that
sweetness be a 04 stepping-stone in our progression toward the W
perfection of our lives. As
Karma Yoga is M "union with all ". thru service and construe- CZ:


tive activity, let us recognize in each experience the
opportunity to progress from human
ignorance to divine understanding.

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