Volume 11, Issue 9, page 6

tal Venus, someone with money and influence S would take an
interest in this individual and 8 sponsor his desire for
education. (President L Johnson graduated from State Teachers
college f in 1930.) This conjunction of the progressed
t Sun to natal Venus continues until 37 years of I

age (1941). During this span of years close
association with people of power and prromi- 0
nence is indicated. (Johnson became secretary
to Congressman Kleber.) P
As the Sun crossed the Position of natal 0

Venus at age 30 there was a stimulus to marry I

or become engaged. This chart indicates mar- p
riage to a Person from a prominent family due
to the Progressed Sun passing over Venus and i
making a trine to Saturn. (Johnson married in
1934.) (Incidentally, the 1908 chart progressed
to 1934 indicates the Sun semi-squared to u
Venus and beginning an Opposition to Saturn.) i
At 33 years of age (1936) the progressed Sun
in this chart forms a sextile to the natal po-
sition of the planet "X", making further de-
velopment of the mind an issue, plus a newly-
realized ability to tap the subconscious, thus
seemingly knowing without being taught.
The first unusual financial break in this
chart comes at age 45 (1948). A fortune is in-
dicated when progressed Sun contactsnatal "Y",
which is still in effect in this chart.
At the time of Johnsonos sudden rise to the
presidency, transiting"Y" was just beginning
to conjoin the progressed Sun in this 1903
At the time of the election, this chart had
the progressed Sun passing over natal"Y" with
transiting"Y" passing over both. Progressed
Sun was conjunct natal Moon and natal Mars,
and transiting"Y" was sextile progressed Mars
and natal Uranus. The power of this configura-
tion could not have been beaten by anyone or
any strategy. If this was Johnson's birthdate
it would account for the landslide without any
equivocation or stretching. Goldwater's chart
was very good but could not have competed.
Let us continue this conjecture and look at
the future of this chart. Back at the time of
Kennedy's assassination, a critical aspect in
this chart (progressed Sun to natal Uranus)
brought the individual close to some act of
violence. This aspect is past. Now a critical
aspect of progressed Sun to progressed Mars is
due to become active in late March and April
of 1965. Simultaneously, transiting Mars in
conjunction with transiting Uranus together
form a critical aspect to the progressed Sun
of this chart at the end of March, 1965. This
combination could manifest as an accident or
as thrombosis. Turning to Hubert Humphrey's
chart, his progressed Sun begins to get the
influence of transiting"Y" at the same time,
indicating elevation in prominence and power.
As vice president, the only place be can go is
to the presidency.
Thus we are presented with two most inter-
esting anomalies to consider: a chart of power
and prominence for a non existent person and a
prominent and powerful individual with a chart
of moderate possibilities. Of course, since
all recorded evidence indicates President John-
son's birthdate to be 1908, his case stands as
unshakeable proof of the inconsistency of as-
trological charts, therefore astrology should
be left to the realm of fortune-telling and
soothsaying. However, if the March/April indi-
cations take place and Humphrey becomes presi-
dent, then it will be time to re-examine as-
trological data.
Concerning o u r use of the planets "X" and
"Y", these are two bodies not yet specifically
sighted astronomically. The location, speed
and placement of theorbits of these two bodie~
have been checked since 1940. It was not until

eptember. 1963, or almost 23 years, th at a table location of
planet "Y" was determined. ocation of this particular
body was made dificult by the fact its orbit is at an angle to he
ecliptic plane. It will require careful ogging of its
retrograde motion for the next five years to get still further
accurate data n this body.

The location of "V was given in an article ublished by AMERICAN
ASTROLOGY in 1940 ( "X ver Europe" ),
as being beyond the orbit of luto, moving at a speed of
approximately 50' er year. We now find the retrograde
motion of this planet to be approximately 30' a year; ts net
forward motion 50'. This has been checked by one-half
of this writing team for 24 years and is most accurately checked
when sed in computations concerned with stock
ssues, where one does not Have to wait a lifetime to observe the
effects. On stock issues. 'X" has a very definite
speculative force. Fbr example, if progressed Mars in the chart
of a company makes a critical aspect to radical ")V',
we have observed stocks where this hashappened go from $4 and $5
to $80, and in the course of two years return to
$10. This planet rules the sign Gemini. At the present moment
(mid-November) "X" is at about 4010' of Libra.

The orbit of "Y" lies between the planets Jupiter and Saturn. Its
net forward motion is 17.8c per year. Its
retrograde motion was approximately 70 this last year. Its
present location (mid-November. 1964) is 80501 of
Scorpio. "Y "rules the sign Aries and should affect an endocrine
gland within the liver. This planet controls the
mental faculty to make smart transactions resulting in quick
profits and bears a direct and powerful effect upon any
situation which places a person in a position where he can profit
thru smart money operations. The presidency of
the U. S. ia a smart money position; men do not leave the
presidency in poverty. " Y " h as a powerful ef feet on
increasing the gambling interest in any specific stock issue,
which in turn will often raise the value of a stock
beyond its intrinsic worth, if"Y" is well placed and well

Astrologers in using this data will find they can work the
positions of I'V and " Y " backward and forward thru
their charts with the net motion here given and not be more than
a few degrees out with respect to" Y " due to the
retrograde motion. It then can be ~ectified by referral to
specific events in the life or in the activity of any specific
stock issue. It will be noted this data is copyrighted and we
trust that anyone wishing to publish an ephemeris will
contact the authors.

There will naturally be a reaction to the
effect that since we were wrong on the election
that therefore everything else we postulated
in "Cross in the Heavens" must be wrong or
subject to error. Let it be noted that merely
because the election results did not conform
to the analysis of the birth data used, that
this does not mean the movement of the planets
is affected or that they will not form a grand
cross i n June, 1965. There are no birthdates 04
involved in the motion of the planets or in the 04
progression of the power center across the 94
face of -the earth. 0

In the past weeks we have made additional studies of the
beginnings of several governments in the world. The
Nationalist Government of China, which evolved from the
Sun,Yat-Sen government and formation of
Nationalist China, is listed as beginning Oct. 11, 1911. It seems
to us quite significant that the progression of
this chart to present time finds the Sun of the Nationalist
Government at the apex of next