Volume 11, Issue 9, page 5

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Who's Lyi'n ?I --t e Records or the
Stars ?.

(Copyright 1985 by Burt and Ruby Essex)

TH KHRUSCHEV out of the picture, thereby fulfilling this portion
of our schedule in "Cross in the Heavens"--
even to the affliction 19 to the brain as now published in the
papers, this part of our analysis is borne out.
However, the landslide election of Johnson was 1000 wrong. The
question is, why?

An event of such importance and a victory of such magnificent
proportions most certainly should be discernible
astrologically from the charts of the participants. Yet we
observe that no astrological publication or individual
astrologer would go beyond stating it was going ~o be a close
election, with Johnson slightly ~avored. That is a far
cry from the landslide 4that materialized. When an event of such
proportions takes place it should be clear and need
no weasel-wording, otherwise astrology is an ifly-iffS subject
deserving no investigatiork.

We used Johnson's birthdate as published in "Who's Who", which
was Aug. 27, 1908. This

10 chart clearly indicated he didn't have a chance against Barry
Goldwater. As virtually all contemporary astrologers
envisioned a close election, Johnson's landslide indicates
something awry with their computations as well as ours.

After considerable pondering over Johnson's landslide and failing
to find indications for this in his chart, it
suddenly struck us that the date could be wrong. Pranksters in
our neighborhood delight in taking black crayon to
the traffic signs reading 30 MPH and changing them to read 80
MPH. Could it be that by accident or design a 3 got
changed into an 8 in Johnson's records ard was conveniently left
that way?

Let us examine that Aug. 27, 1908, birthdate. The Sun is in
conjunction with Mars, Moon, and Mercury.
Here we would have a person who is an emotional thinker and who
would have

04 By


and I

5 J


0 R


a fast temper. President Johnson is certainly not an emotional
thinker and he gives every indication of being in
excellent control of himself at all times. The karmic span of a
chart should fit with the outstanding developments of
an individual's life. In this chart, the progressive Sun contacts
the Moon and Mercury in early life, indicating an
individual emotionally engrossed in education. From there on the
chart is devoid of any outstanding problems or
specific drives. Progressing the Sim to the present in this
chart. a rise to power at the time of Kennedy's
assassination was possible due to a transit of the planet "Y"
passing over the progressed Sun, but this has passed
and the Dower would wane. (More on planet "Y" later. ) Aspects to
other planets in this chart indicate the health to
be excellent. From the age of 27 to 48 this individual's life
continuance was in heavy jeopardy. That cycle having
passed, at present the normal life expectancy is excellent from
here on.

From this very brief look at the chart, it appears President
Johnson has risen above h is astrological indications
and has gone on to achieve the highest honor we can bestow upon a
man in this society. When John Nelson at the
RCA laboratories observes solar flares when planets are in square
and opposition, it is every time, not once in a
while. But, according to President Johnson's chart, where human
beings are involved, apparently astrology is
meaningless: an effort to make something out of random

A highly respected fraternalorder carefully checked President
Johnson's records all the way back to grammar
school and birth, disclosing the dates were 1914 and 1908
respectively, therefore there is not a shred of evidence to
support the following analysis based on a 1903 birthdate.
Nevertheless, as pure conjecture, let us examine what
Aug. 27, 1903, would have in store. (All other dates forward and
back have been checked. )

Natal Sun sextile to Mars, Moon, and "Y" indicates a healthy
person destined to make smart money and a person
in control of his temper. Natal Mercury squared Uranus and
Neptune, semi- squared Mars and opposition Jupiter,
indicates he meets considerable difficulty earning by
conventional means. This person


would learn early in life not to try to force his ideas on
others. As the Sun progresses thru the kannic span.
beginning at age 10 with an opposition to natal
Jupiter,'financial difficulties beset this individual which
continue 15
years. At age 18 (1921) the progressed Sun passing over natal
Mercury causes a strong interest for education to
develop. At age 23 (1926) with the progressed Sun approaching na