Volume 11, Issue 9, page 4

Adepts of the INTite B,


T IS UNSETTLING to come upon an arti-
cle predicting dire events, astrolog-

ically caused, less than a year ahead.

I have long been inclined to take as-

trological predictions with a grain of salt, mainly because so
few of them work out correctly. The one in the
November issue of The ABERREE, however, seems to be of a better
species, generally, and specifically, it comes
bothersomely close to calling the turn on the Khruschev matter.
It becomes worthwhile to engage in a brief
consideration of a factor which may act to offset astrologically
detrimental influences on Earth.

In the same way that a wise man will not dismiss astrology as
meaningless, in face of evidence to the contrary
(once this has been sifted from the Preponderance of inaccuracy
on the subject), he will also recognize that
astrological influence cannot be solely mechanical. It is much
more perspicacious to assume that astrological
influences are akin to mental or psychic influence, only on a
much vaster scale and correspondingly more general.
To take the Position that the influences which will apply during
the unusual opposition next June are deliberately
turned on Earth, causing disruptiveness, would be to adopt a most
anthropocentric, and hence unscientific, attitude.
The preferable attitude is that such oppositions do occur, and
may promote forces detrimental to the status quo , but
that they are not willfully directed at Earth or its humanity.
The Gulf Stream does not address itself to the fish that
swim into it, tho a fish might think so.

Given, then, that astrological influence is a general influence
exerting itself on humanity thru the collective
human unconscious, it i's reasonable to consider that other

similar in kind but specifically directed b; purposeful minds,
can act to offset and ameli

orate undesirable astrological influences. I submit that there do
exist minds on this planet capable of making
themselves felt in this way

and I have reasons to believe that they d~ constantly act in the
benefit of humanity I refer to the White Brotherhood
of Adepts. ~urther, I suggest that a primary reason why so many
astrological predictions are not borne

I ir I




out is the willfully directed, potent, and locally originating
influence of this Brotherhood.

So much of an emotional character has been written about adepts
that the hard-headed thinker may well be
inclined to dismiss the possibility that such individuals exist.
But once again, the wise man will not discount the
existence of a clear light source merely because it is seen only
thru various colored filters. Stripping away the
garbled rumors, the emotional awe, and the prejudice, what is an
adept? An adept is a liberated soul operating a set
of human vehicles-- at least on occasion __ and possessing
certain supernormal powers developed to a certain degree.
Not all liberated souls (or true "clears", if that term is more
meaningful to some) are adepts, just as not all liberated
souls operate physical bodies. An adept may choose not to
maintain a physical body, but in every case he remains
interested in Earth-evolution. This requires at least a subtle
embodiment to permit effectiveness on this Earth. And it
is for the purpose of being an effective force in behalf of
humanity that an adept exists, speaking here of the white
adept, of course. Other avenues are open to every soul reaching
the mystic realization of oneness with the cosmic
self, and other choices take such souls beyond all connection
with humanity. Actually, it is not other than
compassion which makes the selfrealized man choose the difficult
and distasteful job of preparing himself to be an
effective force for the progress of humanity.

If this be true, then we can expect adepts to be very much
occupied with the affairs of this world, but in ways
which are concerned with efficiency rather than publicity. Their
efforts of will, and the forces they have learned to
manipulate, may be expected to be applied in good measure when
needed most. Next, June may be just such a time,
if Burt and Ruby Essex have the facts correctly.

To summarize: The worst thing that can happen to humanity is to
be set back beyond the possibility of further
essential progress. A general nuclear war might accomplish just
such a setback. Therefore, we can logically expect
that the White Brotherhood is actively engaged --now and
always--in counteracting all factors which threaten to
unleash a nuclear war. If the coming astrological alignment is
indeed such a factor, there are good, solid reasons for
being reassured that specific and potent influences will be at
work locally to offset the ..cross in the heavens".