Volume 11, Issue 9, page 2

I The very, VERY British accent on the telephone said it was "Pat
Garrett"--but rhen you' re paying long
distance tolls, one can't carry on such mummery indefinitely,
especially when the person on the other end of the line
has an idling mimeo waiting for his return. So, we finally
learned that the so-British voice was BethKramerEelts of
Tahlequah, in a playful mood, and she and husband Jack were in
not-toofar-away Kingfisher, visiting relatives, and
were ready to prove that their new go-buggy can negotiate the
road to Enid --a feat their old "Purple Passion" never
was able to accomplish. Anyhow, this proved the preamble to an
all-tooshort few hours of showing off our office
and basking in their envy over the machines and gadgets which
make a monthly ABERREE possible. And now that
they know the road to Enid i s a t wo - way tho ro fare, we hope
these presidents and mentors of the Individualist
Society, book publishers, and authors

agents will start wearing a groove from the hill of Tahlequah to
the wheat plains of Enid. Beth said that "if she lived
nearer", she' d like to apprentice herself out to The ABERREE
plant -- and there's nothing The ABERREE needs
more, right now than a bright ap

prentice ...

I An example of how far we have dropped from the level of self -
sufficiency was underlined a few weeks ago
during the snow-and-ice storm in Upstate New York that left much
of the area without power or heat. Families, cut
off from their lights and gas. and in many cases, water, were
forced into a"togetherness" not seen since the old Indian
forts and blockhouses of the frontiers

and undoubtedly. some discovered for the first time in their
lives, that other people are human too -- and that this
humanity, in times of stress, is more important than a new car or
big bank account. ...I Because of the few bits of
news that newspapers and radio permitted to squeeze in alongside
the pre-Christmasadvertising, Pub. Alice got Quite
concerned over her sister and


other kinfolk living in one of the "disaster" areas, so she
telephoned her sister, M rs. Rd Ketchum, of Schuylerville,

" one evening -- and found all, surviving. not minding toomuch
the kerosenelamps, the kerosene heater,
crowding, etc., but their greatest problem was having no
electricity to run their milkers! Imagine, if you possibly
can, having to operate all those spigots by hand after having
some vacuum pumps do it for you for so many years.
Our guess is that there are some fingers in that and other dairy
sections that won It get back to normal

P011PIRID 3017fff1R1 CILI?ORNIA BVY3EIN9-- While the east takes
vAnter in stride, snow in
"sunny" California xaX not be the tragedy sliding into the ocean
uould be-- but it's a bit unusual to fin4 gobs of it
decking the green limbs of Joshua trees on the desert. This
Picture was taken by Marion Ver Noven of Fesperia,
Calif., on lov. 11, 1964 --and Marion, unbeknounst to any
California Chamber of Comserce, snuggled it out to us
as showing that even the ueather can at times be-aberrated.

ntil spring, if ever...

41 P.S. --We were giving the "disaster area" residents our
sympathy until we heard from one that the lack of
televi~ion was causing them the most inconveni efice- -with all
those long. dark evenings and nothing to do. It
doesn't speak too well for a civilization that measures its
pleasure by the output of a"boob tube"-when each. if they
have nothing else to occupy their time, at least has two thumbs
they could twiddle. And think! ...

I A couple years ago, there was fo&ed in Enid the nucleus of a
Unitarian Fellowship, but it died in infancy
because there were"free thinkers" in the unit who wanted to place
a halter on discussions, and limit "free
discussions" to subjects with which they were in agreement. Now,
we have word from an organizer for the Unitarian
Universalist Assn. of Boston that he will be in Enid come March,
and another effort will be made at forming a
group over the dead bones of Understanding Unit 55 and the
short-lived Unitarian Fellowship. We don't know what
it takes to keep the"baby" alive after "gestation", but maybe
more "midwifery" and less " yakyak" will do the trick.
To our Enid readers, we'll be looking forward to seeing you in
some kindof assembly--come March...

Iq The ABERREE Lending Library has been enlarged to the tune of
three large packages of books from the editors
of CHIMES, for which the Lbrn., Hskpr., Pub., and Errand Gal is
duly thankful, even tho she had to lug them to
the office on one of our coldest days as the streets were coated
with snow and ice. Luckily. among her skills is a
sure-footedness, so borrowers will have a couple dozen new titles
subject to their demands within a few weeks, after
she gets them properly cataloged and listed. Ye Ed. thanks
Editors June and Leigh Denton of CHI f or picking a
mail that caught him playing hooky from the postal ran that
particular morning...

1 Once upon a time, we had W an assignment to photograph Ad and
write a story on -a "Per- j)4 petual motion"
invention that t4 proved perpetual for only a

few minutes -- and we probably go were as -sympathetic with the
CZ inventor over his failure as

he w as. The theory was that 4D
the spokes were hollow -- and
steel balls rolling from the
hub to, the rim kept the wheel
in motion. We don't recall now
what happened, but our memory
of this long-ago fiasco was
(PLEASE TURN 1. 1- 14,