Volume 11, Issue 7, page 19

It has been rumored that a New Age will occur before this century is over. New Age Organizations are manifesting all over the
country. Resistance to advanced teachings always has occurred on
this planet, and is to be expected now.

New Age People already have introduced teaching, philosophies, medicines, and devices which can make
this world a much better one. But New
Age Leaders already are encountering
severe hindrances in the form of persecution, prosecution as "frauds",
financial opposition, and mysterious
"accidents ". There is every indication
that the established authorities have
no intention to release the mass from
the stranglehold of ignorance and deception now in effect.

There are simply too many bad laws
in this country, to allow a proper
and sizeable expansion of New Age
Practices. Throughout this land, advanced people are forced to submit to
the same laws which regulate ignorant
people in the slums and dwellers in
corrupt areas.

The current weather extremes; the
deterioration in quality of fruits
and vegetables; the rapid increases
in turmoil and violence; the general
poisoning of food, air, and water;
the- rapid increases of illness noted
among your friends; and the escalation of the strife in Asia, should
produce enough events to convince
every alert person that a grave national karma is now manifesting.

New Age Leaders are not capable of
fighting fiercely enough to overcome
the deterioration of our civilization. Almost 2000 years have passed
since the death of Jesus, yet our
government is more corrupt and more
evil than any government in recorded
history. There is no need for New Age
People to suffer for the crimes and
ignorance of others; there has been
enough persecution throughout recorded history to prove that barbarians
do not learn worthwhile lessons from
the suffering of the persecuted.

New Age People are invited to stop "throwing pearls to swine",
and to COME WITH ME to a fertile, reserved area that is hundreds
of miles away from race riots, fluoridated water, high taxes,
brainwashed doctors and psychiatrists, communists and other barbarians in high places,
and persecution. It is
time that the bulk of
humanity discovers the
Source of Life, Vitality, and Happiness and
learns a lesson it
shall never forget. WE
SHALL RETURN, when the
people and their deceitful leaders are
willing to unconditionally surrender
what is left of their
country to The New
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