Volume 11, Issue 7, page 17

from a different idea of God, lettered planets in spite of
but with very little effect on piety and priestly prayers,
priestly power, because people another proof that priestly
feel there is a God, and know claims are false. This is easit subconsciously, and millions ily verified with the use of
have seen him in spirit, and Lilith, D', and Lulu, E', rebeen healed in the most mirac- cently discovered moons circulous manner. To deny this cuts ling the earth. They are the
off the denier from any further Vampires of the Old Testament,
consideration, and they fall an d Babylonian gods of the
for priestcraft. dead, seen spiritually by prim"The truths in the Bible itive men.
are taken from the bible pic- "B' arabbas, son of Saturn,
tured in the stars and from B', was also called Jesus in
handed- down traditions, and ancient writings (See Collier's
made into historical fiction. Encyclooediat. He is pictured
This cuts off the stars and in the star b'ible as the son
puts the Bible in their place, of the other Mary; the good
The stars become IsRaEl-ites Mary having an Astral or Star
(Moon Sun Serpent -- itesl of 12 Child, and a sprout of wheat
Tribes instead of the 12 signs. f o r Easter resurrection.

In the stars the king-priest- Spring, Mary M. holds the
ess have the Serpent overhead, Lion's Tail, both on the SerSlave underfoot, Club and Mir- pent 's back, in the Zodiac of
ror in their hands. The king Dendera." -- Morris Swenson,
sign 10 is the Goat with a Camas, Wash.

Serpent tail, Saturn, Satan,
or the Serpent rides high to
10, Christ the Sun rides the
Ass, sign 4, the lowliest sign.
"Some Serpents are poisonous, deadly, according to how
they hate, justified or not,
and the pious ones are the most
deadly. They are the inquisitors, prohibitionists, Ku Klux,
Moral Rearmament, McCarthyism,
Birchism -- all pious believers
in the written Bible. Satan,
Saturn, XB', and C'apital lettered planets rule their horoscopes. They fall in various
ways when the C'apitals progress to their Suns and small
Seasons of the Ages

A serious step toward returning astrology to a scientific basis. This is a
technical study for persons
who already have a fundamental knowledge of astrology.

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Ber a illator
IN 1958, prior to I.S. becoming an open society, we
issued a monograph for members and certain key people
in the intellectual world, which explained something about
"der Oszillator fur Hypnotismus, " the German-developed
hypnotic oscillator. We predicted that it would become a
factor of considerable importance in people's lives in the
future. At that time, no one had ever heard of such a
machine. Today, recognized psychiatrists are "experimenting" with amateur oscillators, the news media have
written features on them, and the fact of the oscillator is
well known. The point is that I. S. members knew all about
these machines in 1950, and we leaked the first information in 1958. Presently, we are informing our members
of new developments, startling findings, fresh ideas in the
psychic, occult and scientific fields . And we are also invitingpeople of intelligence and awareness to become new
members. If you would like free descriptive material concerning I.S., write for it today.

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go without The ABERREE now
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a year. It would be disastrous.

In fact, I would not want to
go to the mail box no more." --
Charles Taft, San Ysidro, Cal.

I want to share with each of
you my Biblical revelation how
your pet -- bird, dog, cat, or
other small animal -- may be kept
in good health on less than a
penny a day. Send me a large,
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